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Currently in my fifth year of travels, all 80 questions are fully answered, with the publication of the corresponding book.

I encourage readers to ask their own questions, finding their own answers, to begin their own journey toward truth, knowledge and genuine history. I hope a few of the 80 may be helpful.

Also available for free, is my second, more esoteric 80 Quotes book. I recently started my third, looking at the importance of individual words.

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Whether he's examining modern political and economic forces, pondering cultural mores, or even questioning the great spiritual and metaphysical questions of our age; his, take-no-prisoner's approach, is both refreshingly savage and alarmingly forthright.

This book is certainly a welcome and sorely needed volume at a time when speaking up and questioning "official" narratives is an ever-increasingly difficult and hazardous proposition!

This book will challenge the way you view the World, the society you live in and the way you live your life. You will discover the importance of asking questions, researching and finding answers.

For myself it felt like an awakening...and I'm sure it will be for many other readers.

The book is both an easy and hard read. Easy as it's divided into 80 questions & fairly short answers which take around 10 minutes each to read. You can quickly skip to the questions of greatest interest and dip in and out of others.

The book in some instances is hard to read as the conclusions of the author were, let's say, different to my own. It certainly provoked much thought within, which I believe was the author's intention as he states he wants readers to ask our own questions and seek our own answers.


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A1You would expect money to come from our government and country, but you would be mistaken. Money is created by a Central Bank, such as the Federal Reserve in the US or the Bank of England in the UK – these are not government institutions, but privately owned. Central Banks are the cornerstone of nearly every country in the world, they are all connected to one another with similar policies, all ultimately beholden to one bank.

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) based in Switzerland, this is the bank of all banks. It is not accountable to any governance by any government or court system in the world, and therefore it cannot be investigated by anyone, it is also privately owned.

When we think about it, without money, nothing would happen, it’s central to everything we do – without our salaries we could not pay for food, heating, shelter, or other basics of life. The vast majority in society are financially illiterate, even the ones that are seemingly successful. We are not taught where money really comes from, the true effects of inflation or how to control our money, rather than it controlling us.

This is not an accident or an oversight, the system has been planned this way – when you control the money, you control the people...all the people.

Our understanding of how money is created by the banking system has followed a particular narrative – we put our money into a bank for safe keeping and to earn interest; the bank is then allowed to lend out our deposited money to others as loans. This is commonly known as the “fractional banking system” – when we deposit £100, the bank can make loans valued £900, a ratio of 9 to 1. Once a loan is created, individuals and businesses can go on to purchase goods and services.

Has it ever crossed your mind, where this money actually comes from? Someone in the bank would have credited your bank account with the amount of the loan by typing a few numbers into a computer. This money was created out of thin air.

We have all been paying interest on mortgages, car and student loans on a product created out of thin air and not from our deposits as we have been informed. The banking system loans out far more than the 9 to 1 deposit ratio, some estimates put the true figure to be around 1,000 to 1.

Why would they do this? Because this is how the real banking system works, they charge interest and make huge profits on a product created for free, there is absolutely no reason to limit money creation as doing so, limits profits. Simply put, there is no downside to the transaction, if or when a client fails to pay back a loan, the bank gets to own their car, home or business.

This all from a product created from thin air...what a racket. This is why the high-level executives that run the banks and their owners behind the scenes are known as, and referred to as, “Banksters”.

Show me any factory that can produce a product for free, show me any service that can given for free – we can clearly see the problem. In real life, it’s simply not possible to create a product for free and charge money for it; this is why banks and credit card companies are so rich, showing their wealth by building the fanciest skyscrapers.

Should any doubt remain, let’s look at credit card companies. They do not take in deposits from their clients like banks do, so where does their money come from?...the computer keyboard, just like the banks. No other industry can magically create their product or service for free like the banks. Technically, a loan or money from a credit card is not regarded as real money as it has to be paid back at some point, but to the borrower it makes no difference as it is used as money.

So the real question is, why don't countries issue their own money without the need to pay interest to private institutions? The simple answer, governments the world over are, on the whole, controlled by banks and the financial system that has been in place for hundreds of years.

The current US Federal Reserve is but the third version of a central bank in the US, the previous two were shut down by past Presidents that understood what was really going on and wanted to free the people.

The US Federal Reserve banking system was crafted in 1910 in a private meeting by people connected to certain wealthy dynasties of the time. The Rothschild's, Rockefeller's and the JP Morgan families were/are all private individuals, not government officials, and yet put together the basis for the current system of privately owned central banking around the world.

The Federal Reserve Act was swiftly passed on 23rd of December, 1913 as many members of Congress were away getting ready for the Christmas festivities. That same year, income tax was established, ensuring US citizens would pay for the accumulating interest due on the loans from the Federal Reserve to the US Government.

This system, in place for over 100 years, is not sustainable, as there are never enough taxes collected to pay off the national debt and spiralling interest payments.

This is why almost all countries have unsurmountable rising debts, it’s the way the system was designed. In 2021, the US Government will pay US$378 billion in interest payments on its national debt.

President John F. Kennedy (JFK), on 4th of June, 1963, put into effect an unknown executive order numbered 1111.0. In essence, the creation of money was taken back into government hands from the privately held Federal Reserve, and the government no longer had to pay interest to its rich, private owners.

The new currency that circulated had a subtle difference, instead of the words “Federal Reserve Note” along the top edge, “United States Note” was printed, showing that control of money creation belonged again to the people.

The 35th President of the United States, JFK, was assassinated on 22nd of November, 1963.

How did I fall for the rich man’s trick, my precious time for a piece of paper called money.

Ugo Domizioli
A2 We are told that in our capitalist societies, that the fluctuation of good versus bad times, economic booms followed by busts, are caused by the natural forces of demand & supply and therefore accidental in nature. These economic cycles follow a curve, starting with the boom (expansion/growth) phase, quickly followed by the peak (top/froth) phase, then a fast decline bust (contraction/blow-out) phase, and finally the trough (bottom/climax) phase.

During the boom phase everyone is happy, jobs are abundant with rising wages resulting in confidence to spend. At the peak phase, homeowners feel rich as property prices tend to be at their highest levels, everyone is working and spending on luxuries becomes the norm. During the bust phase, people lose their jobs, subsequently reducing their spending. At the trough phase, the bottom of the economic cycle is reached as unemployment peaks and spending on non-essential items disappears.

These economic cycles are classed as either “major” depressions (1929–39) or “minor” recessions (1973–75), (2007–09). Just as wars are named, so to are these cycles, the “Great Recession” (2007–09) and currently the “Covid-19 Recession” (2019–22). Interestingly, the current recession has been blamed and now named Covid-19, insiders however, are fully aware that Covid was not the cause.

The true cause, is actually a continuation of the 2007–09 crash that was never solved as the central banks of the world injected money to keep global economies afloat. The media, by calling and referring to it as a recession, also managed to diminish and soften the narrative.

People around the world, will slowly discover, that the 2019–22 recession is likely to match the Great Depression of 1929. Depressions usually last many years and have the greatest consequences; as businesses close and millions lose their jobs – this is looking to match the current scenario in 2021 and beyond.

True free-market economies balance themselves out naturally, without major ups & downs, which shows that our “free” western economies are in fact manipulated. This is achieved by the lowering and raising of interest rates (monetary policy) affecting every single transaction we carry out on a daily basis.

Mortgages, heating, lighting, food and travel, everything is either directly or indirectly connected to the rise and fall of interest rates. Reducing interest rates, helps people and businesses borrow money more cheaply, stimulating investment, growth and spending. Raising rates stifles all spending, eventually leading to economic crashes.

The interest rate policy together with the expansion of money in circulation, also known as credit, both control the economic prosperity or decline of all countries.

Interest rates are not controlled by the government, but instead the central banks, such as the Federal Reserve in the US. This is a private institution, not a part of the US Government, but able to not only dictate interest rates in the US, but ultimately the rest of the world.

A private institution, in essence, directly controls the well-being of every person in all countries around the world. Its business model, just like any other bank, is loaning out money and charging interest. It then restricts and calls loans in, making businesses and people bankrupt as they cannot repay the debt.

Most believe that past decisions by these central banks were simply mistakes or incompetence at best. These “errors”, however, have always coincided with economic depressions, during which a huge transfer of wealth has occurred from the middle classes to the ultra rich, the hidden owners of the banks. These central banks work for the interests of their owners, not the people.

Management have admitted at US Congressional Hearings, that they alone are responsible for creating all booms and busts of the past, including depressions in the US.

They have never been held accountable to any government institution – they answer to no one. The head of the snake, the bank-of-banks is located in Basel, Switzerland and known as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), it too is accountable to no one.

When we know the possible economic cycle of our country as well as others, we can plan accordingly – taking less risk when an economy is liable to crash and make investments when likely to soar. What shape does this take, we could sell stocks when the stock market is at its highest and similarly sell property at its peak and save money during good times in anticipation of the bad times ahead?

Everything I have read and researched over the years pointed to a future recession, but more than likely, another great or greater depression, the one we are currently experiencing in this 2019-21+ period. This is partly why I positioned myself the way that I did – knowledge only has power, if used.

These cyclical depressions, renamed recessions, bumps or downturns to soften the official narrative, have caused devastation to people globally and should be classified as crimes against humanity.

The banks need to be dissolved with a new decentralised financial system put in its place for the benefit of the people. The emerging block-chain crypto technologies, seem to be the only way forward, where we each become, our own bank.

Only when I truly understand the rules of the rigged economic game, do I stand a chance of winning.

Ugo Domizioli
A3 A country’s official inflation rate is the percentage increase in prices for goods and services – usually shown as a monthly or yearly figure. In the UK, the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) is mainly used, looking at popular items like food and fuel. We are taught and told that the official cause of inflation is a rise in prices instigated by companies, shops and general market forces.

This is however another fake narrative. Governments, in order to cover ever-increasing costs, inflate the currency supply (print more money). This expansion, means more notes are put into circulation, which causes prices to rise.

A reduction in purchasing power then occurs, i.e., you need more money to buy the same number of items. Inflation is, therefore, a rise in the quantity of money in circulation. Price rises are therefore a symptom, not the root cause – the inflation narrative used by governments and the media is there to obscure the truth.

Interestingly, the old definition of inflation in dictionaries used to be “an increase in the amount of currency in circulation” nowadays it has been changed to “an increase in the price of goods and services”...what a coincidence!

We trust dictionaries to define words, here we have a clear example of a fake definition and narrative used to hide the truth. Milton Friedman and the Austrian School of economics, correctly defined inflation as dependent on money supply – when it goes up, inflation follows.

The Bank of England and other central banks around the world have annual inflation targets of 2%. They believe that a low and steady inflation rate creates fewer wild price swings, these “stable prices” being less harmful to consumers. However, even a seemingly low 2% annual inflation rate over the course of 30 years, doubles the price of all items.

You can quickly see that the fake narrative of “stable prices” is anything but, as they are actually consistently rising, year-over-year.

This is why a decrease in prices is never mentioned as it’s not probable as policies are in place to create a 2% positive annual rate.

The effect of inflation means the retired, savers and those that work are stolen from as wealth is transferred to those that own assets such as property, land, bonds and shares. These tend to rise in value over the long-term in a positive inflation environment, with rising asset prices contributing to reducing the purchasing power of money; and so the loop continues.

To illustrate, if the price of a share in a company rises from £1 to £2, its owner has seen their wealth rise by 100%. However, someone new trying to purchase that same share, has experienced a 50% drop in their purchasing power.

As inflation continues to chip away at the purchasing power of the working and middle classes, they are less able to get ahead, but more importantly, endure a declining standard of living. Inflation is identical to a tax on wages, but has a stealthy, hidden nature to it, just like national lotteries, which transfer wealth away from the poorest.

People that earn a salary for their time end up buying fewer goods and services as a result. People that own and rent out properties, raise rents by the inflation rate as a means of beating the system and aiming to stay ahead.

Those trying to get onto the property investment ladder, face the hardship of using their depreciating wages against house prices, which rise at a faster rate. It’s like pushing a stone up a steep hill, only to keep slipping and sliding back.

The manipulation of the CPI and other indices is a further consideration. Those that go grocery shopping, know full well, that prices are not rising by 2% per year, but instead, closer to 10%.

Governments use various techniques to artificially lower the official rate of inflation. They switch the items in the basket that they measure or change their methodologies. Either way, it’s a fix and fake rate used to create the illusion of economic stability.

Those fortunate to be working for the government or a company which track the official inflation rate will receive a 2% annual pay raise. However, this is just a magicians trick, creating the illusion of progress, when in fact, nothing has actually changed as you are financially merely treading water to stay afloat and survive, never getting ahead.

At best your imagined standard of living has remained the same, in reality due to the real inflation rate of 10%, you are worse off by 8%, every year. Let’s also not ignore, the stealth inflation imposed by manufacturers producing smaller sized products by weight, quantity or volume but selling the item for the same price giving the illusion that nothing has changed.

With these techniques, the real inflation rate is often 20% or more, as it’s more easily disguised. Governments know full well, the destruction centred on the poor, working and middle classes by their inflation policies which form a part of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

These policies have a couple of main benefactors as mentioned, the ultra wealthy and big companies that own and control assets, and are also able to take out loans on favourable terms not available to the masses.

Populations around the world have been up in arms by austerity measures imposed by governments, but the quiet long-term destroyer of wealth, inflation, is never looked at in detail.

A £10 note in 1971 is the same as a £10 note today and yet it is worth 98% less, only able to buy 20 pence worth of products...need further proof?

The British Pound was created in 1694, back then with £1, you could buy 12 ounces of silver, today you would only receive 0.05 ounces. How rich would your family be today if an ancestor had handed down a stash of gold or silver coins through the generations...this is how we have been conned, it continues today.

The silent, almost invisible thief named inflation, is the one I should guard against the most.

Ugo Domizioli
A4 We should firstly define what being rich or poor looks like around the world. Are we referring to how much money people have in the form of their salary or savings, or their standard of living? In many parts of the world, people live on less than £1 per day and in some sort of sheltered housing.

In most western countries, the poor, whether working or on benefits, will have basic housing and once they have paid for all expenses have little to no money left over. It’s safe to say, that this is not living, but barely surviving.

It’s easy to argue that having excess money every month, being able to eat out at restaurants and take holidays, when looked upon from the previous survival category, could be considered being rich, despite the label of working-class being more appropriate.

The middle-classes with nicer homes, fancier cars and holidays through some eyes are rich. The working and middle-classes have seen their salaries in most western economies decline in real terms over the past 30 years. This in part due to globalisation and the exporting of jobs to other countries with lower costs.

Those with much higher incomes, 5–10 times the national average, and those with assets in the millions are certainly rich and defined as high-net-worth individuals (HNWI). However, many will have normal jobs such as doctors, accountants, lawyers or business owners. In most of these examples, many decades of hard work will likely have resulted in this accumulated wealth.

The super-rich are defined as ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) with assets usually defined as having more than £30 million. Many of these are again ordinary people in high paying roles such as sports professionals, TV personalities, actors and again business owners.

The uber rich will be those with assets of £100+ million, usually famous actors, musicians and retired large business owners. Lastly, there is the elite, the billionaires, of which in 2021 there are close to 3,000 globally. Many are self-made, normal hard-working people, however, a fair share were afforded opportunities not available to everyone else.

This leads us to the first reason for the difference between the rich and poor, corruption in one form or another. A clear example of financial fraud was that of a particular corporation in January 2020. Its share price rose from $20 to $483 over two weeks as individual traders purchased shares. This created a huge paper loss for hedge funds that essentially were betting on its share price going down in the future.

The platform used by the individual traders changed its trading rules, locking them out which allowed the hedge funds to survive. A clear example of one rule for the rich and another for the rest – clear fraud, price fixing, insider trading and a rigged stock market.

The central banking system in almost all countries around the world is at the core of enriching the elite by deciding interest rates globally, controlling inflation and creating money out of thin air which flows to the big investment banks and corporations at very low rates. Small businesses and the working and middle-classes can only take out loans at rates 10–15 times higher.

Corrupt governments imposing austerity measures particularly affecting the poor and the closure of economies due to the Scamdemic are also to blame. Governments then seek to recoup the lost billions by imposing austerity again, together with increased taxes towards the working and middle-classes.

Corruption yet again plays a role via cronyism, bank bailouts, protecting certain industries creating zero competition while subsidies are handed out to others. Corporations through lobbyists gain advantages through legislation and tax loopholes not available to others, clearly this is simply a legalised bribery system.

While it is clear the system is rigged against the masses, we must also acknowledge that the rich have a different mindset and crucially are financially educated.

The rich know how money really works and make money while they sleep, while the masses earn an hourly wage.

The rich invest excess income to receive passive income from rent, dividends, royalties, businesses and other alternative investments. They also delay gratification by not spending on new cars or ultra expensive holidays, trying to keep up with The Joneses.

During difficult economic periods, while the working and middle-classes are scrambling to protect what they have, the rich are searching for assets or investments that have dropped in price and exhibit great value with future potential.

The rich always spend less than they earn, are careful with credit cards and read, read and then read some more, to increase their financial education.

While the system is indeed rigged, we can all change our habits and lay down a foundation based upon financial education to give ourselves a better chance, but importantly one for our children that mirror what we do.

The game of life is indeed rigged, to stand a chance, we need to open our minds.

Ugo Domizioli
A5 Imagine two vegetable stalls in a market, one farmer spends time and money buying the land, machinery and seeds to grow his crops. The second farmer is not a farmer at all, but a magician, able to wave his magic wand to create vegetables for his stall.

No matter what the genuine farmer does, even reducing his prices or growing more vegetables, he cannot compete. This parable is used to demonstrate how money is created by the banking system and why it is the most lucrative business ever created.

No other business on this planet creates their product or service for free by the stroke of a few keystrokes into a computer.

Interest is charged and should a client default, legal possession of whatever asset was purchased (house, car or land) is given over to the bank. From nothing, the bank can now take ownership of a real asset like your home.

Money used to be represented by barter, one item in exchange for another, vegetables, bread, eggs, etc., something real. This became cumbersome, so the introduction of coins made out of gold, silver and then other metals took over. Carrying coins eventually also became cumbersome due to their weight for larger transactions.

Banking started in the 15th century almost by accident with gold merchants storing gold for their clients, handing over a paper receipt. The merchants realised it was unlikely that all their clients would want all their gold back at the same time.

The majority of people, including those from professional trades such as bankers, professors, scientists and economists, firstly believe that our governments create money. Second, that money is created by our savings held by the banks...both are actuality fake narratives.

The privatisation of the creation money is unknown by almost everyone, in every country around the world. The central banks such as the Federal Reserve or Bank of England are private institutions owned to make profits for their hidden owners, they were never created for the benefit of the people or the countries they are in.

The loans a bank make are technically not money as they have to be paid back and considered to be credit. However, when spent, it’s very real. Banks create unlimited money to use themselves on ever more elaborate Ponzi schemes, but also for their friends in the private equity, venture capital and the hedge fund industries. They occasionally get things wrong and miscalculate a deal, in which case they simply manipulate the market with their unlimited money supply to regain their position.

On the rare occasion they lose control, they never have to worry as the Federal Reserve will bail them out as they are “too big to fail” and governments will never prosecute anyone for any misdeeds or fraud.

Take a look at a US dollar note, at the top is written “Federal Reserve Note” – not “United States Note”. John F. Kennedy (JFK) knew what was going on and attempted to bring back real money, printed by the government without the payment of interest – he was assassinated before he got a chance to introduce the new system.

It was the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 that began the central bank era in the US – it’s no coincidence that World War I started as the gold standard ended to allow massive money printing to pay for the war.

The planet has been under the siege of endless wars ever since. The financing of wars is a hugely profitable business for the banks which, unbeknown to most, finance both sides in wars.

Humans are naturally peaceful in nature, we do not wish harm to others, the reasons for wars are never about democracy but money, when the criminal central banks are ended, so to will the major wars.

We have the belief that our western capitalist countries are free and democratic, but in one sense we have for over 100 years been living in socialist countries due to the central banking systems which were designed and created to cater to the 0.001%.

When we hear the saying “money is the root of all evil”, it begins to make sense – we should demand governments print their nation’s money and remove the central banking systems worldwide run by private individuals profiteering from the people. Alas, the politicians that form our governments are in on the act and paid handsomely to continue the magician’s trick.

To create something of immense value for free, would truly be one of life’s biggest secrets.

Ugo Domizioli
A6 Money is important, in fact vital to everyone the world over. If I were rich, I would simply tell you what I had done, alas, I can only give my opinion on what I think could work. I do however regard myself rich in non-monetary terms, which I will cover later.

I define rich as being a multi-millionaire – most middle-class families with less are well-off but not rich. This is because their wealth is usually tied up in their main home which they live in, so unless they cash out and downsize their wealth is not realised.

I believe the only way to stand a chance of gathering wealth is by having a different mindset.

When you think like everyone else, you will get what everyone else is getting. Think inside the box, and you will only ever get the box, think outside and just maybe, more may be possible. Whatever your age, 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, you will have hurdles in front of you.

Those in their 20s – university graduates, have huge education debts and virtually zero chance of buying property. Those in their 30s – huge rent/mortgage/card and vehicle debts. Those in their 40s – large debts too, due to a more affluent lifestyle with a career path likely to last until retirement.

Those in their 50s – employment opportunities begin to diminish, while some expenses are also at their peak. Every generation has problems, and these will always exist, some more unfair than others – I truly feel for those in their 20s having been dealt a particularly hard hand.

The point is, you are allowing outside events to determine your life, you are in effect saying that others control you. The opposite is to take back responsibility and start to think outside the box.

Working for others will usually only get you so far, for most, earning a decent income will be sufficient to live a decent middle-class life. If you want more, you need to be different. My first recommendation is to invest in yourself, stop consuming trash television, video games, etc., these are all distractions, instead educate yourself.

There are thousands of books on wealth creation, business and mastery of various skills. If you cannot allocate enough time, look into book summaries, which take hardly any time and are often a cheaper option than buying books.

Two very popular books I would recommend are: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” – this is a very easy read and illustrates a few vital pieces of wealth creation. “Think and Grow Rich” despite being published a long time ago also has many sound principles.

To stand a chance of breaking out from the norm, we need to get past selling our time/labour to earn a salary as there are a limited number of jobs/careers that will make you wealthy, never rich.

Most multi-millionaires will be self-made, so it’s important to start a business of some kind. Yes, starting a business of any kind is risky with some statistics indicating that up to 75% fail within a few years. This is likely to be you, the numbers don’t lie.

There are, however, a few valuable lessons you will learn from failure. You will quickly learn what doesn’t work, just like a scientist conducting hundreds of experiments, this means you will eventually learn what does work. During this process you will gain an invaluable insight into business and entrepreneurship in general which a book or lecture can never give you.

A few traditional methods of wealth accumulation include:

Newer methods of wealth accumulation:

Of all of these, the crypto/block-chain space is the only area where anyone can begin with a few thousand pounds with the potential of huge gains. The risk levels, however, are not for the faint-hearted, which is why I say a change of mindset is required.

Small changes in your mindset and subsequent small actions are unlikely to change anything. A big change is more likely to result in changes to your wealth and life. If your family was/is not wealthy, do not follow what they did, as it clearly hasn’t worked. Understand that there will never be an absolute perfect time to get started, the right time in the stock market cycle, or interest rate cycle is difficult to ever predict, this often prevents many from getting started.

Luck and jealousy will likely play a part once you become financially secure. Others may call you lucky and so dismiss your gains, which may or may not be true.

I believe that creating your own “luck” by reading, researching, thinking outside the box and working hard to inform yourself of possible opportunities, is not luck at all but well-earned and deserved.

Having said all the above, a belief that money means having more freedom is true, but how many hours of your day are devoted to its achievement? More money, whether via a salary or business only works to a certain level.

The accumulation of more and more money can create a scarcity mentality, constantly fearful of losing it all. You will never have enough money if your identity is linked and hardwired to believing that what you have, is not enough. Money can only take you to a certain level of wealth, true wealth is not financial at all, wealth has nothing to do with money.

True wealth is creating meaning to our lives by enjoying ordinary aspects of everyday events, those that most ignore. Personal inner growth is the key, being happy with what you have and not seeking outer meaning. Family, friends, community, and importantly health, are the key to real wealth, by living a life free of stress with peace of mind. I remember reading a saying that goes something like this: we spend our lives in pursuit of money, often to the detriment of our health, we then spend our money to fix our health.

Being rich has never been about money, a healthy mind will provide wealth across all facets of life.

Ugo Domizioli

A7 In most Western countries we do not look at the subtleties of our national voting systems, we are confident of its transparency, fairness and the democracies they create by virtue of them being instruments for listening to the wishes of the people.

The first part of any national election process is to select the leader of a party, that will be the next Prime Minister or President.

While some political parties use member ballots to canvas its members to select the leader; the single candidate model is the norm for most of Europe.

This means a single person or sometimes a few candidates are the only ones capable of selection. Who gets to decide on this shortlist is a good question, not you or me, for certain.

The selection process is moulded and controlled behind the scene before any party member gets their say, let alone the citizens at large. The people who control this process are hidden from view, as they would not want to be seen as having any influence, let alone control of the leader of a democratic country.

To narrow down who or which groups may be responsible, we simply need to answer the question “qui buono” or “who benefits” – the answer is corporate interests and ultimately their uber rich owners.

The Western “democratic” system is but a magician's illusion of choice, with the leaders of political parties chosen for us, not by us. These frontmen and occasionally women, are but mere puppets for the puppeteers pulling their strings behind the scenes. These puppeteers are not interested in selecting a candidate representing the interests of voters, only their own.

In the UK and US, most Prime Ministers and Presidents are products of a select few universities and clubs. Eton College has produced twenty British Prime Ministers, with Harvard University a similar number of Presidents. However, it's the secret societies that most politicians are aligned to, that their puppeteer's call home, such as The Freemasons, Skull & Bones, Bilderberg and Illuminati, etc.

The mainstream media call these, nothing more than gentlemen's clubs for networking, drinking & having fun. When the most powerful people in the world gather on mass, do we honestly believe it's for fun.

Never has this been clearer than the US Democratic Party debate on 15th March, 2020. Biden & Sanders, not Gabbard were allowed on stage – this just a few days after World Woman’s Day. During the 2016 US Presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders had his nomination to be the leader of the “Democratic” party quashed. The use of super-delegates, which really had the power, selected Hillary Clinton despite Sanders having the “votes”.

In Spain, the Catalan independence leader Carles Puigdemont was not allowed to enter the European Parliament despite being elected as a Member of European Parliament (MEP).

Voting is the puppeteer's mechanism of keeping the masses under control, giving the impression of living in a free and democratic country. If we do not live in true democracies, then what do we really have?

To answer this question we need to go back in time to the era of monarchs, the 18th Century when kings and queens ruled. As citizens became fed up with their poverty stricken lives and the excess of the ruling classes, the leaders could see their discontent and were worried about a possible revolt.

The feudal aristocratic systems eventually migrated to our modern forms of democracy, giving power to the people. Plantation slavery transitioned to factories with wages and benefits, in effect renting people rather than owning them. Free or low-cost housing transitioned to home-ownership with a mortgage and property taxes.

Zero healthcare transitioned to paid healthcare, either directly or via taxation. This democracy narrative has been sold to the people as their right to liberty and freedom by the casting of their vote.

However, nothing has really changed, the same people that owned the plantations, now own the factories – the bourgeoisie and monarchs with the most money became the banksters of today, the landowners divided up their vast lands into smaller plots and sold or leased them out to the masses at huge margins.

You see it’s the “same same but different” narrative as they say in Thailand, same wolf, different’s an illusion to make the masses believe in democracy. The people were fooled into believing they had a say, when in fact they never have.

Instead of having one king or queen to point the finger at during hard times making it easier to hold someone to account, we now have hundreds of politicians and hundreds of thousands of government employees making it much harder.

All governments have never existed to truly represent the people by providing true democracy, instead they are a method to funnel power and wealth to the upper echelons of society.

In reality, this is just the modern version of colonialism, ravage the masses for the benefit of the few. Neocolonialism is clever as it gives scraps of power, hope and wealth to a segment of the aspirational middle-classes.

A peer-reviewed study in the US from Princeton and Northwestern Universities, concluded that the US government has not represented the interests of the people after analysing over 1,800 policies put in place between 1981–2002.

The policies solely represent the interests of lobbying organisations which are simply a front for conglomerates and their owners. Let’s take that in for a moment, the government which is meant to represent the people, instead represents the uber rich billionaires and trillionaires – yes, trillionaires exist, but they are shy, for they are the puppeteers and always remain behind the curtain...just like The Wizard of Oz.

The hard truth is, the US and all Western countries instead of being democracies are in fact oligarchies ruled by trillionaires. We wave the flag of democracy while those in their ivory towers laugh at us.

“If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it” – Unknown

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The easiest deception to execute, is the one right in front of the eyes of the many.

Ugo Domizioli
A8 Most citizens are passionate about their right to vote. Voters go out of their way to cast their physical paper vote – registration, time, weather, standing in line are no match for the democratic voting process. The premise of democracy even in those that rarely or don’t vote is strong because having the choice is more important than the act of voting itself.

We are repeatedly told, voting is important as some elections are decided by very few votes, and it’s an intrinsic part of a democracy. It gives people a say in the running of their country, and soldiers have died, so others can live and vote freely.

A strong factor steering us to vote, is simply wanting “to fit in” with others in society, but especially our family and friends in order to avoid conflict.

At a local level, voting does indeed seem to make a difference, as some politicians are more concerned with local problems rather than career advancement. On a national level, when we look at the left vs. right political paradigms around the world, there really isn't much of a difference between the two ideologies.

Our “choice” between the two candidates is usually choosing the lesser of two evils, which were chosen for us, not by us. Politicians serve a pre-determined purpose and placed precisely into positions of power – this is the most important element of elections that is overlooked. Thus, “democracy” has its foundations based upon influence, lying and is ultimately just political theatre.

We may think we have a choice between the left, right and the middle ground political parties as they have different policies; which to some extent is true. However, the left vs. right debate is an illusion created to divide people, so they fight against themselves and never look to see who is pulling their strings. This is sometimes referred to, as the “false left/right paradigm” as both party leaders have been chosen by those truly in power and each, in different ways, will help introduce policies beneficial to their masters.

The very high-level policies never change no matter which party is in power. Fake wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen) continue to be created, killing millions of innocent people for financial gain. Multiple attempts of chemical weapon attacks to fan the flames of hatred in Syria have proven to be completely fake, just as the fake WMDs used for the justification for war in Iraq. Foreign countries are either invaded, or colour “pro-democracy” movements are funded to overthrow elected governments at the same time that other countries are given crippling sanctions for thinking differently.

Governments are directed by lobbyists to create policies financially favourable to global corporations. Decisions on arms, drugs, food, fracking, trade and banking, are geared towards the profit margins of these corporations and not to the well-being of the people, they never have been. Voting has been for some time a false dichotomy, providing people with the illusion of choice. There is a theory that the Pentagon and the CIA control US foreign policy. This seems to hold some weight, when looked at Trump’s inability to bring home US troops as promised, as well as the larger “deep state” debate that can be had.

The younger generation is voting less as they don't want to be a part of this fake system of representation. The illusion of the democratic vote has disappeared for them, and taking part in the process is seen as an endorsement of the system, which helps it to keep its power.

The reason voting exists, is to portray a country as a democracy to its citizens and to short circuit any critical thinking about the ‌invisible government behind the curtain.

In the UK, four years passed before Brexit was delivered – everything was done to delay and try to undo the decision. This was seen as political incompetence, but in reality, everything was attempted to reverse the outcome behind the scenes.

If there was any doubt, that people who vote decide nothing, one only needs to look at the corruption and fraud in the 2020 US Presidential Election. When you can steal the election of the most “free” country in the world, any other country is a mere formality. In the six swing states which eventually decided the outcome, they all stopped counting the paper ballots in the middle of the night, which had never occurred before.

When the votes were analysed, there was a sudden reversal of the trend from Trump to Biden. Books are being written on this fraud against democracy with the evidence clear and proven beyond statistical probability together with the conspiracy surrounding its execution. The people have witnessed first hand that their vote doesn't count as the outcome is determined by others.

Interestingly, in the US, the founding fathers put down the foundations for a republic as they could foresee problems with elections. The illusion of having fair elections and a democracy as a result may in fact prove to be more damaging than not having the choice to vote at all.

If you believe this is an isolated incidence, dig deeper. In October, 2021, the Austrian Chancellor resigned in disgrace after he used government money to pay for favourable polls and journalists...fake news in its prime.

Most western nations are democracies in name only; they are in fact oligarchies run by ultra rich billionaires as front people for the hidden trillionaires’ nobody ever talks about. Elections can be summed up by what is believed to be a quote from Josef Stalin – “Those who count the vote decide everything”.

Ah yes, the democratic vote with its power to the people, yet nothing ever changes.

Ugo Domizioli
A9 This question came about while in Vietnam talking with locals; invariably the subject of war would often come up – the “Vietnam War” was referred to as the “American War”.

At first, I didn’t see what that simple switch of a single word meant – it was later that it struck me. I could see that the naming of significant wars, was and still is, politically motivated.

The 1861–65 US Civil War is an interesting example in the importance of names. During the war, it was known by different names: those in the north referred to it as the “War of the Rebellion”, in the south, the “War for Southern Independence”. It would be years later, that it changed to the “US Civil War”.

After 9/11, President Bush announced the “Global War on Terrorism”. Rather than declaring war against a specific country, the vague word “Terrorism” was chosen as a blanket term to encompass anyone or anything to fit the criteria as defined by the US Government.

An illusive, hard to identify enemy was used to create the obligatory “fear” mentality among the American people.

The acceptance to start another “just war”, despite the odds of dying from a terrorist attack being virtually zero, was achieved. Award-winning journalist John Pilger has detailed the false claims for the “War on terror”. Similarly, the ongoing “The War on Drugs” gave huge scope for new laws and operations with little oversight.

A “World War” is defined as involving five or more major powers with fighting on at least two continents. Interestingly, the first World War, as it was known, was renamed to “World War I” in September 1939 as World War II began.

Another unknown fact was that World War II actually began in 1931 when Japan firstly invaded Manchuria, followed by China.

Geographic names denoting a war in a certain part of the world, where the war has taken place, seem to be the most popular method: “Iraq War” or “The American War” named after Britain losing the American colonies.

The reason when looked at objectively becomes clear. There is usually one country that dominates a certain period of time or century – Portugal, Spain, Britain and presently the US. This has meant ongoing colonisation, “freedom” wars and ultimately millions of innocent deaths. If we named each war after the aggressor country, we would have US War 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...30 and so on.

This doesn’t help the country to convince its people of the need for continuous wars. The victors of wars get to write the history books, and that includes how wars are named. Next time a local person in a far-flung country mentions a past war, make time to listen.

I hit you, everyone knows your name, I however, remain anonymous.

Ugo Domizioli
A10 One of the main myths and narratives still in existence today, despite evidence to the contrary, is that the two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan to prevent the loss of 250–500,000 American soldiers by avoiding a land invasion and their certain loss of life.

There was in fact a plan in place, that it would be the Soviet Union’s Red Army that would be invading Japan and not US forces near the end of World War II. Russia had been planning its offensive against Japan for some time and was moving towards it, two days after the bombs were dropped, Russia declared war on Japan.

Another myth is that Hiroshima housed a large military presence, in fact, the nearest Japanese military base was far from the city, this is one of the reasons Hiroshima had never been bombed as it was primarily civilian.

The reality is that Japan was close to defeat as bombing campaigns devastated over 65 cities and its seaports thus decimating imports, which were vital. Japan was negotiating its surrender, which it submitted to Russia, acting as a go-between and mediator.

Japan’s surrender would have occurred months before the fateful days of the 6th and 9th of August, 1945 when the two bombs were dropped and civilians obliterated. President Truman, in May 1945 had in fact accepted a conditional surrender from Japan with one sticking point remaining.

The US would only accept its surrender if the emperor was removed, this was unacceptable to the Japanese – after the bombs were dropped, the emperor was allowed to remain.

Weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), instantly killed 140,000 civilians in Hiroshima and 70,000 in Nagasaki. Over the years, a further 130,000 would perish due to radiation sickness.

The citizens of both cities had wondered why the American B-29 bombers had not dropped their bombs, as they would often fly overhead. The reason was simple, “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” the names given to the bombs, had different technologies, one uranium, the other plutonium...they were both a science experiment, humans used in place of mice.

Not only was a huge amount of money (billions) invested in the development of the bombs, but the decision to use them had been made years before. As the war was coming to an end, the opportunity to use them, which could only have been done during the war, was rapidly running out.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were always the pre-planned targets while the city of Kyoto, which housed a much larger presence of military assets, was spared due to its historical importance.

The only way to find out the effectiveness of each bomb was by deliberately sparing Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the conventional bombing campaigns that had been running for years. American archives have since been released, showing that Hiroshima was untouched in order to preserve it.

Under The Hague and Geneva conventions, nuclear weapons were illegal, this “mere” legal technicality did not stop the Americans; their use was a deliberate, pre-planned crime against humanity. Both cities had little in the way of an army or heavy weapons, only women and children, 95% civilian.

The patriotic lies surrounding these events continue to this day when visiting museums – “move on, nothing to see here”. The bombs were firstly a science experiment, secondly a psychological operation used as a show of might against Russia and the world to show who was the new “sheriff” in town. Finally, the US wanted to keep the future of Japan to itself rather than sharing the spoils of war with Russia, which was about to have boots on the ground.

A quote by William Leahy, the highest ranking officer as Chief of Staff, tells us everything we need to know “It is my opinion that the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of the effective sea blockade and the successful bombing with conventional weapons”.

During a meeting discussing the conclusion of World War II, the main subjects were Japan’s surrender proposal and the fact that the two atomic bombs were not ready for use.

The following unverified conversation is said to have taken place as referred to in the book “The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality” By John Hamer:

Secretary of State Edward Stettinius Jr.: “We have already lost Germany, if Japan bows out, we will not have a live population on which to test the bomb”.

Alger Hiss: “But, Mr. Secretary, no one can ignore the terrible power of this weapon”.

Secretary of State Edward Stettinius Jr.: “Nevertheless, our entire postwar program depends on terrifying the world with the atomic bomb”.

John Foster Dulles: “To accomplish that goal, you will need a very good tally. I should say a million”.

Secretary of State Edward Stettinius Jr.: “Yes, we are hoping for a million tally in Japan. But if they surrender, we won't have anything”.

John Foster Dulles: “Then you have to keep them in the war until the bomb is ready”.

Secretary of State Edward Stettinius Jr.: “That is no problem, unconditional surrender they won't agree to that, they are sworn to protect the Emperor”.

John Foster Dulles: “Exactly, keep Japan in the war another three months, and we can use the bomb on their cities; we will end this war with the naked fear of all the peoples of the world, who will then bow to our will”.

A Pentagon report from 1946 “discovered” in 1989, also concluded that the bombs were not needed to stop the war as Russia was about to stop Japan in its tracks.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two experiments by the United States, to see which bomb would kill the most people.

Ugo Domizioli
A11 Firstly, these competing ideologies are never chosen by citizens, but by the controlling political classes over the course of decades and often centuries with historical foundation. Voting for a change of ideology is never part of a political party’s manifesto.

The main characteristics of capitalism include: competition, profit and freedom with minimal governmental interference. Communism is characterised by: nationalised industries, equality and governmental control of everything.

A simplified definition of both systems explains that with capitalism, people create a new business which they own and control by making a financial investment, risking their money in exchange for possible future profits. With communism, the government owns and controls businesses, with the profits shared by all. There are nuances and variations with both systems with socialism another facet, but at their core, there are clear differences.

History proves communism to be a failure, while capitalism, despite many flaws, successful. When looked at more closely, it’s more complicated, as modern capitalism and communism do not align with their historical definitions.

There are communist countries that allow private businesses and capitalist countries where businesses are owned by the state.

In North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba and China, the state has total control of the political, social and economic systems. Their Communist ideology was/is to give workers greater rights and equality, at the same time getting rid of the gap between the poor and the rich.

However, with the exception of China to an extent, an elite and privileged class replaces the capitalist, business entrepreneurial class. Power is merely shifted from one group of people to another, clothed in a different set of clothes with a new name and brand.

History shows that the citizens of communist countries end up worse off, as they firstly learn to not work too hard as everyone will get the same with the state taking more, when more is produced, so why bother, is the attitude.

Wikipedia has a very large section explaining communism, interestingly it fails to mention the tens of millions that have died as a direct result of the ideology.

Socialism is the softer, rebranded name given to communism, similar to the re-branding of “global warming” to “climate change”. While there are differences, the ideology is still a branch of communism and not a new idea.

With socialism, wealth is shared more equally among citizens while retaining property rights with home-ownership – the overriding philosophy being to narrow the gap between the rich and poor.

Privately owned, small and some medium-sized businesses are allowed to exist but under strict government regulations, not too dissimilar to capitalist counties.

Some socialist countries believe only certain sectors should be state controlled, such as utilities, healthcare and education – while others such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark have capitalist industries.

Many believe that these Scandinavian countries, have achieved a good balance, as the majority of citizens have a good standard of living. However, this is achieved with very high taxation levels, nothing comes for free.

The sharing of resources in socialist countries to make for a fairer distribution of wealth in order to benefit society, in reality, are stepping stones towards full-blown communism in the future.

Interestingly, IKEA created by Ingvar Kamprad a Swedish national, built his empire outside of Sweden due to the high levels of taxes and regulation. Tax avoidance by global conglomerates over the past few decades has demonstrated that capitalism is broken for the people, yet alive and kicking for companies able to play the game.

For most budding entrepreneurs, at the lowest level such as retail and small manufacturing, most are treated equal by a capitalist system with the possibility of becoming a millionaire achievable.

The billionaires club is however, in the main, only open to insiders with access to insider information, resources and finance, able to scam the system to create their empires. In most capitalist countries, true capitalism no longer really exists, instead many are oligarchies dominated by a group of mega-corporations.

We should remember how capitalism/democracy came about, it was in response to the feudal aristocracies in Europe during the 1800s.

The uber rich landowners, the aristocratic class, could see the tide of change coming their way. Instead of losing everything, including their lives, they promoted the concept of democracy to keep the masses from overturning them.

The masses were happy as their lives were greatly improved with the illusion of democracy. The aristocracies remained in control and got the masses to fill their factories as employees and others as soldiers to fight their wars for even greater wealth than they had before.

So you see, our current capitalist/democratic system was never designed to be for the people in the first place.

While there are many facets of capitalism that create a large class of poor citizens, most of those that wish to work hard have the opportunity to escape poverty – the same cannot be said for communism.

No other political system in the world gives room for peaceful political change except capitalism via democracy.

However, even here, we see that those with the real power will rig elections and clampdown on free speech removing people from social media platforms.

It is also pretty rare for people in capitalist counties to flee to communist ones; the opposite is however very much the norm. Communist countries like China have realised that some sort of competitive environment is essential to keeping the masses happy, as history shows that eventually the people revolt and overthrow those in power.

The Great Reset introduced in 2020 but having its roots much farther back, is a back door, pre-planned route, to bring in socialism/communism/fascism to capitalist countries.

The motto or narrative used is “you will own nothing, and you will be happy”...but someone will, and you can be sure it will not be the people living on Main Street but those on Wall Street.

In fact, it certainly looks like a new era of feudalism is being ushered in, with the new “Land Lords” see where this word originates from...a Lord of the Land, just like the aristocratic class from the past.

The two biggest corporations that pretty much own huge swathes of all major corporations are buying up whole communities and neighbourhoods.

This means more working-class people will be renting in the future, someone that rents is more easily controlled than someone that owns their home, this is our future with The Great Reset.

Whichever system you may belong to, something to consider is that trying to change it by being a part of it and using the rules the system has laid out will never affect change. Each system is rigged with those in power holding all the keys, creating all the laws and deciding all outcomes. The only escape is not to play.

Capitalism and communism, opposite sides of the same coin.

Ugo Domizioli
A12 Revisionist historians present evidence showing that the true cause of World War I (WWI) was not due to the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand on 28th June, 1914.

Five years prior to the outbreak of the war, plans were on hand to get the US to join the war with a plot to allow the sinking of a ship called The Lusitania.

On 7th May, 1915, she was waiting off the coast of Ireland for protection from HMS Juno, a destroyer from the British Royal Navy. HMS Juno was ordered to return to port by Winston Churchill, leaving The Lusitania an open target – 1,201 lost their lives.

The history books tell us that The Lusitania was a passenger ship, its manifest (goods onboard) had been classified until 2014. Upon release, it became clear it was an auxiliary warship with armour, guns, ammunition and many other weapons of war.

This was one of the catalysts that would eventually bring the US into WWI. Other historians go back further, pointing the finger at King Edward VII, as the author of WWI.

A war which was started between Austria, Hungary and Serbia eventually bringing in Germany – the war was never started by Germany as many to this day still believe.

During the 1906–1914 period before WWI, a wide selection of narratives in the media and books, prepared citizens by painting a picture of future enemies, much the same as Russia has been portrayed in more recent times.

WWI was financed by private banks lending money to the warring nations, these same banks, according to Dr. Henry Makow, were also instrumental in financing World War II (WWII).

That WWI, was the pre-cursor to future wars is in no doubt. The Treaty of Versailles, that was put in place after its end, would eventually lead to WWII.

Germany was forced to pay huge financial reparations as part of the peace terms within the treaty. This led to hyperinflation resulting in the destruction of the working and middle classes, the economy and government, leaving citizens without food by 1923.

Lord Curzon managed to predict the exact year that WWII would begin, as he knew the terms of the treaty would eventually break Germany.

The Reich Bank (privately owned), not owned by the German government, began printing money to stimulate the economy, much akin to 2019–21, but only managed to stoke the fire of inflation. Anyone that had any savings at all, saw the value of their money drop to zero.

It was during this dark period that Hitler came to power. He decided that Germany should issue its own money and sidestep the privately owned Reich Bank.

By issuing sovereign money without the paying of interest, he created millions of jobs through national infrastructure projects and within four years Germany became the strongest economy in Europe.

The privately-owned banks didn’t like this, as other countries would notice Germany’s rise from the ashes of WWI to become a prosperous nation once again.

The financiers behind the scenes couldn’t afford the spreading of financial freedom to other nations in Europe and beyond.

We simply need to look towards the more recent wars in Iraq and Libya, to see the same reasons still being used. These two nations publicly stated they were moving away from the central bank model of money creation towards a gold backed national currency – both were swiftly invaded and destroyed with their leaders removed.

In the lead up to WWII, the British Empire was crumbling and viewed Germany as an economic threat, fearing it would build an alliance with The USSR. The rise of this new Germany needed to be stopped again, as it had been after WWI.

The initial geopolitical aim was stopping the alliance, this later developed into ensuring that Germany and the USSR would be enemies across the battlefield, creating mutually assured destruction. A death toll of almost 100 million brought about through communism by Lenin and Stalin, then fascism by Mussolini and Hitler, would define this part of the twentieth century.

The true reason for WWII was an attempt by Hitler and the National Socialist Party to free the citizens of Germany from debt slavery, something still in existence today in virtually all nations due to the presence of privately owned central banks. Revisionist historians show that Hitler was supported by elite figures in American and British political and industrial circles.

Money, raw materials and technologies gave Germany the ability to re-build in preparation for WWII – factories in Germany owned by US corporations were never targeted or bombed. A couple of less famous quotes by Winston Churchill paint a very different picture of the history we believe and were taught:

“Should Germany merchandise (do business) again in the next 50 years we have led this war (WWI) in vain” – The Times (1919)

“We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not” – Broadcast (1936)

“We didn’t go to war in 1939 to save Germany from Hitler...or the continent from fascism. Like in 1914, we went to war for the not lesser noble cause that we couldn’t accept a German hegemony over Europe” – Sunday Correspondent, London (1989)

The two World Wars were never about defeating Nazism, in fact it was viewed as a method to rip Europe apart, a way to destroy countries that had a competitive advantage.

The eventual result would be the mass purchase of German state enterprises for cents on the dollar by Anglo-American industries.

An estimated 100 million people died, so corporations could get richer. Is it time for honourable soldiers that place their lives on the line for their country to see how they continue to be used today, as they were in the past?

War has always been about money, the democratic flag of freedom is but a false prophet.

Ugo Domizioli
A13 Five centuries of colonial rule by Portugal, Spain, France, Holland and Britain ended between 1945–1960 as many former colonies achieved independence from their European masters. Western education has either largely glossed over by omission the realities of colonialism, or praised advancements towards those colonised, they would never have achieved themselves.

Foremost educational institutions are monuments to former colonial figureheads – buildings, libraries, paintings, sculptures and statues play homage to their achievements. When we truly look into genuine history rather than what we have been taught, it is indeed often ugly.

An argument exists for these artefacts to remain, so we can learn from the ugly truths they depict. Equally, tearing them all down has its own merits, as they are prominently displayed still casting a shadow over society.

This praise is still present, as a 2014 UK poll showed 59% viewed the British Empire as “something to be proud of” with 49% believing the British Empire benefited its former colonies. Colonialism never ended 60 years ago; it’s still alive and kicking in the minds of current generations.

Colonialism had its narratives just as we have today – bringing freedom, technological advancements, religion, medicines and civilisation – these were presented as beneficial to the people, the reality was however horrific.

The often heralded caption, that the British gave the railways to India, is a distortion of the facts. The extensive railway system was indeed designed by the British, but it was built by Indian hands and money. The British charged the Indian Government its cost and proceeded to use the railway network to transport resources.

This included food during times of famine, from the vast interior regions to the ports, for export back to Europe. Going inland, the trains were used to deliver soldiers to stop any rebellions. The railways were never built to benefit any group other than the colonisers.

Consider that before British ships were able to circumnavigate The Cape of Good Hope, off the coast of South Africa, to reach India. India, together with China, were already successfully wealthy due to global world trade. Utsa Patnaik an Indian economist details that during British colonial rule, an estimated £32 trillion was stolen in one form or another from India. They managed to do this with an estimated 20,000 troops, killing millions and controlling a then population of 300 million.

When the many eventually realised how they outnumbered the few, freedom eventually reared its head and the colonisers were expelled. The beliefs held, today by so many, are nothing more than political narratives used to distort the truth. Colonialism still exists today in various formats, it’s called neocolonialism.

When Europeans first colonised Africa, religion played a large part of the process. The missionary’s words of peace, love and forgiveness, helped the colonial masters by preventing any rebellion.

Religion was not only about spreading the word of Christ; it was a method of controlling the masses – rifles can only get you so far, controlling the mind is the key. Karl Marx referred to religion like opium, getting people to accept poor conditions without complaining.

International aid to poor countries or those experiencing poor economic management is another fork of modern-day neocolonialism. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, among other global institutions, give out loans from money created out of thin air.

Ultimately countries default as the size of payments can never be paid back, the loans usually carry onerous terms comprising austerity harming the poorest. Debt is used by these institutions to enforce global obedience; this is the new colonialism, not enforcement and subjugation with weapons, but by debt.

Sub-Saharan African countries with external debts of US$177 billion in 2008, according to John Christensen, had an estimated US$944 billion stolen in resources. Debt was never created to help the poor of Africa; it was created to keep Africa poor while the West continues looting its resources.

Military bases belonging to foreign governments in Africa behind the facade of providing stability, have unrestrained access to natural resources, this is the real reason for their presence. In Afghanistan, it is the Taliban that destroy the opium fields, yet during the 20-year US occupation, opium production and exportation was the highest it had ever was this possible?

Another form of neocolonialism are factories abroad and their exploitation of cheap labour. It could be said that jobs and investment are generated, but the major benefits are exported to the main company.

When economic circumstances change with salary or tax benefits being raised or removed, production is shifted to other countries, there is zero loyalty, it is merely a business transaction.

Colonialism exists today under a different name and guise; a country is invaded in a stealth manner with debt rather than with boots on the ground.

Colonialism never left the building; it lays hidden in the basement, coming out in the dark of night to plunder as it has always done.

Ugo Domizioli
A14 All societies are made up of the masses (the people), run by the few (politicians) in the form of a government. A society has a set of rules which its citizens abide by, when they do not, the legal system will send them to prison, by force (police) using force and guns at the extreme.

However, guns can only control the masses to a certain extent; something else is more valuable...fear. An invisible prison of one’s mind, is much more powerful than a gun – to sway (control) the mind, and you control the person.

Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, social media and the internet are all avenues and paths to our minds. Control information, control the mind. The word government originates from Latin – (guvernare) meaning “to control” and (mens) meaning “mind”...control of the mind.

Information (propaganda), is used more today than during WWII, where propaganda posters were heavily used, however today, it’s more subtle. Governments finance the making of televised programs, documentaries and films which we watch casually but over time influence our beliefs.

The major news outlets of all countries, however open and free they may seem, are simply outlets for their government...yes, this includes the BBC, The Guardian and The Observer which never report on hidden policies or news going against official narratives.

Covid-19 has probably affected more people from a psychological point of view around the world than any other previous event, including the two World Wars. Fear has a way of creeping up on us and paralysing us, often times its effects are silently permanent, which could be the reality for many during these lockdown (house-arrest) times.

Just like a herd of sheep with a wolf nearby, we have been whipped up into a state of panic and instinctively have come together. Separation from the herd would make us easy prey, for we don’t want to stand out, therefore nobody questions the official virus narrative from the government and the media.

We have been brainwashed in the past with the use of certain words such as “weapons of mass destruction”, “the war on terror”, “the war on drugs”, etc. We are again having a selection of words repeated over and over again in the media. Some call this propaganda, others call it social programming; whatever it's called, more and more people are suspicious of what they are being told, we feel instinctively that something is wrong.

The new narrative or vocabulary uses: “the new normal”, “stay home”, “social distancing”, “self-isolation”...what do they all mean? Firstly, a loss of thinking for yourself, but more importantly, a loss of liberty.

Now that most countries have introduced limitations on our freedoms, it will be much easier to do this again in the future. Nearly everyone has now lived through “the new normal” and we casually use these new words in everyday conversation, unaware of their consequence.

Looking back over the past year or so, familiar patterns are clearly visible across all media platforms. We were warned of a disaster scenario if we do not follow the rules (fear). Having induced fear, the masses are easier to steer towards a certain preferred direction while avoiding looking too deeply into the information (science) moving swiftly towards a fix (solution) towards the problem with a vaccine.

Fear via propaganda has four specific elements. You start with a threat, then recommend how people should react, next the people need to believe the recommendation will work, and lastly the people need to be able to carry out the recommendation.

This scenario has played out on cue during the Covid-19 pandemic. Modern propaganda is indistinguishable from casually related stories; it is everywhere it’s needed to be in order to sway beliefs.

Fear is the simplest and most basic of human emotions. Our bodies are naturally wired to protect us from harm, whether real or imagined. Chemical reactions occur when we perceive danger, which is then translated into a physical reaction. For example, we would run away from a wild tiger if confronted.

Fear affects people differently. A small proportion will laugh fears away, many will worry, while some will go through different levels – starting with worry, moving onto anxiety, with some going onto dread and panic.

Common fears include a fear of public speaking, a fear of heights, a fear of rejection or a fear of flying. We have been exposed to wall-to-wall fear by the televised news.

However, when we think rationally, we all know that good and happy news doesn't sell newspapers and that governments lie to seems we have forgotten this.

However, it’s important to remember, fear is meant to be temporary to stave off a mortal threat, but we have been on a slow intravenous drip feed of fear for over 18 months with Covid alone.

It’s probably fair to say that fear during this pandemic spread among populations around the world faster than the virus itself.

Fear makes you a victim, and it steals your power to make decisions, it gives power to others, and it steals your future.

A few ways to overcome our fears include:

Here are a few quotes I found relating to fear:

“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows” – Japanese Proverb

“‌If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced” – Vincent Van Gogh

“‌‌Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“‌‌If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment” – Marcus Aurelius

“‌‌There’s no medicine for fear” – Scottish Proverb

“‌‌We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when adults are afraid of the light – Adapted from Plato

I leave you with one last thought...are the consequences of not toeing the line or not believing what you are being told, more frightening than the cognitive dissonance of believing a narrative you feel or believe to be fiction...listen to your heart, not the news.

Controlling the masses with a gun is hard work, far easier to instil fear into the mind.

Ugo Domizioli

A15 We live in a world where everyone is affected by the cancer epidemic – the data and statistics do not lie. You will be affected, either directly by losing a family member, close friend or indirectly by association.

It’s hard to believe that zero progress has been made over the past century, despite the media trumpeting various breakthroughs and milestones being reached.

We are rapidly approaching the grim statistic of one out of every two developing cancer, with some research indicating that by 2050 we will all be victims!

Why are so many of us susceptible to cancer, and how did this come to pass? Both seem to be fair questions to ask.

The media and medical establishment will tell you that genetics plays a big role – if your parents died of cancer, then you to are more likely to develop it. It turns out that cancer as a genetic disease affects only about 5% of people, so what happens to your parents is not statistically significant.

By pointing you in the direction of genetics through their narratives, it makes you feel hopeless, as though you have zero control as you inherited a disease ridden body.

A report from the University of Manchester looking into the remains from hundreds of Egyptian mummies could only find one incidence of cancer. The implication is huge, showing that cancer is 100% a modern man-made disease.

A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing moment for anyone that has received one. I remember clearly when I received my own...oh shit crossed my mind, over and over again.

A myriad of thoughts came flooding through, as most of my family had died of one form of cancer or another. Is it the serious type? What stage is it at? And of course, am I going to survive?

Fortunately, my case was a mild form of skin cancer which was swiftly cut out. I was in my late thirties, which I was told was young to have it, but I quickly swept it aside and gave it very little thought as the doctors had “fixed me”.

There are only three options when diagnosed with cancer – surgery (cut it out), radiation (burn it) and chemotherapy (poison it).

These are the procedures a doctor will tell you about. All three have the aim of killing the cancer cells, however, there is one problem, all three rarely kill all the cancer cells so essentially do not work.

If a plumber came to fix a water leak in your home but could only offer a temporary fix, that would be cause for concern, and yet the vast majority of cancer patients never question the fundamental basis of cancer treatment.

Most tumours may indeed shrink, but tend to grow back, this is why many if not most cancer patients do not survive, 5–10 years after diagnosis. To survive there can only be one outcome, a 100% removal of all cancer cells.

Alternative treatments are never offered as they are not “approved”. Natural, herbal, supplements or nutrition are not a part of the conversation because it was never a conversation to begin with. Many, if not most, alternative therapies are non-patentable and cheap.

You see, the ugly truth is that a “Cancer Cartel” exists between the universities, pharmaceutical companies, charities and the regulators.

This all began a century ago in the early 1900s when the entire US medical system was taken over and alternative therapies were cast aside in favour of patentable drugs.

Money poured in to medical schools, the certification process and mass marketing campaigns for prescription drugs.

This firstly began, in doctor’s surgeries and later via televised adverts direct to the consumer. This system, in one form or another, spread to all countries around the world.

Cancer is a one hundred billion dollar industry and is hugely profitable for the universities, pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and yes, the charities too...the truth is, there is absolutely zero incentive to find a “cure”.

Money is only made by “treating” cancer, seeking a cure was never part of the plan, this is why there has been zero progress over the past century. Billions in profits has always been the aim, the health and saviour of the people never factored into the equation.

To keep the illusion of progress going and their profits flowing, mass awareness campaigns were launched decades ago with the help of “charities”.

We have all taken part in fun runs and ribbon campaigns raising millions to fund “research”. However, this is nothing more than a racket, with the promise that with a few more million the mystical cure will be found – nothing has changed, millions keep running and walking and millions keep dying.

Yes, we are all now aware of cancer, but the numbers keep rising year after year as we hold onto that pink ribbon of lies.

The cancer industry works by playing to our fears which we naturally have, as we all know someone with cancer, then coercing us to help with fundraising which perpetuates the fear and finally by keeping us in the dark about the truth surrounding cancer.

Any doubt that cancer is an industry was confirmed in a report presented at a 2018 oncology conference attended by 30,000 doctors.

The report found that up to 75% of cancer patients that receive aggressive “treatments” in their last 30 days before death endured needless pain and suffering.

The only reason to continue “treatments” with terminally ill patients is clearly not to prolong life, or make their final weeks less is to increase profits.

We all know how harsh the treatments are towards cancer. Surgery in some respects being the mildest form of intervention, unless it’s in the breast or brain areas.

In the future, we will be seen as barbaric for the cutting and chopping of body parts. Interesting that men have never been offered the chance to cut off their testicles to prevent testicular cancer, but women have had their breasts cut off for decades.

According to the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network (MBCN) breast cancer of itself does not kill, cancer cells in the breast area, instead travel to other vital organs, this is why patients die.

My mother had a great surgeon for her brain tumour, he was able to remove a large portion of the tumour, but not all of it as there was a risk of damaging the brain.

When you cannot remove it all, it grows back, and you die, so the procedure was never a cure, merely a stay of execution.

It was during this time that my eyes were opened to the cancer industry. I spent a huge chunk of time, while still working, over the course of a year researching and reading.

I came across many articles and websites with different, uncomfortable opinions to those that I held. There was never a conversation about the root cause of my mother’s brain tumour, just how to remove it, or rather some of it.

When I suggested alternatives as I knew she would eventually die, I was laughed at by everyone – the surgeon, hospital administrators and my brother.

Clearly they were right, and I was in peace mum, you, like everyone else, deserved better. One of my aims in answering the question of cancer is that maybe someone else’s mother has the chance to live.

Radiation like surgery can only do so much, reducing the size of the tumour at best by using rays so powerful and toxic that the operator sits behind a lead door while the patient wears an apron.

Chemotherapy is however the worst, a poison that kills everything, not so much a magic bullet with pinpoint destruction, but instead a grenade causing damage everywhere...heart, liver, kidneys and brain.

Evidence shows that chemotherapy only works on about 2% of cancers.

It’s strange that people will pay for organic foods with the expectation that they contain zero or reduced carcinogens, and yet will happily allow doctors to inject known poisons in the form of chemotherapy drugs.

The cancer industry earns so much money from the fallout of taking chemotherapy that it has become a conveyor belt of repeat business...what a perfect business model.

According to biochemist Dr Otto Warburg, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his discovery, which those in power have known since then. The generic cause of cancer occurs when normal cells become cancerous when deprived of oxygen.

This usually occurs when our bodies become acidic with our pH levels decreasing from eating too much meat, bad fats, dairy and processed foods.

Sugar and its derivatives, such as high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, which are in all modern processed foods, are a particular problem.

Artificial sweeteners were brought in as an alternative to sugar and are used in all “diet” products, they are now proven to be lethal.

A report from an extensive study showed that even drinking just one can of your favourite diet cola, increases the risk for leukaemia, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphomas significantly.

Dr Warburg went on to write, that we all have cancer cells, cancer is not something we inherit or some kind of infection, it’s our own cells that are growing out of control, however usually, our immune system destroys them on a daily basis.

However, when eating junk as we have been for decades, our immune system is weakened and cancer can develop and take hold.

Trying to kill the cells with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy has never fixed the root problem of why the cells have gone crazy in the first place.

Normal cells in our bodies can only survive with oxygen, but cancerous tumour cells do not need oxygen because they live and thrive in an acidic environment and feed, grow and multiply with glucose/sugar.

The cells are multiplying because of our environment, the toxic processed foods we eat, the poisoned soil, drugged animals and the chemicals we use every single day to clean ourselves and our homes.

There are countless accounts of people winning against cancer using alternative therapies, many that went through the three conventional treatments that eventually failed and were left to die. I do not see why anyone would lie about such a serious subject, here is just one account.

A woman, instead of choosing the chemotherapy route for her breast cancer, chose cannabis oil after much research. One drop per day was enough to reduce her tumours significantly just four months later, after five, her doctor returned a negative diagnosis...she was cancer free.

Why is the research done by Helene Grimal and Fabien Maman not being explored? They showed that cancer cells exploded in minutes when exposed to certain frequencies.

A simple sound is proven to kill cancer without side effects, yet we have to poison ourselves with chemotherapy!

There are many natural, non-patentable alternative treatments that have been used for over 70 years, I would suggest the reader look into these and others for themselves.

Gerson therapy, Vitamin B-17/Laetrile, High dose vitamin C, Baking soda, Apricot kernels, CBD oil, GcMAF, Turmeric, Raw broccoli, Essiac tea, Sunshine, Organic food, Vegetable juicing, 3-7 day Fasting.

Yes, many if not most sound crazy, I have been down this rabbit hole myself, what have you got to lose by looking for yourself.

The cancer industry destroys the career of anyone, but in particular scientists and doctors, that dare to explore or talk about alternative treatments – is this because what they say is crazy?

Or maybe because it will endanger people's lives? Or maybe because, they don’t want you to know? can choose your own truth; I know my own.

It amazes me how we blindly help charities raise money for research without ever looking into the root causes of cancer and preventing it in the first place.

Linus Pauling, PhD, a two-time winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry, revealed: “Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud”.

The cancer industry lives by lies not truth, has zero compassion, doesn’t provide cures only poison and feeds on misery and death...this is the ugly truth.

We can all continue listening to the Cancer Cartel via our doctors and continue to die as the statistics bear out – or we can conduct our own research...the choice, as it has always been, is our own.

Once we understand that cancer is an industry, we stand a better chance of surviving.

Ugo Domizioli
A16 Humans have evolved outdoors just like every other organism on planet earth in harmony with the sun, without which everything would die.

Yet, there are many “experts” claiming the sun is bad for us and will kill us. To a small extent I agree with them, snow is great to ski on, but can kill us in an avalanche. Without water, we would all die, but it’s equally dangerous and life-threatening as we can suffocate and drown.

Fire, too, can burn us to death, but also cook our food. I think you can see the point I’m making, all elements need to be respected in order for them not to be harmful to us. The sun and its sunshine are no different.

In northern climates, we experience long dark winters without much sunshine, often lasting six months or more. It’s cold, so we are covered from head to foot, we travel to work by covered transportation, then sit in a building, shop or factory for 8–10 hours.

Our skin is simply not exposed to any sunlight even when it does appear, instead we wait for the occasional sunny public holiday or our two-week holiday to sunnier climes. We then spend all day out in the sun, overdoing it, often burning our skins.

When we get out of balance with water or fire we get damaged, it’s the same when we over-expose ourselves to the sun, particularly during the hottest part of the day. Studies have shown that office workers are more likely to be diagnosed with a melanoma (skin cancer) than those that live in sunnier countries and spend most of the time in the sun.

Skin cancer rates have been rising for decades, is this due to our two-week sunshine over exposure holiday, it could be, or maybe it’s due to the solution companies have come up with in the form of sunscreen lotions. The sun has not changed in millennia, and ozone depletion is not a factor, what has changed is the mass use of sun blocking lotions.

In the US, skin cancer strikes more than all other cancers combined, affecting an estimated 3.3 million people. Of those, 100,000 (3%) will be diagnosed with a melanoma, resulting in around 11,650 deaths every year.

This means, 99.65% of all skin cancers are harmless and not fatal, a statistic the multi billion-dollar “sun protection” industry doesn't want us to learn.

People in poor countries cannot afford or use lotions, they rarely get melanomas, their skin has adapted to the sun. This is something I personally experienced myself during my long-term backpacking travels and the reason for this question.

Despite previously always using high factor lotions, I stopped using any lotion and my skin adapted. I am able to walk in 100 degree heat for hours, with my arms, legs and feet fully exposed to the midday sun without turning red and burning.

I previously used to burn despite using 50+ lotion – the one caveat is that I always wear a wide-brimmed hat, as the skin on our faces is very thin and delicate and so burns the quickest and easiest.

Sunscreen lotions allow us to stay out in the sunshine for long periods of time, usually all day long, after multiple applications. When we think about it, nature has decided that too much water can kill us, the same with fire, it’s the same with our exposure to sunshine.

Our skin can naturally only take so much sunshine before it burns – walking for 30 minutes in the midday sun is going to be more harmful than an equivalent 60-minute walk at sunrise or sunset. In general, most people can only expose their skin to approximately 15 minutes of sunshine before burning.

A fact that may shock, there is no existing research proving “sun protection” lotions prevent skin cancer. In fact, many ingredients in 90% of brands are toxic and absorbed deeply through the skin; we are actually putting toxins on and into our body’s, with accumulation occurring over the years.

In many lotions, there are at least five known chemicals which are carcinogenic, with two of them actually being triggered by the sun. Octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC), a key ingredient in most brands, was shown in a study by Norwegian scientists, to actually be triggered by exposure to the sun and in lab experiments kills mouse cells.

In 2021 alone, a very well known manufacturer of baby talcum powder, paid out billions in fines as it contained asbestos; it was then forced to recall their well-known brand of aerosol sunscreen products as they were found to contain benzene – a chemical linked to causing cancer.

An article in a premier UK national newspaper, revealed that the European Union had banned 1,300 ingredients from personal care/hygiene products, while in the US, only 11 had been banned...that’s quite a gap!

Have you ever stopped to think about how these lotions are killing lab mice and coral reefs in our vast oceans, but somehow deemed safe inside our small bodies? Chemical components from lotions have been found inside the cells of many seafaring wildlife species resulting in numerous countries around the world banning lotions including Hawaii and more recently, Thailand in its national parks.

Many, if not most countries, have not required lotion manufacturers to safety test their lotions because it was always thought that they only remained on the surface of our skins. The sad fact is that they are absorbed through our skin, directly going into our bloodstream.

Ironically, using “sun protection” lotions prevent our skins from absorbing sunshine and therefore generating our own vitamin D naturally, which is so good for us in many ways. Moderate exposure to the sun gives our bodies over 90% of the vitamin D we need, no pill or natural foods in existence are as efficient as the sun. Instead, dermatologists tell us to avoid the sun and to take non-natural vitamin D supplements, which are proven to have no positive effect on our health when compared to sunshine.

Natural vitamin D helps our body in many ways. Firstly by strengthening our muscles and bones, helping with multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lowering the risk of type 1 and 2 diabetes, thinning our blood making it less likely to clot thus reducing the chance of having a stroke or heart attack, lowering cholesterol, balancing blood pressure, reducing allergies and asthma, helping our cells (mitochondria) to absorb energy from sunshine, boosting our immune system, lowering obesity, osteoporosis, depression, help with Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disorders (IBD), sunshine helps against seasonal affective disorder (SAD), cognitive impairment, autoimmune conditions, reduces inflammation and finally there are studies showing that those with the highest levels of natural vitamin D are less likely to get many forms of cancer (pancreatic, colorectal, breast and prostate).

A study from the British Medical Journal showed more people die of heart disease in winter than the summer, probably due to lower levels of vitamin D during the darker winter months.

It is scientifically known that the further people live from the equator, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, the more people suffer from heart disease, strokes and high blood pressure. Death rates are higher than those living closer to countries with constant sunshine.

Considering that heart disease is the number one killer of people, you would imagine that the best official advice would be to get as much sunshine as possible, but it’s not.

Those with darker skin types, living in Northern Hemisphere countries, have greater problems with their lack of sunshine and tend to suffer higher rates of strokes, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

This is partially due to their naturally higher levels of melanin, which means they need far more exposure to the sun than those with fairer/pale skin. In Africa, there is no skin cancer despite being outside in the sun all day long.

Our bodies crave, need sunshine, just like we need water and food, but it must be done in moderation, not during the burning hours of 10am to 4pm, rather the golden hours 7–10am and 4–6pm. Get out and enjoy the sun responsibly as nature intended, go out to top up your vitamin D levels, not to show off back in the office with a tan that will fade away within two weeks.

Stop following the artificial narrative sold to us by lotion manufacturers that we can spend all day out in the sun, this is for their benefit, as it makes you use more lotion.

Pelle Lindqvist in a publication, said: “Avoidance of sun exposure is a risk factor of a similar magnitude as smoking, in terms of life expectancy”.

The sun has kept us alive since the beginning of time; it’s not killing us today, we are, by not respecting it.

Ugo Domizioli
A17 When a child comes into contact with a virus or disease, a vaccine will help their body to produce antibodies to fight off the disease; this is what we have been told. Schools with a 100% vaccination rate have closed down due to outbreaks among their fully vaccinated children, with doctors unsure how this could occur.

There is scientific evidence that shows that children that receive a live vaccine such as MMR, can shed/spread the virus for many weeks/months, infecting others.

It was once common knowledge, that natural exposure to many viruses or diseases, gave lifelong immunity from re-infection. The “effectiveness” of a vaccine, on the other hand, diminishes over time and no longer offers protection, which is why vaccinated children are still at risk.

The narrative that is pushed by governments and the media, is that herd immunity is required to stop the spread of diseases. This is, however, another fake narrative. Adults that had vaccines in their childhood years and are no longer “protected” means, that in most countries, only half the population is ever vaccinated.

The big question which therefore arises...where are the epidemics in countries that do not have the 95% herd immunity rate? Sadly, the only epidemic in many Western countries affecting over 50% of children, are chronic health conditions which do not exist in countries such as Japan, where children undergo a fraction of the vaccinations of those in the West.

A growing number of children are damaged or die from vaccines. In the US in 2016, there were 59,117 reports of negative side effects from vaccines with 432 deaths and 1,091 permanent disabilities.

This represents only 1% of the actual number as the vast majority of cases are never reported, over US$4.3 billion have been paid out to victims.

In March, 2021, a new research paper found that 58% of reported infant deaths happened within three days of having been given a vaccination, with the alarming figure of 78% of deaths within seven days.

Often these types of infant deaths have been classified as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), this report seems to indicate a statistical probability it is the vaccines.

A parent that lost her daughter to SIDS, set up a non-profit charity to help other parents. Over the course of a few years, the statistics were irrefutable. Of 94 infant deaths from SIDS, 93% had died from routine vaccinations.

Childhood rates of asthma, autism, epilepsy, allergies, diabetes and deaths have been rising exponentially as vaccines were introduced. It seems strange to use the word epidemic in this context, but rates of chronic illnesses affect 54% of children today.

Coincidentally, the four major vaccine pharmaceutical companies also manufacture the drugs used to “help” with many of the side effects that taking their vaccines cause.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. goes as far to say, that the chronic disease epidemic among children is probably the biggest threat there is for them.

A German Federal Supreme Court ruling, from a few years ago, may surprise many – the judges confirmed that the measles virus does not exist. What you say, yes that’s correct, our children have been receiving the measles vaccine, for a virus that is proven, not to exist.

Yes, many if not most, adults had measles as a child, this clearly shows measles exists, but it has not been isolated which is a requirement to create a vaccine.

If a “disease” cannot be isolated/identified, how can anyone create an injection/vaccine to combat it?

The court case proved there is not a single study or scientific report in the world, which proves the existence of what have millions of children been injected with, for the past 50 years?

It was recently revealed that the measles vaccine only gives “immunity” for a few years at best, compared to a lifetime of real immunity when a young child recovers naturally.

We have forgotten that it’s a harmless disease, no worse than chicken pox. In the UK, there is more chance of dying by being struck by lightning than from measles: 1 in 55 million...why the vaccine?

Mumps only in very rare cases causes complications...why the vaccine?

Rubella has not killed anyone in 100 years...why the vaccine?

People stopped dying from whooping cough in the early 1900s and yet the vaccine against whooping cough was introduced in the 1960s...why the vaccine?

Hepatitis B is usually contracted by either unprotected sex or drug users sharing dirty needles...99.9% of pregnant women when tested are Hepatitis B negative...why the vaccine?

Most of the diseases that we are vaccinated against, stopped being a problem a long time ago. In fact, records show that over 90% of deaths from these diseases were eradicated way before the introduction of various vaccination programmes.

Measles recorded a 100% decline in deaths, three years before the vaccine was introduced.

It turns out that the general improvement in hygiene among populations is responsible for the reduction in deaths from these diseases, so I ask again...why the vaccines?

The reason for vaccines is not to save lives; it should be, the real reason is to make money.

Children are used as revenue generating vessels. The number one goal of the pharmaceutical industry is to create new customers, where better than at birth.

When you have a product that is mandatory for a significant proportion of the global population, this translates, into billions upon billions of dollars of pure profit. In fact, almost 50% of their profits come from vaccine manufacture and sales.

The Covid-19 global experimental drug programme (it’s not correct to call it a vaccine, as it does not meet the legal definition), is likely to be, the most profitable drug created by the pharmaceutical industry .

I believe we will see over the coming decades, millions dying from taking this poisonous jab.

A little known fact, Covid-19 has also not been isolated in a lab anywhere in the world, as at the publication date of this book. As it has not been isolated, how can you create a drug to help?

Start your own research by looking for documentation relating to the legal case between Dr. Donegan and the General Medical Council (GMC). This case concluded that kids do not need vaccines to be healthy, and many vaccines were unnecessary and unsafe.

Let that statement sink in for a why do we continue with vaccines?

Vaccinations have become a societal obligation, used to shame parents who refuse or question vaccinations for their children. Parents are shamed with the narrative that the health of the “herd” is at risk – despite herd immunity being a fallacy, as explained.

The sheer number of resources devoted to destroying anyone questioning the efficacy of vaccines is truly mind-blowing. This is especially true towards the few doctors that remain true to their heart rather than their wallet.

Parents put untold hours of research into buying the safest beds, car seats and buggies for their children – and yet, 70+ vaccine doses injected into a tiny, healthy child, are rarely questioned...wake up mum and dad.

Fortunately, more and more parents are beginning to question the whole vaccine schedule, due to a lack of confidence in the whole process, with the failure of vaccines more widespread than people believe.

A 2020 peer-reviewed study concluded that unvaccinated children have better health than vaccinated children. Children's Health Defense (CHD) has pieced together 50+ studies showing that vaccinated groups are far sicker than their unvaccinated peers. A child that eats a balanced selection of healthy, unprocessed foods, will have a healthy immune system; this is their best protection against diseases.

When official advice makes zero sense, it’s time to think for yourself.

Ugo Domizioli
A18 Animals on the whole are less prone to any form of heart disease compared to humans. Although not impossible, it’s very rare for any animal to have a stroke or heart attack. According to Dr. Matthias Rath, this is because of vitamin C.

Animals produce most of the vitamin C they need themselves, usually between 1–20,000 mg every day, with small quantities coming from the foods they eat.

In laboratories, when mice were deprived of vitamin C, they would in a short amount of time end up with damaged arteries that eventually would lead to heart disease.

When high doses of vitamin C were put back into their food and liquids, the arteries would eventually go back to normal, with a complete reversal in their health. This research concludes that when the natural creation of vitamin C in animals is stopped, their lifespan is three times lower.

Bears produce large amounts of vitamin C, but at the same time have very high cholesterol levels and yet do not suffer heart attacks.

Cholesterol and eating saturated fats are not the root causes of heart attacks, as we have been told. Vitamin C in the main, with a few other essential nutrients, are vital to heart health.

Our bodies cannot produce it, so we must obtain it from the foods we eat in addition to taking supplements. Dr. Rath believes this natural deficiency in vitamin C in humans is the main reason for the global epidemic in cardiovascular disease, accounting for an estimated 50% of all deaths.

Chemist Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel laureate, is another that believes in the power of vitamin C, lysine and proline to repair our arteries. Our arteries, when deprived of vitamin C, begin to scar with small tears and lesions appearing in their walls.

Sufficient levels of vitamin C helps the body with the creation of collagen by working with our amino acids. Collagen is a vital part of our health, healing and strengthening our arteries and other tissues within our bodies.

The arteries surrounding our hearts are particularly susceptible to damage due to the sheer amount of work they perform.

Without vitamin C, our bodies naturally create cholesterol and uses it to make repairs to the scarred arteries; this is where the potential for heart disease takes hold. Lifestyle is also an important part of the equation, as eating processed foods compared to natural foods is a recipe for disaster. The culprit, however, is not high cholesterol as we have been led to believe.

There has never been enough funding or in fact the willingness to conduct any official studies into the connection between our lack of vitamin C and heart disease. This, despite a huge quantity of anecdotal reports from people reporting real results from reversing and recovering from heart disease, usually within a short period of time.

On a related subject, the power of vitamin C cannot be underestimated in the prevention of the most common cause of death in many hospitals. In hospitals in the US where an extensive study was completed, sepsis accounts for an astonishing 52% of deaths, a figure that is three times higher than cancer and seven times higher than heart failure.

This, mainly unknown condition, is killing 500,000 people per year in the US alone. It can, however, be significantly reduced by putting patients on an intravenous vitamin C drip as the findings from a report established. However, hospitals, on the whole, have an aversion to this treatment despite reports of patients coming back from the precipice of death.

Heart’s not the cholesterol, it’s our lack of vitamin C.

Ugo Domizioli
A19 Science, the media and the medical industry, in collaboration with governments, have for decades put forward the narrative that genetics is the main factor that determines our health.

How we live our lives, such as what we eat, the products we use every day and our environment, accounting for very little of our well-being.

Unlike today, in the 1970s, articles regarding heredity, genetics and how they were a big part in determining our health were non-existent. However, articles regarding the impact of environmental reasons upon our health were plentiful.

The debate surrounding “nature vs. nurture” in other words, whether the genes from our parents (nature) or the environment around us (nurture) determines our health is a very old question. The reasons this narrative continues is twofold. Firstly, to make people feel helpless to change their well-being if they happen to be affected by an “inherited” disease.

Thus far, only a few genes have been shown to contribute to our ill health, such as sickle cell anaemia and cystic fibrosis, while other genes, do play a small role in our risk of other diseases.

Secondly and importantly, to avoid people asking questions regarding other possible causes to their deteriorating health. When people feel helpless to alter something they believe they cannot control, a downward spiral of negative emotions will consume their days.

Next they will reach out to “experts” for advice, with doctors pumping out the same solutions that have not worked for the past fifty years. This two-pronged approach has kept people feeling helpless since then.

It’s no coincidence that the human genome project to decipher our DNA and ultimately to sell everyone a “cure” tailored to your unique genes has been making headline news, with countless options being patented by private companies. We don’t need this, just access to real food.

While some people are predisposed to having denser and heavier bones, which will likely result in having a larger body with increased mass, the choice of what and how much they eat has always been their own. The “identification” of the so-called “obesity gene” does not automatically mean someone becomes overweight, despite what we are told. Just by using the narrative “obesity gene”, we immediately blame our heritage and for many this becomes their excuse.

The media backs up this narrative, with articles and news items telling us that it’s wrong to blame parents if their children’s weight goes up.

When I was married, I chose the food items of our weekly shop for the family, I chose to allocate time to preparing and cooking, I chose to cook healthy meals rather than microwave junk. If the parent is not responsible, who is?

We should always ask, “cui buono”...who benefits – this one is easy, we just need to follow the money trail, which is usually the case. All media relies on advertising revenue to survive, the promotion of food products is huge, we only need to look at the tens of thousands of products for sale in supermarkets.

By blaming our genes, we feel free to buy any type of food we want, whether foods are healthy or unhealthy is irrelevant as they do not determine our health...this is how we are deceived.

Our genes have not gone through any demonstrable change over the past few decades, in fact, they have remained stable over many generations and yet there is a global obesity pandemic. It is now becoming more apparent to everyone, that it’s our environment and lifestyle that are the primary factors towards determining our health.

Estimates indicate that as many as 50% of early deaths worldwide are due to a junk diet, pollution, stress, lack of sleep and exposure to chemicals.

The choices we make will improve our health, not our family’s medical history – heredity is not our destiny. Our daily habits – what and how much we eat, reducing the use of chemicals for natural alternatives and choosing physical activity is up to us.

Finally, the science of epigenetics turns the “nature vs. nurture” narrative, upside down and back to front, it disproves that our genes determine our future and that they are set in stone. To understand what epigenetics are, think of it as a way to interpret our DNA rather than just accepting our DNA. We have the power to not merely accept our lot, but to change it, start making the changes today, it’s not too late whatever age you may be.

Taking back responsibility is the key to our well-being, it always has been.

Ugo Domizioli
A20 Heart attacks and strokes kill 14.3 million people around the world every year, that’s over 39,000 every single day, with 4.8 million being under 70 years of age. In total, heart diseases account for over 31% of all deaths worldwide.

The narrative since the 1970s has been that eating foods high in fat, turn into bad cholesterol and this is a precursor to heart diseases by accumulating and clogging up the arteries supplying the heart. The data chosen to push this narrative was very selective and lay the foundation for governmental food advice.

The replacing of fat in our diets with carbohydrates, has proved disastrous, with the global obesity epidemic self-evident. Eating a low-carb diet is proven to lead to weight loss and the production of good HDL cholesterol, rather than bad LDL cholesterol.

Research with over 350,000 participants has found that the consumption of saturated fat has no clear association with cholesterol levels and heart disease, and that good fats are actually vital to our bodies.

The liver inside our bodies create up to 75% of cholesterol we need with only 25% coming from the food we eat. Most cholesterol in food cannot be absorbed, which explains why a study of people eating four eggs per day showed little impact on blood cholesterol, as our bodies are able to maintain the appropriate levels naturally.

A further anomaly to the narrative is “The French Paradox”. The French consume many foods that are high in both fat and saturated fat, but somehow have low levels of heart disease. Some cardiologists clearly see this paradox and agree that the saturated fat in cheese, cream, butter, bacon and sausages do not clog our arteries.

Considering our cardiovascular system is estimated to be about the size of a football pitch, with miles upon miles of arteries, cholesterol is simply not smart enough to only accumulate surrounding the arteries supplying the heart. So if high cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease, what is?

According to Doctor Matthias Rath that has researched this area for decades, the real cause of blockages in the arteries supplying our hearts is a lack of vitamins, in particular vitamin C. If insufficient levels continue over many years, our bodies cannot produce collagen which is one of our bodies repair mechanisms. The walls of our arteries get scared, which lead to their losing elasticity and eventual weakness. Our bodies then send molecules to repair the blood vessel walls, and sometimes too much is deposited.

One important point to note, cholesterol can only attach itself to an arterial wall when it is scared and damaged. With sufficient vitamin C the arterial wall does not get damaged and cholesterol simply goes through without any problems. Therefore, we need to stop looking at cholesterol as the enemy and a symptom as we have been told for decades, and look toward the true cause, which are damaged arteries.

Most animals create their own vitamin C; humans cannot, which is why animals rarely die of heart attacks. Once we realise heart disease is merely a vitamin deficiency, treatment is easy. While vitamin C is the main component, B and E also help – interestingly vitamins are never discussed or offered as an option, possibly because they are inexpensive, not patentable and therefore corporate profits are minuscule.

To the engineers or plumbers out there, that prefer the time-honoured pharmaceutical or surgical routes, think again. Our arteries are not simply pipes like those in our homes that can be fixed when they get blocked.

Conventional medicine only ever treats the symptoms (blocked arteries/pipes), never looking for the root cause of heart attacks, which as we have discovered are tears in arterial walls, which cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins do not fix.

When we look at the data on statins, we find that their efficacy is overstated, as they report relative instead of absolute risk.

Delving into the numbers, the annual death rate observed a reduction of just 0.2%. In another study published in the British Medical Journal, scientists looked into 35 separate studies looking at the effectiveness of statins in reducing “bad” cholesterol. 26 out of the 35 studies showed statins did not prevent strokes, heart attacks and there was no reduction in deaths.

What this essentially means is that even high risk people see no benefit whatsoever in taking statins, let’s also not forget that any drug carries side effects – I urge anyone being pushed statins by their doctor to do their own research.

The surgical route of putting in, what’s called a stent or angioplasty was shown in 5,000 patients to help in relieving symptoms, but not prevent future heart attacks and yet this surgery is the only option offered.

Heart disease is one of the most misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions in medicine, with many cardiovascular surgeons admitting to not wanting the procedure for themselves.

When the cardiovascular surgeon doesn’t believe in the service they are peddling, why should I?.

Ugo Domizioli
A21 Obesity worldwide has reached epidemic proportions, one could call it, “Plannedemic” in size – killing 2.8 million every year. Over 650 million are classed as obese, with nearly one-quarter or 1.9 billion classed as overweight. In the UK alone, one-third are obese, 300% higher than in 1980.

We all know why we have become fatter – many are pre-disposed with defective genes; our lives are more sedentary, we don’t exercise and the vast majority of us are simply eating too much.

Simply put, it’s our fault, we are to blame. These reasons and narratives are everywhere, doctor’s surgeries, governmental health advice, websites, magazines and the media. Have you stopped to think how much truth there are in these narratives? While we must accept some blame, it’s not entirely our fault.

Self-control by choosing the quantity of food we consume is a big factor and clearly our responsibility together with our sedentary lifestyles. It’s far easier to not let ourselves get too overweight, as ingrained habits are harder to reverse.

However, there are many examples of severely obese people having managed to get back to their normal weight, so there is hope.

Many of us continue to consume too much food, as our brains still tell us that we are like cavemen and not sure where or when our next meal will come from.

This is clearly no longer true, and so takes mental strength to get past. The so called, “Heavy Gene” may lead to a 25% greater chance of obesity, “may” being the operative word; as many people in heavier families don’t automatically get fat. Again, this narrative is used as a free get out of jail card to shift blame elsewhere.

The truth is that the obesity Plannedemic is down to the foods we eat, how foods are manufactured and how addictive they have become.

Animals are given steroids to make them grow more quickly, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), sugar, carbohydrates and surprisingly low-fat foods are all to blame.

However, one of the biggest culprits for over 40 years has been the advice from our governments recommending eating a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet.

This narrative was sold to the world to avoid fatty foods as they lead to “artery-clogging” and heart attacks. Government advice and guidelines resulted in manufacturers creating low-fat foods full of junk – a tsunami of obesity and type 2 diabetes has subsequently occurred.

Most of the food we eat is highly processed with little protein, fibre or natural goodness, instead, way too much sugar and carbohydrates.

Since the 1970s, cane sugar in food has been replaced with HFCS as it was much cheaper to use. HFCS is not used by our bodies as energy, unlike normal foods, instead it turns directly into fat with various studies suggesting it is linked to obesity, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, dementia and diabetes.

We consume vast quantities of junk food and can’t figure out why we crave more. As mentioned, modern processed food has no substance, it doesn’t fill us up, so we continually want more and to eat all the time. It’s not enough to have three meals per day; we now snack between meals.

Compare this to less or unprocessed foods, which are naturally high in good fats which fill us up, such as avocados, olives, eggs, nuts, cheese, butter, dark chocolate, etc.

When we have a meal full of good fats, we are full and have no need to consume snacks or eat vast quantities of processed foods to feel full.

Wonder why your children are obese, look no further than your kitchen cupboards. Every item contains HFCS – cereals, yoghurts, jams, juices, soft drinks, canned fruit, syrups, biscuits, protein bars, crisps, sweets, pastries and so on.

By some metrics, your children are less likely to outlive you than previous generations.

Food today is continually being created in a laboratory, not a farmer’s field – it is crafted for addiction by highlighting sweetness and saltiness among other characteristics to get consumers hooked and coming back for more.

Big Food is no different to Big Tobacco, putting addictive concoctions into their products for huge long-term profits.

Fizzy soft drink manufacturers were some of the first users of HFCS. Shortly after, we began to see “super-sizing” of fast food as costs were reduced.

One small can of your favourite drink contains around 40 grams of sugar, approximately ten teaspoons; your packaged squeezed orange juice contains around five teaspoons.

If you believe the diet version is better for you, think again. There is a higher risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease from the chemicals used to make these products taste good.

Soft drink manufacturers not only hired “independent” research labs to downplay the significance of sugar in contributing to obesity.

They also shifted the blame of obesity onto individuals, with the narrative that it was due to our lack of exercise and not their sugar laced soft drinks.

It may surprise you to learn the less obvious foods where HFCS is used: breads, crackers, yoghurts, cereals, sauces, salad dressings, jams and ketchup.

In a laboratory, rats were given levels of HFCS below those found in a typical canned fizzy drink; all the rats became obese!

As the HFCS message gets exposure and word gets out, manufacturers have started masking high fructose corn syrup using aliases such as glucose syrup, fructose syrup, maize and natural corn on the lookout.

Instead of becoming a victim, looking to others to fix being overweight, empower yourself by looking inward to find ways to get rid of excess weight.

Being overweight is an addiction and therefore rooted in something much deeper. We don’t choose to get fat; it’s usually a consequence of bullying, loneliness, separation, stress, poverty...the list goes on.

Ultimately, to stop overeating, we must identify the real problem by being honest with ourselves. While not trying to downplay the severity of the mentioned reasons, we must recognise they are in our past and only exist in our minds.

Stop giving these negative thoughts or circumstances the power they crave to survive. Every day you go back to re-live the memory of whatever trauma is causing your overeating, all the feelings, emotions and anger come flooding back in an instant. Do you honestly believe this is healthy and good for you? Of course not.

Stop feeding your past the power it needs to survive and control you today.

Ugo Domizioli
A22 Many, if not most alternative methods of medicine, work holistically and naturally with our bodies to help stimulate our own internal systems of repair.

Our bodies have evolved to fix themselves of most diseases with amazing restorative actions; the proof exists in our very existence today, having matured and adapted over thousands of years.

Homoeopathy has been used for hundreds of years, and yet science and the medical industry has debunked its efficacy due to the minuscule doses used.

While there is a mass of evidence showing no positive results from major medical publications such as The Lancet, there is an equal, if not larger, quantity of anecdotal stories and research showing positive results.

Over one hundred years ago, homoeopathy used to be taught in medical schools and was used in designated homeopathic hospitals.

As the pharmaceutical industry began to grow and gain control over medicine and the regulatory system around the early 1900s, homoeopathy began to disappear as regulations came into place to smear its efficacy.

Homoeopathy works by mixing various minerals and plants in water using sequential dilution to create an extremely weak solution.

Scientists have proven that an electromagnetic signal of the original mixture is still present in the water, despite the logical and scientific mathematics around repetitive dilution, which tells us nothing should remain in the solution.

When a correct homeopathic mixture is found for an individual, its resonating energy is in alignment with the ailment in their body, their immune system is then boosted to help itself.

One can begin to understand how this is possible after looking into the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his experiments demonstrating that plain water has memory and is influenced by our words.

Additional homeopathic peer-reviewed research and clinical trials show positive results in the treatment of heart diseases, arthritis, hypertension, eczema, allergies and diabetes.

It’s a cheap and fast remedy used by many where traditional pharmaceutical medicines have not worked and patients are left with no other options.

Homoeopathy is harmless with no downsides, if the mixture is incorrect, nothing happens, no ill side effects, patients never get worse through treatment which cannot be said for conventional drugs.

The placebo effect is another argument used to downplay the effectiveness of homoeopathy, stating it is mere coincidence. This is another misdirection tactic, as the latest research confirms a difference between the two – those receiving homeopathic treatments were nearly twice more likely to have a benefit than those given a placebo.

The mere coincidence effect of a placebo is further debunked as children and animals have seen benefits, both of which are obviously unable to comprehend it, let alone form an opinion.

The question arises as to why homoeopathy in particular, but not limited to, is maligned as pseudoscience. Science contradicts itself by stating that the dilution means there is nothing in the water but, at the same time, arguing that the same water is harmful and toxic.

Pharmaceutical companies are most often the ones financing “research” into debunking alternative treatments. If you believe that you are getting true and impartial information from Wikipedia, popular medical websites, the media or documentaries, think again.

Articles will fail to mention the positive results of homoeopathy while promoting expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

The biological effect of homoeopathy among people with real stories of recovery are not in doubt; what possible harm can happen looking into this and other alternative therapeutic fields when conventional medicine has run out of solutions and sends people home to die with no hope.

I personally would head towards homoeopathy and other alternative therapeutic possible remedies before taking the pharmaceutical route with its documented side effects.

When alternative healing methods are maligned, that’s when I pay attention.

Ugo Domizioli
A23 Big Tobacco, is the name given to the cigarette conglomerates that hid the health dangers of their tobacco products and their addictive nature. Big Sugar is the lesser known moniker given to similar conglomerates that used the same tactics to push sugar and its derivatives into nearly all foods. The health problems surrounding sugar have been known since 1962, so the title of this question as “the new evil” is somewhat mute.

The sugar industry swayed government agencies to ignore studies, but also participated by sponsoring “independent” studies to counter any negative publicity around the effects of sugar in foods and its detrimental effects towards health. Chronic diseases such as impaired memory function, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer are all highly correlated to sugar consumption, killing hundreds of thousands in the US alone, each and every year.

The consumption of sugar worldwide has tripled in the past 50 years. Huge distribution networks are the key. Countries far and wide, many with undrinkable water, have the highest rates of diabetes as their populations gulp down gallons of soft drinks every week.

Sugar in most foods has been replaced by high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), as it’s much cheaper to use. It and its derivatives are estimated to be present in over 80% of the 6,000,000 processed foods items in the US. Practically every single product on supermarket shelves will contain artificial sweeteners of some kind. Those “low-fat”, “healthy”, “low-salt”, “low-sugar”, and other natural sounding products all contain HFCS.

Unlike natural sugar from fruits, HFCS is turned straight into fat as our bodies do not recognise it as having any nutritional benefit. The food industry has learned to disguise sugar in its products by using various names, there are currently over 300 in use, here are a few – barley malt, molasses, cane juice crystals, caramel, carob syrup, corn syrup, dextran, dextrose, fructose, galactose, malt syrup and rice on the lookout next time you check your food labels.

Our bodies were never designed to ingest such a concoction of additives; this is why we are fat and sick. Children are the biggest eaters of this junk, as they scream at their parents their wants and needs after constant exposure to colourful advertising campaigns – are the companies, parents or children to blame?

The food companies try to change the narrative by promoting that “a calorie is a calorie” and that it doesn’t matter where it comes from, or that they are simply empty calories. Do not fall for these lies. Studies have shown that consuming more calories in the form of food does not increase the rate of diabetes. When those extra calories came from a can of soda, diabetes went up 11 times – sugar and sugar alone, in its various formats, is to blame.

Dr. Robert Lustig has spent the past two decades researching the effect of sugar, as well as treating childhood obesity. He believes it’s as harmful as tobacco and cocaine. He is ridiculed by the likes of The Guardian newspaper, despite scans showing how our brains light up with sugar consumption, the same way the brain does with cocaine. Another study showed that animals would choose sugar water, over water laced with cocaine, 93% of the time!

We all know we shouldn't eat too many doughnuts, cakes and biscuits – this isn’t the problem; the problem is sugar is addictive, we crave more, and so we eat more, we simply can’t stop...if that isn’t the definition of addiction, I don’t know what is. Our love for refined carbohydrates in the form of pizza, crackers, breads, cereals and pasta are all converted into sugar/glucose by the stomach, these are all hidden forms of sugar. When we look at the damage that excessive alcohol does to us, sugar in foods should not be looked at differently, as our bodies metabolise sugar the same way that it does alcohol.

Sugar’s link to cancer is well documented, we simply need to look at how a hospital looks for cancer.

A patient is injected with a glucose (sugar) solution, because sugar feeds cancer, the sugar solution is attracted to areas with cancer and picked up by the machine. Studies show that sugar not only feeds cancer, but causes it.

We are each consuming as much as 160lbs/73kgs per year of sugar disguised in everyday food products – this is as much as many people weigh, we are eating our own weight in sugar!

Due to sugar’s addictive nature, it’s not easy to reduce or stop consumption. To begin to solve our sugar sickness, we first need to know what to look for, to identify the culprits and begin to change how and where we shop. Learning to cook with basic natural ingredients is a start. Also, cutting out all those junk products in our kitchen cupboards will save you money which you should put towards real fruits and vegetables.

A ketogenic diet that is high in natural fats and proteins will keep you full, not needing to snack and eat junk food where we become hungry again a little while later. Cutting out sugar means cutting carbohydrates (pasta, etc.), this will cut out the essential food supply of cancer.

A few last thoughts, you would never give a five-year old a can of beer, yet a can of cola has the same amount of sugar. New research is looking into cancer drugs which block sugar!

When an ingredient is in everything I buy, it’s there to make money, not for my health.

Ugo Domizioli
A24 There are countless sources of information on how to lead a healthy life – we all know to eat real food, avoid smoking, drink less alcohol, avoid stress and exercise among other philosophies. The exercise part is heavily promoted, but is it true?

Most believe that when they exercise, they burn lots of calories, this is not correct – exercise only burns between 10–30% of the calories we use daily.

Weight loss is not a result of exercise, all that money spent on gym memberships, sweating hours pounding weights is essentially a waste of time and money.

Exercise is good for some aspects of health, but not weight loss – it’s not essential to lose weight, in fact it only accounts for at most a 2% reduction in weight. 98% of weight loss can only be achieved through the foods we consume. We know if we eat just one cookie, we need to exercise for 30 minutes to offset its calories – eat a bag of crisps, a burger, a whole pizza...your exercise time will be hours.

Excess processed food consumption is the number one reason we are ill. Modern food bears no semblance to real food, the chemicals and processes used to create this franken-food is beyond belief. Everything is laced with high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners having zero nutritional benefit, converting directly to fat.

When we look at the origin of eating three meals per day, we find that we eat around a standard 9am to 5pm workday. Our eating schedule is ruled by our lives rather than our bodies need for energy.

Travel, meetings and events determine when we eat – breakfast before work, lunch during work and dinner once back home. Cereals were designed as a quick breakfast, sandwiches as a quick lunch, neither of which are real food but highly processed.

Ancient tribes ate when food became available, we eat to prove we are a part of a civilised society, demonstrating our sophistication. We should instead be listening to our bodies, our stomachs, for when to eat rather than a clock and the 3-meals per day narrative!

Modern life, however, does not follow the 3-meals per day narrative, it has been replaced with a new grazing one where we snack throughout the day, in between meals or choose up to six, smaller meals. This is sold to us as a way to maintain a constant flow of food helping with our appetites and energy levels...and yet every year, we all get fatter with more becoming morbidly obese and rising deaths. Clearly our health is not benefiting, so who benefits (cui buono) – food manufacturers, supermarkets, restaurants and gyms and so on, in essence the big industries.

Studies show that by reducing our daily calorie consumption by 30–40%, we can extend our life span by around a third. Assuming an average western lifespan of around 75 years of age, that’s an astonishing extra 25 years of life simply by eating less.

A few techniques I personally have incorporated include intermittent fasting, where you increase the period of not eating between meals. Benefits begin after 16 hours without food, better results start around the 20-hour mark.

Weight loss is achieved by your body burning fat (stimulating autophagy) around your waist for energy due to the lack of food consumption. Other benefits include lowered blood insulin and sugar levels, improved mental clarity, increased energy, reduction of inflammation and a possible reversal of diabetes.

A University in California, showed that fasting for three days, regenerates the entire immune system of the body while other studies confirm that intermittent fasting helps stem and white blood cell production.

A mainly ketogenic diet which is high in fat, low in carbohydrates and moderate in protein is another element to eating well, it sounds crazy, but eating healthy fats are essential to our bodies.

Carbohydrates are particularly bad for our bodies, turning into sugar which creates and feeds cancer. Carbohydrates are also the main source of energy for our body, when we reduce their intake our body will break down our stored fat into energy.

Government health advice (narratives) for decades has been that we should reduce our intake of saturated fats to below 10% and consume carbohydrates to the tune of 60%.

This myth/narrative, that fat cause’s heart attacks and obesity has been devastating to our health, but benefiting the Big Food Cartels, producing processed foods.

Want to know how crazy the narratives have become? – diabetes organisations encourage making carbohydrates a large part of our daily eating habits – despite science showing that carbohydrates break down into sugar promoting insulin resistance, the root cause of type 2 diabetes.

We do not get fat from eating fat, we get fat from eating too much sugar and carbohydrates. A high-fat, zero-carbohydrate eating plan showed consuming good fats helps with losing fat and decreasing risk from heart disease.

The cause of many chronic diseases, including diabetes, obesity and heart disease, is not fat, it’s sugar and its modern derivatives and vegetable oils in processed foods.

The only form of oils we should be using while cooking are old fashioned natural fats such as beef tallow, ghee or pig fat and lard. Vegetarians or others looking to avoid animal products altogether should only use coconut and olive oil.

The introduction of both, high fructose corn syrup and vegetable oils has a direct correlation to the increase in diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s across the world, but especially in western countries.

Vegetable oils were primarily invented as a by-product of other disused materials so were very cheap to produce as they are today. They are used everywhere, but especially in processed foods and restaurants as they are so cheap.

Every processed meal you eat, whether at home or out for a treat at a restaurant will most likely contain or be cooked using vegetable oils. Crisps, biscuits, dressings, protein bars, sauces, crackers, mayonnaise, in fact almost all packaged-foods.

On the subject of stress, we all have it in our modern hectic lives of working to exist, but many are unaware how important reducing stress is to our well-being. Heart diseases, as I have already established, kill 14.3 million people around the world every year, accounting for over 31% of all deaths.

Stress is the number one reason for heart attacks, not blocked arteries full of cholesterol. Continued, long-term stress puts immense pressure on our hearts by keeping us in a state of fear. Fear is meant to be a temporary way for us to ward off danger, when we remain in this state we expend too much energy and nutrients which we need for our immune system.

This state of fear/stress produces cortisol, which reduces the effectiveness of our natural immune system and increases our blood pressure. Reducing or entirely removing stress from our lives is one of the most important keys to longevity. Have you ever wondered why our modern western lives have evolved with stress at its core?

Fortunately, there is a fairly easy way to help our immune system when damaged by stress or environmental factors. Researchers at a university found that people of any age can completely regenerate their entire immune system by fasting for three days.

While not easy, but free of any side effects, the simple act of not eating food for just three days, produces new stem cells helping us to repair ourselves and fight off diseases.

As we age, ill health is no longer inevitable, choosing real food over processed foods works for so many cultures around the world – the Mediterranean, Korean and Japanese diets show us the way forward, combining this with a stress-free life is the key.

Franken-food is the surest way to become ugly.

Ugo Domizioli

A25 We are 90% water when born, reducing to around the 75% level in adulthood, clearly water is a vital element to our well-being and health.

Dr. Masaru Emoto talked to water using both positive and negative words and then froze the water to examine under a microscope. His experiments showed that the frozen water crystals had reacted to his words and thoughts.

“I love you” and “Thank You” produced symmetrical, nice looking shapes, while negative words and thoughts, such as “I hate you” – created irregular or ugly looking shapes. Further, experiments with polluted water altered the ugly frozen water crystal shapes back to their normal symmetrical geometric ones.

Many understand the healing properties of music, pregnant women often exposing their unborn child to it, or our playing of music after a relationship split.

Dr. Emoto also conducted experiments using classical versus heavy metal music. Yet again, pleasing symmetrical shapes were noted with the classical, while the heavy metal created irregular, haphazard shapes.

The water, just by his words, was able to alter its cellular shape by reacting and storing information in the shape of a memory.

This demonstrated that water is alive and conscious. Positive thoughts, feelings, emotions and words, therefore, have the power to improve our health as our bodies are principally water.

Good thoughts, intentions and being kind to oneself, could have a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. It doesn't stop there, as we can also impact those around us and our environment.

Many people proclaim that when they put out positivity, they tend, on the whole, to receive it back; maybe now we know why.

This experiment, as well as a version using cooked rice put into glass jars, has been performed countless times under strict double-blind conditions with independent assessment. However, this hasn't stopped the “impartial” Wikipedia, labelling Dr. Emoto’s work as pseudoscience.

There are some questions about whether Dr. Emoto was a real doctor – however, he was known as an honest, kind-hearted and humble man that conducted his experiments for over 20 years looking into the molecular structure of water. Dr. Emoto – arigato/thank you, for your service to humanity.

We should ‌choose our words very wisely, for they have the power to heal or destroy. Next time you use negative words carelessly without thinking, such as – “I hate how I look” or “I can't stand that person” or “I can’t do it”, be more mindful and catch yourself.

Becoming aware of our words is the first step towards changing the words we use. Negative thoughts create negative energy, resulting in negative words entering your head.

Next your mood changes, your mood will then manifest itself externally through your actions. We all know, when we are in a bad mood, a bad day will often follow in its's time to rethink the words we use.

We are the creators of our reality, with everything needed to change ourselves; for we are all a part of the Universal Field and connected to one another.

If you believe your thoughts and words are less powerful than hard work or money...think again, they shape our beliefs and what we can achieve.

Is it so difficult to smile at others with zero expectation of anything in return, or say “Thank You” more often than needed.

These two simple first steps, at a minimum, will make you feel great internally as external validation doesn’t really matter.

Occasionally you will receive a smile back, which means you have now created a positive effect upon a complete stranger – there is no way of knowing how their day may pan out, but I’m certain it’s a little better because of your smile.

Dr. Emoto believed that everything at the atomic level has a vibrational pattern. This resonating energy is affected by the vibrations we create through our words and thoughts.

“Words are the vibration of nature. Therefore, beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe” – Dr Masaru Emoto (1943–2014)

Thoughts turn into actions unleashing incredible power, choose wisely.

Ugo Domizioli
A26 On researching this question, it became clear I should not have used the word empathy. Children in the main have yet to develop empathy as part of their social skill set, and therefore don’t have the capacity to feel what someone else is feeling at an advanced level.

They can grasp when their parents are upset, but they mainly look at the world only through their eyes and what affects them.

We can, however, teach them easy to understand behaviours which will hold good into their adult years – never to hurt another child, to share toys with others, not to tease children that are different, or be spiteful and so on.

If we find out they succumbed to any of these behaviours, we then ask them how they would feel if another child treated them the same way.

As adults, being truly empathic is not easy as it requires us to fully immerse ourselves into a person's suffering causing us to suffer as well; feeling what they feel, including their physical grief and sorrow.

Firefighters, paramedics, doctors and nurses, exposed daily to hugely emotional situations, desensitise themselves to some extent to avoid burning out from being too empathetic.

We have all developed coping mechanisms when confronted by a family member, friend or work colleague, in an emotionally overwhelming situation. We have learned how to protect ourselves from someone’s need to share a painful situation, while still giving them the support they need.

This shows itself as compassion in place of empathy, as it’s easier on oneself than fully experiencing the suffering of others. Compassion is less about being fully immersed in someone’s problems and more about listening and caring than trying to fix the issue, which men, in particular, feel obliged to do. When listening, we have to truly listen and not begin formulating a response in our minds, which happens to the vast majority.

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen” – Ernest Hemingway

In most workplaces new people are expected to hit the ground running and just get on with the job, empathy is never part of a job and so is overlooked. Of course many like to help their fellow team mates, but the working environment is designed to put the interests of the company first and foremost.

People are working too hard to have time for social niceties or to build deep relationships in order to deeply understand what it’s like for people in different situations and truly get to know their problems. Humility is the first path to empathy, especially in a competitive office work environment rather than working simply to buy material objects that we don’t really need.

We also need to address that people in society have become more polarised and tribal over the decades. Left vs. right, man vs. woman, liberal vs. conservative, west vs. east, capitalism vs. communism, etc., there seems to be an endless supply of narratives that make us choose a side and therefore label ourselves.

This obviously creates division, not unity, and depicts the person on the opposite side as almost not human. When we become judge and jury over someone’s views rather than the human behind them, compassion and empathy can rarely show their faces.

Social media is also to blame, no matter what the subject of a post or comment may be, many are eager to pick a fight which is often out of context, as words on a screen cannot convey all aspects of the author’s intent or feelings. This means yet again compassion and empathy is often severely lacking in this medium of communication, as we have also learned with texting on our smartphones.

To get back in touch with who we were as children and use those feelings to steer our journey as adults, is the key to our true self.

Ugo Domizioli
A27 The patenting process for new inventions is a well established system, providing inventors legal protection against others trying to steal and profit from their hard work and investment. Less well known, is that governments can place secrecy orders around those inventions deemed to threaten “national security”.

To the majority of people, this is logical and reasonable; not wanting something that could be weaponised to be available to anyone.

However, when patents/inventions and scientific discoveries are suppressed to maintain dominant interests in particular industries against the interests of humanity, this is another matter.

The energy sector, with the financial backing of major banks, is a good example. When an individual comes up with a cheap or virtually free solution for energy, they will encounter problems.

An invention which doubles the mileage of a car has the potential of reducing the revenue of oil companies, costing them billions. It’s not just companies that lose, but also governments, losing billions in fuel taxes.

Would it surprise you to learn that numerous inventions had been suppressed over the years in one way or another? The preferred option is to offer the inventor a huge amount of money. Once accepted, the invention never comes to market as it is shelved.

Another option is to try and copy an invention, hoping the inventor can’t afford litigation. This happened to Mike Dyson, although he was able to get compensation with his new vacuum cleaner. The third option, when an inventor refuses to “sell-out” is for them to have a fatal “accident” or “committing suicide”. This may seem dramatic, but it has occurred hundreds of times.

Stanley Meyer is said to have been offered US$1 billion for his car, which ran on water. He refused for honourable reasons. At a restaurant meeting to discuss the future, he collapsed and died of poisoning.

An estimated 5,784 inventions have been suppressed by the US Government alone. Water-fuelled vehicles have existed for over 50 years, with some achieving 100+ miles per gallon, a Ford with a gas guzzling petrol V8 engine was able to achieve 200 miles per 1935.

A major Japanese corporation claims to have a motor that runs on magnets – in a statement, they went on to explain that the politics make it impossible for them to compete with the energy cartels. The whole fake green agenda is laid bare when we had ultra-fuel efficient cars decades ago, but were suppressed.

Phillips, GE and Osram engaged in a conspiracy between 1924–39 to control the light-bulb industry by setting prices and suppressing competing technologies, but also limiting the lifespan of their lightbulbs. There is a lightbulb in the US that has been constantly switched on for over one hundred years – this with technology generations older than what we have today...or maybe not.

Modern-day solar panels have been suppressed for more than 50 years, capping their efficiencies with miner advancements over this period. On the health side of the debate, in 2001, Rick Simpson applied an oil made from marijuana to a cancerous spot on his skin, it disappeared a few days later. He has since treated thousands of patients with incredible success.

The list is almost endless, here are just a few: garbage & tyres to fuel converter, water-to-energy electrolysis process, self-running electromagnetic generator, 90 mpg carburettor, 200+ mpg carburettor, oil company achieves 376 mpg, engine running on water, auto-mobile steam engine, vibrating energy source, water purification system, seawater desalination and last, but by no stretch of the imagination least, free energy generators.

Free energy has been known for over 100 years. Stop and truly think about this statement, for it blows out of the water the whole green/eco/climate fake narratives. The motor vehicle industry has slowly gone through various, “advancements”: petrol, diesel, LPG, hybrid and now electric. Yet over 80 years ago, technologies existed for ultra efficient motoring.

The current electrical narrative is simply the newest way to keep profits flowing to this industry, fleecing the motorist for a few more decades until the next fake narrative is released.

We have experienced how fast technology has moved in just the last ten years, let’s look at a particular example dating back one hundred years. Back then, the Model T Ford motor vehicle was able to achieve 25 mpg.

There are many examples still running today whose owners report they get 40mpg. Presently, there are many modern vehicles that only achieve similar numbers.

The only solution is for all inventors of significant humanity changing inventions to release their knowledge out onto the internet for the benefit of everyone by open sourcing everything for free. Only then does humanity stand a chance to truly advance itself, especially in less advanced nations.

The suppression game is an old one, old inventors and the new, get past the ego, set your inventions free to benefit all.

Ugo Domizioli
A28 To be seen as successful in most societies, certain expectations need to be met – education, career and material wealth seem to be a prerequisite. These are usually achieved by reaching goals, this inward looking conditioning eventually leads to burn out as we concentrate on our ego rather than our soul.

We tend to be hard on ourselves rather than practising self-compassion, especially when failing to achieve our goals. Society has conditioned us to compare ourselves to others, particularly so in recent times due to the rise of social media and the picture perfect selfies.

This often leads to being self-critical with our self-image towards our lifestyle and bodies, as our advancement in society may not match the purported image of others.

So why do we beat ourselves up? Well, we can’t help it; decades of advertisements essentially make us feel that what we have is not good enough, and that we need more.

It is also the way we have been raised, with the education system reinforcing we need higher grades and degrees to stand a chance of success.

In order to be compassionate towards ourselves, we need to show ourselves the same kindness that we would show to a child that has fallen down. Acknowledge their pain with a caring attitude rather than shouting at them for being stupid.

When we continue to grow our own self-compassion, it leads to a need to help others also, thus creating a feedback loop. When we offer others understanding and kindness, this should not be viewed as pity, but rather compassion.

Similarly, self-compassion should not be viewed as a form of self-pity or self-indulgence or being self-centred. Once we reframe our failures as challenges that help us to grow, with kindness rather than judgment, then our journey towards self begins.

Life-changing events, dealt via self-compassion, have been shown to help us thrive as it creates a stronger motivational force than self-judgment. The relationship we have with ourselves is the longest one we will have in our lifetime, we must nurture it.

Interestingly, in many Eastern philosophies, self-compassion has been practised for centuries, but only in the last 20 years in the West.

Recent research shows that those that practise self-compassion are less likely to be stressed, anxious or depressed and ultimately lead a happier life and by being good to yourself, it helps you to be good towards others too.

I do not hurt others, why do I hurt myself?.

Ugo Domizioli
A29 This phenomenon usually comes into focus in the mid-years of life, our 40–50s in particular – where most are likely to be in the groove of life with career and family taking centre stage. This can sometimes take the form of a “mid-life crisis” where it’s believed our lives are around the halfway point and half over.

While some reasons may differ, it is also not uncommon for those in the 25–35 age bracket to experience similar circumstances with a quarter-life crisis. This generation will project out their future path in life and seriously question its validity, often trading in the dull office cubicle career for a more adventurous lifestyle.

This phenomenon is not restricted to just these groups; those in their 60s may have a “late-life crisis” with different circumstances taking centre stage, such as major illness, divorce, financial stress from not having sufficient savings or the loss of a partner or life-long friends. As life expectancy has gone up, this segment has more later years than previous generations and so more time to affect change.

Whichever age category one fits into, and whether one’s life is either steady and settled or just beginning, many start to ponder “what if” and look back to crossroads in their life’s path where they may have chosen a different direction.

Remorse begins to rear its ugly head, with older men in particular wanting to relive their youth, with the clichéd sports car and younger partner taking centre stage. Women are not immune either and begin asking similar questions while also often being focussed around biological changes.

We are so busy earning a living that life passes by so quickly that we don’t notice the passing of time. It’s during moments when we slow down, usually when on holiday, that we have time to relax, that these thoughts have the time and space to enter our minds and ferment.

Some may experience a near death moment themselves or someone close, which focusses the mind on regrets, causing them to wake up and think about all the chances and opportunities that may have passed by.

It dawns upon us that we may have wasted so much of our lives doing the same thing over and over again in the hope that things change, however, we know full well, this is insanity.

Nothing will change unless we change, firstly by how we view our lives and events and then asking difficult questions.

Regret is backed up with research showing we are more upset with the things we didn’t do, than any mistakes we made. After all, we have all made mistakes, this is how we learn and grow. With mistakes, with enough time and effort, we can usually get past them.

Fear of failure is a big reason for people never trying, a mysterious immobilising condition that stops many in their tracks. Doing nothing is so much easier than trying, with procrastination and excuses becoming the norm.

For some, never trying means never having to face the perceived shame of failure, and yet just on the other side of failure, success in trying, is there for the taking.

After I decided to write this book, I made the decision to put a message onto my Facebook page declaring my intention. This was my point of no return; I now had no choice but to follow through.

While knowing, I am not a grammatically correct or good writer, I was an average school student at best in English. I changed how I viewed my lack of writing finesse by saying to myself, that I would do the best that I could and that the book was for my own personal growth and not worry what others thought.

This simple change, gave me the strength I needed to write a little every day. At first, my writing was random at best, with huge gaps in sentences, paragraphs and the overall direction that I would take. As the weeks and months passed, I felt things were coming together, far far from perfect, but progress was being made. After going through the first very rough draft, I had written over 55,000 words. I looked online to see what a typical non-fiction book should be...70,000+ words...I was on the way.

There are over two million books published annually around the world, this is one of them – I put in the work, and I am now an author. A self-published one, which most will frown upon as it’s perceived to have less status, but I am happy and that’s all that really matters.

It’s very easy to focus too much on regrets which causes us to do nothing, further feeding this beast, turning into a vicious circle. Whatever your regrets are (working too hard, not spending time with family & friends, discovering money is not a purpose in life, letting others talk you out of your dreams, wrong career choice, travelling more or concentrating on your passions), decide to not continue to let the days, weeks, months or years pass.

It’s never too late to change anything. It is only your mind telling you, “you cannot”…“yes you can”, don’t postpone anything important by using excuses, research shows that when we spend more than three seconds pondering a choice, we often fail to make one.

Do not be left wondering “what if” by joining the queue of millions, for this is the real tragedy of a life not lived by your own instincts.

Fear has stolen my past, confront it, so it doesn’t steal my future.

Ugo Domizioli
A30 I came across the horrific statistic that 70,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2019. This reminded me of the opioid epidemic with its roots back in China during the 1800s.

Trade during colonial periods not only consisted of the usual array of raw materials and products needed for the maintenance and expansion of The British Empire, but also drugs. The British East India Company held the monopoly on trade with a royal decree, and used huge armed forces to elicit compliance and establish an extensive opium business, creating the world’s first drug cartel.

China banned opium as the number of addicts rose to an estimated 12 million by 1838. This led to the First Opium War starting in 1839 with the British winning and forcing China to remove the opium ban and resume its flow of substantial profits.

The opium was produced in India involving up to 10 million impoverished farmers, merely a step above slavery. The opium trade was so profitable, that it pretty much financed the whole British occupation of India, it was also imported and sold in Europe.

We often hear the narrative, that British rule in India helped the country to move forward and progress on multiple levels – industrialisation, production, resources and infrastructure and so on. Facts prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this not to be true.

The railways were built by Indian hands and paid for by its Government, but served its British masters by transporting raw materials from the vastness of India’s interior to its seaports ready to ship back to Britain.

India accounted for 25% of world trade before the British arrived, once the British left, it had fallen to less than 1%.

The current opioid epidemic starts with addiction from prescription painkillers (Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Codeine, Demerol and OxyContin) among others, leading ultimately to hard core illegal drugs such as heroin.

The seemingly innocent path of visiting a doctor for help with pain relief and being prescribed pain relievers, sedatives, tranquillisers or stimulants has resulted in 63% of people misusing them.

232,000 Americans have died from overdoses of prescription opioids between 1999 and 2018. 80% of heroin addicts started with prescribed pain relievers.

It was during the late 1990s that Big Pharma created opioids for pain relief and began to push mass marketing techniques for their use. Claims of the drugs being less addictive than morphine spurned on their success, but their true nature was hidden.

The chemical composition of opioid drugs bind themselves to certain receptors in our bodies. How we feel is altered, our moods and thought processes are disrupted...this is the beginning of the addiction process.

As Big Tobacco hid the addictive nature of cigarettes, Big Pharma did exactly the same. Lawsuits were brought against these conglomerates, with current payouts of around US$26 billion.

The origins of getting a large swath of people addicted to either cigarettes or painkillers, killer being the operative word, lead all the way back to the British opium wars.

The British East India Company demonstrated the huge profits garnered through addiction. The current occasional slap on the wrist lawsuit payout a conglomerate has to make is simply the price it pays for its windfall profits and is factored into its costs of doing business.

Anything negative that changes who I am, deserves no permanent place in my body.

Ugo Domizioli
A31 This is when a person abandons their moral code, doing something they believe to be fundamentally wrong in return for fame, wealth, power or success. This is sometimes figuratively referred to as making a deal with the devil, selling your soul or Faustian bargain.

In exchange for your wish, your soul will be condemned to hell forever. Clearly the vast majority of us do not go down this route as it is merely a construct of music and film culture.

However, can that be said of people in power – a-list actors, famous pop stars, heads of industry, leaders of countries and politicians. Life for ordinary people around the world is arguably better in some respects, and yet we are going backwards in others such as health and liberty. These are controlled by people in power that have clearly compromised their beliefs, moral code and sold their souls to the devil in exchange for rewards to stroke their ego.

When we pay attention rather than skimming what we view, we can identify patterns. The number of pop stars that share exactly the same symbolism is astonishing, the devil draped in red stage props and imagery during concerts, headwear with horns, demonic tattoos, album covers, red costumes, fake blood and posters.

Also place close attention when pop-stars in particular, use their hands to create the same symbols. The hand symbols are always consistent – the covering of one eye, two-fingered horn, all-seeing eye, one hand inside their jacket, index finger and thumb coming together to create a 666 – these are just a few and clearly not a coincidence.

The next time you view a video of your favourite pop/rock star, be on the lookout for these symbols.

We may not make one huge deal with the devil, yet unwittingly make decisions that chip away at our moral compass on a regular basis:

All these seemingly small decisions, contribute to completing our contract with the devil, one small piece at a time. Often putting money ahead of morals, but importantly, not speaking out when your heart tells you it’s the right thing to do.

We have sacrificed our souls by listening to our ego in pursuit of money to pay for the lifestyle we want, often placing it ahead of what is right. When we lie to ourselves there is nowhere to hide, the bathroom mirror is a harsh judge and jury.

Being thoughtful with our daily actions is the key to stopping us going down the path of being “evil”...notice how it makes up the word devil. A more thoughtful path is one of not doing harm to others during our smallest interactions, leading to a life of honesty and integrity, not requiring a defence of any action.

The devil never introduces itself to you, instead it tempts you.

Ugo Domizioli
A32 When we think of the law, we immediately think of our legal systems with its rules and acts, governed over by judges and the courts – these representing the highest but also, a very narrow echelon of people within society.

There is, however, a higher system of justice, not derived from this group, based instead on nature, with “right vs. wrong” at its core.

You may have heard of natural law under different names such as: universal law, unwritten law, law of nature, law of reason, divine law, common law, moral law or the law of God.

It doesn’t matter which term is preferred, as they all converge to give people the same rights. The laws of the universe apply equally to every man, woman and child, irrespective of who or where they are, rich or poor.

So why have we not heard of its existence? To some extent, those in the United States will be aware of their rights as written in the Declaration of Independence. “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

When we look at current legal systems around the world, they give the semblance of justice for all with a seemingly fair system, however, we know full well the existence of a two-tier system. One for the aristocracy, ultra rich, and one for the rest.

Under natural law, everyone has the same rights as we are all human, there is no invisible hierarchy. The rights granted to us at birth are inalienable, meaning they cannot be taken away by another person or system, as they were not given to us by them.

Our natural rights are above and superior to all man-made laws, with every person free to obey or disobey these natural laws.

Just as we cannot refute or cast aside certain laws of nature such as the laws of motion or laws of thermodynamics, we cannot bypass or circumvent natural laws as they are fundamental to the universe.

Going back in history, Aristotle believed that natural law is based on reason, justice and ethics and that any man-made laws need to conform to these terms.

Where man-made laws are contrary, they are deemed invalid as they are harmful to a sovereign person and are therefore not legally binding and cannot be enforced.

Should a person not have real justice under man-made laws, as long as they have not harmed another, that person as a last resort has recourse to natural law.

There are of course detractors to natural laws, apart from the current legal systems not acknowledging its validity unless the person in front of a judge knows the precise terminology to use.

There is also the argument that natural law is too simplistic to deal with our complicated world, there is merit to this view.

However, essentially every action is either a positive (beneficial) one or a negative (detrimental) one, therefore events could be addressed simply.

Existing laws are artificial constructs that serve class interests, they always have, to believe otherwise is not reality.

Natural law also has a spiritual dimension – when we live in synchronisation (not against) these laws, our lives flow more easily without many of the more serious hurdles of life and with more opportunities coming our way.

A few of the overlapping spiritual aspects include:

Choosing to ignore these laws may not be detrimental, but a fulfilling life may not come along either.

We were born sovereign beings, let no one tell you otherwise.

Ugo Domizioli
A33 Do we really understand what intuition is and its power, I would argue that we do not. Intuition is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning”.

It’s a feeling we have when required to make a choice, a gut feeling, a sixth sense, a hunch – however it’s described, it guides us, like an inner voice or a best friend’s advice, it has our best interests at its core and will never harm you.

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, believed in its power and was guided by his gut feelings on major strategic decisions rather than his mind.

He felt the mind, was a lower form of intellect as it didn’t lead to insights or major discoveries, those only came with intuition which presented solutions on a platter.

Science doesn’t know why it happens, but confirms its existence, it doesn’t see it as reliable as having a hunch in no way proves something to be true. This may be true depending on what is looked at – relationships tend to flower or often fail simply based on the gut feeling you have found “the one”.

When looking for a new home, your mind sifts through mounds of information to create a short list of viewings – but it’s the feeling you have as soon as you walk through the front door of the right property that makes the choice.

A similar situation arises when choosing a babysitter, nanny or school. On the flip side, many scientific discoveries have occurred by “accident” or with a “gut feeling” followed up with logic (the mind) to perfect the discovery, here the mind is used after the feeling rather than before.

Our minds and the logical brain can only take us so far in our lives by organising the information our lives bring, creating order out of chaos. A good example is when we have a major decision to make, for example, choosing which university offer to accept.

A tried and tested method is to create a pros and cons list – creating two columns on a piece of paper and writing down all the positive and negative aspects of each university.

Most people stop there, the decision is made based on that piece of paper; I have used this myself in the past, however, taken it one step further.

After exhausting my logical mind, I would forget about the question/decision and give my subconscious mind its own time to present me the answer. It’s vital to honestly not think about the question or time frame for the answer.

Your subconscious mind, in the background, will not only take on board the pros and cons your logical mind created, but also past events, pieces of information and observations long forgotten by your conscious mind. These invisible pieces of the puzzle have helped me complete past question puzzles.

Over the past few years, I use this technique less often, as I have grown very comfortable making decisions using just my intuition. It has been a journey to trust my gut rather than logical mind, for we have all become accustomed to this form of decision-making.

The more I have practised this on a day-to-day basis, the more I have found it to work. A few examples of making small decisions include: walking down a particular road, choosing a restaurant without viewing the menu or reading a review, listening to a waiter’s recommendation, cutting short a conversation going nowhere or choosing which motorbike taxi to take when arriving somewhere new.

More recently as I have covered in my journal (, at the beginning of the Plannedemic, while fellow backpackers were panicking booking flights home, I relied on a gut feeling to remain in Mexico.

This has, without doubt, been one of the best decisions I have ever made, the sheer freedom I have enjoyed for the past one and a half years compared to the rest of the world under house arrest has been priceless.

A more recent nudge was not to visit Colombia despite really wanting to, again this nudge has proven to be the right one.

The more you practise using your intuition, the more you begin to see it rarely lets you down – it always has your best interests to heart. How this works is to start thinking less and sensing, feeling more, look out for those nudges, open your awareness to receiving, but importantly, seeing them, if your awareness radar is not working these hunches will pass you by.

In time, by paying attention you will notice them more and more, while life itself is hard on many levels, you will find an ease to it, things will align, you will pay less attention to your expectations and simply go with the flow, life will feel easier.

Being in synchronisation, in tune with your inner self, your intuitive knowing, life will feel more true, authentic and in harmony with your true self.

Intuition, hunches or premonition, used to be viewed as a “new age” fad but now a part of normal discourse even in psychology. Intuition has a bigger meaning in the field of spirituality (not man-made religion), where it explains that we are all connected to the Universal Conscious Field and this is our true self, a higher self connected to a higher consciousness that we tune in to, just like a radio receives its signal with its antenna, our antenna is our mind, and we receive or download information.

Our purpose, it suggests, is bigger than we have been led to believe. Rather than simply processing information around us, by downloading directly from the Universal Conscious Field, we bypass normal logic and thoughts, bringing together bits and pieces of data, going straight to the source of everything (cosmic intelligence), receiving a final answer.

How can we be a part of the universe? Looking at the science and its Big Bang Theory, everything started from a single point, so everything is connected? From the spiritual viewpoint, the universe is a huge field of energy connected through invisible wires – like a hologram, every part of the universe is inside even the smallest fragment, so essentially the universe is inside everything and us.

Everything that has existed, we have access to, just like going to a library containing all knowledge, we therefore have the answer to everything. The catch is that the universe only whispers to us, nudges us in the right direction, we still have to prove ourselves worthy by taking action.

An example of this was a songwriter and musician that created a song, as a perfectionist he spent many years refining it. One day, while a passenger in a car, the exact song was played on the radio.

The Universal Conscious Field wants us, encourages us to create, invent and progress, it gives many a nudge, but only those that truly listen and take action will benefit. The remainder are far to busy with life, not aware they are drowning those nudges, their intuition and the possibility of finding their true-life purpose.

Intuition is your true self, listen, implement.

Ugo Domizioli

A34 In the 1930s, books were burned that were thought to represent ideologies opposed to Nazism. Today, Search, Social & Mainstream Media Platforms are silencing content they don't approve of. Social media platforms were created to be neutral places for free speech, much like a town square where everyone can gather and voice their opinions.

Instead, people employed by these platforms and algorithms determine what a person is allowed to read and now, what they can write. This means these platforms have now turned into publishers just like mainstream media with their own biases.

Unlike traditional media, newspapers and televised news, the power they yield is huge, due to the billions, rather than the millions of users.

On a low level, this means placing advertisements onto your social media stream to sway and persuade you towards your next purchase.

On a higher level, they can sway your beliefs, political views and how you might vote by replacing adverts with their ideological content.

Many, if not most believe, there are clear and moral reasons for platforms removing extremist, violent and obscene content. Others argue that even extreme material should not be censored, but exposed, as hiding this material creates an underground secretive movement that is harder to identify.

The platforms justify their actions by preaching security, hate speech, fact checking and misinformation concerns. Security is always a good narrative to use. Governments use it whenever they want to totally control a situation without having to explain or justify their actions.

Think if you had that level of power, the temptation to use it whenever you wanted to at some point becomes irresistible. The hate speech narrative was hijacked from stopping genuine hateful dialogue to stop opposing opinions, contrary to a pre-defined ideological narrative.

The official fact-checkers from many of these platforms are, it turns out, propaganda machines. It was discovered in August 2021 that social media platforms preaching “Covid-19 vaccines” were in fact paid by vaccine manufacturers to censor any contrary comments or posts.

Misinformation has been used during times of war to hinder the enemy; this is no different today. Misinformation is used by social media to steer people's thinking but also used in reverse, to flag or label content that doesn’t again fit its ideology.

This flagging is presented to the reader as an “official” proclamation that the content is either fake or divergent to the official position of the government or an institution.

Controlling the sharing of content is another way the platforms decide if or how many get to see what you have to say.

With all these concerns, the potential for abuse is clear, the platforms will say that they still allow the content to be present, but the reader should consider there may be problems with it – however, the act of putting these controls in place tells us all we need to know.

The “soft” censorship described above takes on a more serious side when actual direct censorship is enacted. Articles, posts, videos, images, podcasts and whole accounts outside their ideological remit are simply deleted.

The major online search engines have been hiding search results and providing their suggestions in line with their ideology for a while now.

There are numerous articles detailing the different results from various search engines; many will simply put this down to differences in their algorithms, but this is not the case.

Clear evidence-based research has shown the results were programmed with purpose. Facebook suspends or deletes billions of accounts every year.

Is it not fascinating that Twitter banned President Trump from their platform, but allowed communist leaders of other countries, some of which are regarded as regimes and tyrannical, to remain?

The sad reality is these platforms get to control the narrative by providing their information or that which promotes their ideology, interesting that they are more aligned to communism than democracy!

Why are these privately owned media platforms doing this? There is evidence to suggest they are private in name only. Their intimate relationship with the US Government is well documented, in essence we have a secret surveillance operation against all those plugged in to these platforms – some call it a soft or a liberal version of a police state.

Beyond this, there are paper trails indicating that the major social media platforms have their origins within the US Government itself. These trendy companies everyone wants to work for, these centres of creativity and innovation did not come about with a couple of geeks getting together in a garage or college dorm with an idea and by sheer determination and luck, came to dominate the world. They are in fact a mere front for surveillance because our modern lives are digital, online, and they want to control us.

The more corporations and our governments control the narrative and how people communicate, the more the people discover the truth. No democracy can ultimately survive censorship, for it leads to ‌a society that is dystopian and totalitarian. When a company, platform or a government censors people, this is, of itself, absolute proof that it’s a fraudulent system that has no place in society. Something that is fraudulent means that any edicts that are handed out, are not lawfully binding on a sovereign human being.

Journalists used to investigate and hunt for the truth and newspapers used to publish it for the benefit of citizens, this scenario disappeared a long time ago. Journalists of today are sadly mere mouthpieces of corporate narratives, any real journalists that remain are shut down and banished.

When a platform censors something you don’t agree with, speak out. Twitter has been forced to backtrack over many of its decisions, going further, the only real solution is to read alternative and independent media to receive a different point of view and come to your own conclusions.

The internet is the global library of the people, with your choice of search engine dictating your beliefs – your liberty starts by choosing the correct books/websites to read.

The invention of the printing press started the liberation of knowledge, the internet is an order of magnitude greater, everyone with access has their own printing press.

Citizen video journalism has transformed traditional televised media; the online written blog is disrupting newspapers, podcasts are usurping radio...the power is in our hands. The time and power to present your message to millions, billions of people has arrived.

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech” Benjamin Franklin

“Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too” – Voltaire

Speak truth loudly for it cannot be hidden or beaten, lies hide behind narratives and need explanation.

Ugo Domizioli
A35 Soldiers nobly sign up to defend their country and risk their lives so other's can live their own – there is no greater sacrifice than putting one’s life on the line, of this there is little doubt.

In a report, new recruits were questioned as to why they joined the army – the answers they gave showed that the majority joined for economic reasons first and patriotism second. Travelling the world, receiving a stable salary, steady employment, training, adventure, an early retirement package and importantly for many, leaving the place where they lived were the most important considerations.

It’s no coincidence that armed forces’ recruitment campaigns, around the world, target the poorest parts of a country. Areas where unemployment is high and future prospects virtually non-existent...who wouldn't want to leave?

Recruitment campaigns are all geared towards, serving your country while learning a new trade and travelling the world, glamour is served up in spades. This is further backed up by Hollywood with its decades old direct connection to the US Government in creating war themed movies. Movies are crafted with a narrow political narrative in line with army recruitment campaigns of patriotism, spreading democracy and glamour.

Many recruits probably believe they will never experience active service, but this entirely depends on which country they are from. The US has been in continual wars of one nature or another since becoming the World’s dominant power after World War II. In fact, in the 245 years since 1776, the US has only had 15 years without some type of war.

The reality of war compared to the glossy recruitment campaigns is however quite different for those ending up on the front line, resulting in actual combat. This particularly so for those that joined for economic reasons rather than really wanting to participate in wars.

The bond between soldiers within a squadron is known to be like no other...brothers in arms, each having the backs of others during combat.

This bond is a part of their training and instilled in them as a fundamental element for their survival, as is the mantra that they are each doing something that matters and bringing democracy and peace to the country they are fighting in.

There are without doubt, hundreds of stories of soldiers genuinely helping citizens and whole villages/towns against evil forces, however, the fact remains, that 90% of those that die in wars have always been innocent citizens.

Their training to follow orders, no matter what, resulting in the killing of millions of innocent men, women and children soon becomes the less glamorous side of war.

For many if not most, the trauma this brings is cast aside as training has taught them to do, they are heroes after all. It’s usually later, on leaving the bubble of their squadron, that the true horror of what they have done sinks in.

The close brotherly bond with other soldiers is but a distant memory, where everything was provided without a thought – now requires planning, the respect of being a soldier disappears as they become just another member of society. Trying to integrate back into society for some is too difficult with depression taking hold, then the cycle of drink and drugs kicks in, eventually leading to homelessness.

Many that serve in the armed services will say that they hate war, but loved the service – this I believe is the true story of soldiers and wars. They signed up to serve their country, then found a new family in their squadron.

However, on leaving the nightmares begin, as they wake up to the truth that the killing of innocent people by their own hands in the name of the fake democracy narrative was a lie.

If a new recruit were informed that 90% of those that die in wars, were innocent men, women and children, and that it would be their job to kill these people, how many would join? Any that continue to sign up, would clearly be complicit in future war crimes, mass murder and crimes against humanity.

As we recently passed the twenty-year anniversary of 9/11, a grim statistic from a recent report estimates that over 30,000 soldiers from the US have committed suicide since 2001. This horrific number is four times greater than those killed in combat...let that sink in.

More soldiers have died due to the horrors of war than actual combat in wars – reasons are directly linked to mental health issues from the trauma of war. There are an estimated 500,000 ex-service men and women that have officially been diagnosed with debilitating issues and symptoms making their lives a living nightmare.

The US Army on 23 May 2019 tweeted, “How has serving impacted you?”...the tweet and the mass of responses, have since been removed by the Army and backfired with thousands of are a few: Soldiers will eventually come to realise, that they are being used as pawns in fake wars, trained to kill on autopilot, with nobody in high command caring for them, as they are regarded as the least significant piece on the battlefield chessboard, a pawn.

Ever wondered why the identifying tags that soldier’s wear are known as “dog tags”? or that a soldier has to “execute their duties”?...I think it’s clear by looking closely at these specific words used, how soldiers are truly regarded by those in command.

Soldiers of today, may not know of the event of 24 December 1914. During the trench warfare of World War I, on Christmas Eve, soldiers on both sides were tucking into their limited Christmas rationed meal.

A German soldier began to sing out loudly – Stille Nacht/Silent Night. French, British and Scottish soldiers across the field in their own trenches joined in. The soldiers quickly realised they were all human and not robotic killing machines.

They rose from their respective trenches without their weapons to face their “enemy” – the brain-washing immediately disappeared. Photographs show soldiers sharing their rations of cigarettes, chocolates and alcohol, playing football and taking photos with one another. Soldiers became temporary friends...this event became known as The Christmas Truce of 1914.

I urge, implore, every soldier in the world to watch a five-minute video clip from the French film “Joyeux Noël” called “Joyeux Noël – Trève En Musique (Scène Mythique)”. Another five-minute film clip to watch is “Charlie Chaplin – Final Speech from The Great Dictator”.

The lyrics from Mariah Carey's song “Hero” – spells out everything a soldier needs: Look inside you and be strong, and you'll finally see the truth, that a hero lies in you.

Instead of being a hero for taking part, a soldier, all soldiers will be heroes for laying down their arms for the sake of truth and humanity.

A true hero lays down their arms, when their heart tells them to.

Ugo Domizioli
A36 Having access to good education is, without doubt, the number one hope and expectation of any parent for their children.

Education systems around the world are designed and structured to teach a standardised curriculum, which is never questioned by parents.

Basic subjects such as language and mathematics are core and foundational, but why do children need to learn about algebra instead of how to handle credit cards, taxation or work out the profit and loss for the selling of a product or service.

The philosophy of the schooling system that students of all ages are programmed to follow, is to get good grades, pass exams, graduate, get a job, receive promotions and eventually retire.

Everything is centred around, pleasing parents, teachers and ultimately employers. We are taught from the beginning, to be followers and employees, rather than creators and leaders.

Individuality, creative thinking or a business mindset are confined within the boundaries of the curriculum or corporation and never allowed to fully develop or flourish.

While some elements of business and entrepreneurship may form a part of some systems, it will be a tiny part, limited in scope and not encouraged.

The overall philosophy is not to create a business person, but rather an employee. Universities around the world have for a long time been run as businesses.

The sole reason for a business to exist is profit, to allow it to continue indefinitely – the interests of universities have long diverted from truly serving its students.

So why is entrepreneurship not taught? According to the author G. Edward Griffin, the purpose of education systems is not to raise the level of a student’s education, as is widely believed, but to encourage them to be passive and submissive to rules and regulations ready for an employee role.

The creation of employees that are educated enough to work under management but without the confidence to question authority or seek to rise above their class is the aim.

Education is sold to us as the surest way to success. It teaches us to follow rules, be afraid of taking risks, follow others and be perpetual employees rather than self-made entrepreneurs – we spend our lives providing someone else with true success and wealth.

Critical thinking by students at the highest levels, while seemingly encouraged, is quickly discovered to be a waste of time. The sole requirement is to get high marks in exams by working out what the lecturer wants you to write.

The illusion of free thinking is dispelled as the teacher is constantly guiding and leading you down the “correct” path. The global education system was always designed to get students to conform to hierarchy and obedience.

We need to return to our childhood years, where being an individual rather than a clone is our true self. Back then, everything was possible, and life was wonderful and joyous. Genuine education is meant to liberate, never oppress.

Instead of walking someone else’s road, build your own.

Ugo Domizioli
A37 Justice systems are generally viewed as being fair to many, if not most people by providing equal rights to all. We all are equal before the eyes of the law, is the narrative around civilised countries the world over.

The weak and poor should feel particularly protected in a modern society. However, it is most often this segment of society that are coerced to plead guilty or no contest to either a crime they did not commit, or a petty one.

Certain countries have private prisons which have mandatory occupancy rates written into their contracts, which local law enforcement are contractually obligated to fill.

It’s not an accident, but by design, that prisons are full of people committing petty crimes, for the profits of the private companies are dependent upon them.

In the US, data shows that two out of three drug arrests are with those in possession/selling one gram or less – in the main, arrests were of the small fish, not the wholesalers.

You therefore have a system consisting of private prisons, the courts, the lawyers and the police all working towards filling the prisons to enable private companies to make a profit.

During the contested 2020 US Presidential Election, the legal system was laid bare as a political rather than judicial system.

All levels, all the way up to the US Supreme Court, refused to hear evidence on technicalities as they knew that the evidence was robust and damning – they did not want the evidence entered into the legal system.

Think about that for a moment, when their legal system is threatened, they simply stop people coming through the door.

An unknown fact, separate legal systems in various countries – all Bar Associations throughout the world, (the institutions that regulate attorneys, lawyers etc.), sit below and are franchises of the UK Crown Bar Association, located in London at the Inns of Court at Crown Temple.

Another interesting piece of the puzzle, the Constitution for the United States of America, had a 13th amendment that was unearthed back in the mid-1980s.

The amendment, now long gone, essentially prohibited members of the BAR association, from participating in US Government and was in force between 1822 to 1867.

In the UK, the British Government doesn’t recognise the legally elected President of Venezuela, but instead an unelected opposition member. It also stole £820 million of gold owned by Venezuela via a High Court decision.

The banking sector for decades has committed fraud after fraud, hefty fines have been paid showing guilt but not one high level decision or policymaker have ever gone to prison.

The fines have always been a fraction of the profits created by the fraud and viewed as a cost of doing business. The investors or savers, ordinary people, are always the ones to suffer both financially and psychologically.

A two-tier legal system does indeed exist, on a low level; people with the money to hire the best barrister will walk free.

On the highest level, miss-selling scandals, corporate tax evasion have all become institutionalised with the UK being the world’s biggest enabler of corporate tax dodging amounting to more than three times the NHS budget.

All “legal” systems the world over are constructs by people in power with an agenda of self-preservation, and therefore twisted to suit their needs however they see fit. When you look at who creates and enforces the law, it’s not the masses.

Most do not know, that each court is its own limited company, what are companies created for? make a net profit. Search any online UK based company information website, those with details of limited companies, and you will be startled by what you find.

Without having to pay a fee to access detailed information, type into the search field, “police” will receive over 2,000 results. There are around 2,000 physical police stations in England and Wales. What does this mean? Well, each police station is a registered company, what is a company’s sole reason for existence? make a profit.

Type in “county courts”...194 results, which ties in almost perfectly with the official figure of 170. “Magistrates court” yields a result of 300, when there are officially around 150.

Could this be coincidence or explained easily. Yes it could, you could argue that each building needs to hire people and pay for supplies, so it is perfectly correct to do so via a limited company format. I would not argue with that.

Looking into the details of each limited company, you will most often find, that zero financial information is available. That’s odd, are not all companies legally obligated to submit and display this information? What about who the directors are? Or when it was formed?

When you begin to piece together all these pieces of the puzzle, and put them next to all the others, a different picture emerges.

Those in control have begun getting smarter by transferring assets to different companies with names that no longer include the words “police, court or magistrates”… clearly a coincidence!

The whole legal system is in fact a business and we the people are its product that must pay fines to it and fees to participate within it. We have to hire expensive lawyers, solicitors or barristers to represent us because the system is extremely complex by design and this is the only way to navigate it and stand a chance of “winning”.

This all began when we were born with our parents signing our birth certificate, that piece of paper created an artificial person in the eyes of the legal system. This is often referred to as our “straw-man”, I urge the reader to research or view the short animated video available online to have your eyes opened to the truth.

This reveals that we are all slaves to an invisible system of illegal control that we did not sign up to when we were born, with our parents unaware of what they were signing.

When we watch a theatrical performance in a theatre which has “acts” and “statues” it is no different to the legal system which is also based on fictional entities.

Our laws have acts and statutes at their core, if you are ever in a court of law for a legal matter, it is the artificial you that is being judged, not your true sovereign physical human self as the court cannot deal with a self-declared “living person”.

As soon as the court coerces you to confirm your identity verbally or by official identification, a contract is entered into, between your artificial self and the court system allowing it to do business with you.

There is only one dictionary that matters in the world, it is called “Black's Law Dictionary”. The definition of a “natural person” is “A human being, as distinguished from an artificial person created by law”.

You may have noticed that all official documents and posted letters bearing your name are always in capital letters, this lets everyone know that the person referred to is your straw-man, your artificial self.

This person can be taxed, fined, ruled against and put in prison. This all dates back to Roman times when block capitalised letters denoted the name of a slave or dead person...has anything changed?

Every official system that we have interacted with (school, college, government agencies, employment, banks, mortgage, etc.) has been via our legal names. Everything in our lives is a contract, whether verbal or in writing via our signature or more recently digitally as the legal system and courts can only deal with contracts and artificial persons.

However, there exists a lawful system that sits above the legal systems of all countries. Did you notice the subtle use of words that I used in the previous sentence?

Just because we are subject to a particular “legal” system in the country we live, it does not mean that the laws are “lawful” in other words, just, fair or have been correctly written.

We need to consider the difference between what is legal and what is lawful. Legal rights are granted by a country determining rules for its society. Lawful rights (natural human rights) are above legal rights as they deal with philosophical aspects.

The lawful system is known by various names: Common Law, Natural Law, Universal Law or Law of the Land.

We as human living beings command a higher level of real and true justice than the man made legal systems in existence.

Common Law is very straightforward – a person should not do harm to another and if so, the other party can claim recompense, that’s pretty all that is needed to be known and does not require expensive legal representation.

Natural Law means everyone has the same rights – money and status have no bearing with everyone being equal. As these rights are not created by others, but instead by nature itself, any human-made laws that serve only a small group are artificial as they are not in line with the laws of nature and therefore redundant.

Conscience, reason and common sense are the basis of Natural Law – these are used to decide if our actions are just, moral and legal. Natural Law has its origins in Ancient Greece among philosophers such as Aristotle.

We have unalienable rights as human beings, a government has zero rights above our own as governments are a human construct and therefore below us and without jurisdiction over us.

Because we are unaware of our rights, we blindly follow laws that are often unfair and unjust that shouldn’t be lawfully binding.

When the rule of law is out of alignment with natural law, don’t play.

Ugo Domizioli
A38 The simple, honest answer, is because they would most likely lose, as men’s sports is not threatened by the inclusion of transgender men. There are zero women transitioning to men lining up to compete against men in any wonder why this is?

The opposite is, however, a growing reality in women’s sports. Transgender women (male at birth), are queuing up to compete in the female sports wonder why this is?

Female athletes have simply had to accept this new normal for if questioned, could be thrown out of their sports club, sports association or lose financial sponsorship.

There is much concern and talk among themselves as this threatens their athletic careers, but at the moment there is no hope as there is nothing they can do, every time their opinions are voiced, they get told to shut up.

The Japanese Olympics accepted a transgender male into the female weightlifting event. This was possible as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) changed its rules to allow them to compete against real women.

In other high-level competitive events where objections have been submitted, arguing that gender is gender, these have all been rejected. Clearly the instructions are coming down from the highest levels, and this is a politically motivated global agenda.

Women’s sport has historically been discriminated against, but no one is to question this current gender discrimination, for it’s not politically correct and yet affects 50% of the world’s population.

Interestingly, the current wave of counter culture doesn’t include the “erasing of women” which this transgender sports movement is clearly doing. There are some estimates that the gay population in the world amounts to less than 2%. Of these, only a fraction identify as gender fluid. Why are a fraction of the world’s population negatively impacting 50% of women?

Should biological women be giving up their years of effort, training and sacrifice to help transgender women take away their chance of a medal? Clearly, this isn’t fair and could eventually lead to the demise of female sports. What incentive does a woman have to train and compete if a transgender woman is more likely to win the medals?

The deeper subject of gender re-assignment is clearly a complex one. Understanding the mental and physical struggles of someone that is transitioning is hard to comprehend. Their journey using hormone blockers is clearly a dangerous one. In the US alone, between 2014–2019 there were over 40,764 adverse reactions documented, including 6,370 deaths.

Despite taking hormone reduction drugs to reduce testosterone levels to 10 nmol/L, this number is still normal for adult males – however, more than three times higher than the normal range for adult females of 3 nmol/L.

Men have greater lean mass and strength over women of between 20–100% and numerous studies have shown that transgender women, only decline by about 5% after twelve months of taking testosterone reduction drugs. There is little doubt that just using testosterone as a barometer does not work.

Transgender women tend to have larger physical frames which in some sports are an advantage, together with being stronger, more agile and faster. Some may point out that the 2020 Olympic archery event doesn’t give a transgender woman any advantage, but this is incorrect.

Stronger and longer arms mean the archer can pull back further with more strength, this means the arrow travels faster and is less likely to be affected by the wind, which means greater accuracy.

Sports have always been designed around fairness, using drug testing, weight classes or Paralympic categories to place athletes into equal categories. Barring trans people from participation in sports is not the answer.

However, having a combined “Alternative & Paralympics” could be the key, where like compete with like on more equal terms.

Surely this is the solution that I as an outsider can see, why are officials from the highest sports institutions not advocating this? The answer is clear, this solution does not serve their narrative and agenda.

To speak out against 8-year-old children receiving gender re-assignment drugs or against transgenderism in any form is social suicide, even for the parent of the child.

The world is being turned upside down when a parent must protect their children from alcohol and cigarettes but a child that cannot fully understand the implications of transitioning, is allowed by law in some countries to go against their parent’s advice. This is no coincidence.

In a book banned by Amazon, Scott Howard brings to light the corrupt institutions and wealthy financiers that have created and imposed this inorganic transgender movement on the West and beyond.

His book “The Transgender-Industrial Complex” shows that it is far from a “grass-roots movement” the narrative would have you believe.

While to support the freedom of choice for how an adult chooses to identify is absolutely correct. The narrative, to persuade everyone that there is no difference between the sex you are born with versus the choice an individual makes, is clearly another matter.

Female athletes have only one option in my opinion. The only way to get rid of this farcical situation, is to boycott all events where a transgender male is competing. The short-term pain of missing a major athletic event is the only way to secure the future of female sports.

The inclusion of transgender athletes has devalued and made a mockery of the principles of fair play – the only reply is to abandon the arena, leave it empty, the show will not be able to go on, the emperor will be the only one watching.

When you discover the rules of the game are unfair, stop playing.

Ugo Domizioli
A39 During the Roman Empire, emperors learned that to keep the masses happy was one of the keys to longevity and remaining in power. Keeping the populace entertained, but more importantly, occupied with games achieved a multitude of goals.

The Roman games, the first televised Olympic Games in 1936 Berlin and professional sports of today, are nothing more than events of mass control. Using subtle methods such as the playing of national anthems and the waving of flags, to create a hypnotic spell, making the people feel that they are free, in reality these mechanisms reinforce the entire system of rules of obedience and control. The subliminal message in sports is that those that do not obey and conform are against the rules, the norm, governance and by implication, society and the government.

Players cannot express their true views or face fines, suspension and ultimately, dismissal.

24/7 televised sports, sitcoms, reality shows and drama series are the modern-day version of The Roman Arena. While we participate in watching, we are kept pacified and distracted from the real issues, ignoring politicians (the new emperors) and their decisions.

The system used by magicians to divert your attention during a magic trick, is called distraction, diverting your attention is the key to completing the illusion.

If the masses ever realise, using their “real eyes” the extent of the tyranny, they will see that the “Emperor really has no clothes”.

Distraction is the oldest sport in town, switch off, to turn your mind on.

Ugo Domizioli
A40 The Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR) is going to affect a huge swathe of people globally, just as the previous three. The first harnessed the power of coal to turn water into steam to mechanise production. The second used electricity in factories to advance mass production. The third is still with us today and based around computing and digitisation to automate mass production.

The fourth will have high-speed mobile internet (5G), artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), automation/robotics and cloud based data analysis as its backbone.

Superficially, this doesn’t seem too different, more of an advancement than a fundamental shift. This has been sold to the world, wrapped up in cuddly words and narratives such as green, sustainable, ecological, social and inclusive.

You may not have heard of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, but are probably more aware of the narratives: “The Great Reset” and “Build Back Better”. These all stem from an organisation known as the World Economic Forum (WEF). It has partnered with most of the largest global corporations and nations to implement its future vision of how to shape the world in the fields of quantum computing, biological robotics and nanotechnology.

Every industrial revolution has produced huge change with technological advancements, increases in production and standards of living together with major shifts in employment options.

It is forecast that globally by 2030, robots could replace up to 800 million people across various industries. While most believe their own job is safe and could never be completed by a robot, think again. A report looked at over 700 different jobs, it concluded that up to 47% could be automated by some kind of robot or machine.

The more obvious jobs looking to be automated and eliminated are the repetitive and monotonous ones: machine operators, photographic processing, fast-food preparation & delivery, data entry and agricultural roles.

The less obvious ones include: insurance underwriters, telemarketers, engravers and referees. Surprisingly construction, cleaning, driving, sales and customer servicing were also in the report.

The safest jobs include: installers, repairers, social workers, writers, therapists, nutritionists, choreographers, counsellors, engineers and IT specialists. Many office jobs using computers will transition to remote working which is already a reality for many. The way we work and live will change dramatically especially for the majority of children, that will be in jobs that do not exist today.

While our jobs represent a big part of our daily lives, The Fourth Industrial Revolution has bigger ambitions in mind. A cashless society using digital money such as cryptocurrencies and mobile payments, laboratory grown food, modified seeds, online schooling, online doctors and electric cars and transportation.

While some of these fields can be regarded as simply progression, it is their implementation that is the key, greater control by our governments is the underlying theme.

To see what this will look like, head over to China. Their social credit score system is being introduced across the country. This ties your adherence to good social behaviour, to you being able to lead a basic life and to function.

Cross the road when you shouldn’t, a surveillance video camera knows who you are, and you will receive an instant fine via your smartphone.

If your score drops below a certain level, your access to using buses, trains and airplanes are cancelled. Talk to residents in China on camera, they will explain it’s a good system as people behave.

Off camera, they clearly see this overbearing control of every aspect of their lives is socialism/communism 2.0. Disagree with political policies and tell others; you will not be able to buy food, pay your rent/mortgage or travel to work. The start of a similar system is the new Covid Passport determining where you can shop, eat, drink or go.

There is a “Black Mirror” episode called “Nosedive” which shows what life will be like. A further aspect of “The Great Reset” states “You will own nothing, and you will be happy”. Property ownership is a fundamental tenet of a democracy; the intention is to take this away.

Most will therefore rent rather than own, look closely at that statement. Someone will have to own property in order for it to be rented out. Eventually, that will not be the vast majority of citizens, but as always, the elite class, the ultra rich.

Individual liberty will slowly be taken away as Western countries move away from capitalism towards socialism/communism. Digital surveillance, money, vaccination passports all converge towards a mass control system.

The 800 million losing their jobs will be dependent on their government providing a universal basic income. This will be enough for basic living needs, but dependent on individuals complying with the “New Normal”. The narrative can be seen everywhere: the media, company websites and governments, this is not an organic movement as previous industrial revolutions, but a coordinated one, history tells us which segment of society benefits and which suffers.

Civilisations evolve, the key to survival is to anticipate the flow.

Ugo Domizioli
A41 There is just one race, the human race, the narrative that between 3–5 different races exist is a pseudoscientific (fake settled science) and political construct. The use of Black, White, Asian, and Latino are social terms not based on science at all. They are a part of national census surveys in most countries and other official data gathering situations, in one sense we are required to fit in by belonging to a particular group.

The origin of this racial classification date back to colonial Europe. The major European nations began to invade foreign sovereign nations and needed to establish control.

Portugal, Spain, Holland and then Britain all shared the same conquering ideologies that the indigenous population were not fit or able to self-govern or progress their societies without the colonising nation’s expertise.

The invading nation deemed themselves to be the superior race because of their technology, but also more importantly, because of an ideology of simply believing in being better and having entitlement, leading them to the right to control others.

Racial classification created an artificial hierarchical system with an easy path to the creation of laws to favour the ruling classes. This self-proclaimed superiority was defined by politicising science, leading to the slave trade in the 1700s with Africans becoming property.

The education system has only ever “educated” its students with their official version of history of advancing foreign lands, bringing civilisation and democracy – however, a growing number of people are getting to know the truth.

The current trend in diversity and multi-cultural education has led to racial groups having their own dormitories, associations and clubs making students obsessed with race, polarising and reinforcing division, rather than bringing people together.

Is it not the role of government to bring people together rather than separate us?

Science today acknowledges that every single one of us is in fact of African origin. We all evolved and originated from Africa approximately 60,000 years ago, as migration began to Europe and beyond.

We all share 99.99% of the same genes, externally are essentially the same, with similar hopes and dreams for a successful and bright future, with freedom and health being universal.

This is why we will default towards unity rather than the artificially created narratives of division created by those in power as a way to make us fight among ourselves while they continue to rule.

We are all human, that’s all we need to identify with.

Ugo Domizioli
A42 Across most western societies we consider ourselves to be free – free to vote, free to speak, free to travel, free to shop, freedom over our time, freedom to choose a religion and free to choose a career path among other freedoms. There is always a segment of society that seeks further freedom – but from what?

True freedom from all the already mentioned freedoms. The truth is that our freedoms, when looked at more deeply, are somewhat of an illusion.

If you are fortunate to earn a middle-class or higher tax income, you work for your government for around 180 days of the year, that’s right, half of your year, half of your days are taken by the government via taxation – this is the price we are willing to pay for freedom. Our days a long time ago used to be timeless, they became scheduled with the advent of the 5-day work week during the industrial revolution and nothing has changed since then.

A week consists of 168 hours, once we conservatively subtract our sleeping, working and commuting hours, we are left with around 68 hours to call our own.

With these remaining hours we must go shopping for groceries, cook, clean our homes and deal with bureaucracy among other things – how free are we?

An estimated 40 million people around the world are modern-day slaves – 1 in 4 are children. Modern slavery takes the form of exploiting others, usually by paying minuscule wages – the making of cheap clothing, crop pickers, factory workers and au-pairs are among the many fitting the description.

I believe that many, if not most of us, are in fact modern-day slaves. I do not mean to downplay or disrespect the horrors of past slavery by using the word slave, but feel the importance to point out some similarities.

The abolition of slavery merely changed its form, to a prison without walls, with paper chains, where prisoners would not dream of escaping for they do not know they are imprisoned.

When we look at the definition of slavery, it means being owned by someone (we are owned by our employers), being deprived of certain rights (most of our time isn’t ours), being dependent labour (we are not our own boss), no liberty (our free time and holidays are limited), serving one master (see how far frequently changing jobs gets you) and being property of another (our homes belong to the bank). If there is any doubt of our slavery, we only need to look to debt.

Peonage/debt slavery/debt servitude was where a slave would pay off a loan taken out by working for their master – sounds not too dissimilar to our present system of credit cards, car loans and home mortgages – our master is no longer a person, but an institution, a bank.

To see past our invisible prison walls, to cast off our paper chain shackles, we need to be honest with ourselves – we are enslaved to debt, seeking our next dopamine high from our next purchase.

All modern societies have been coerced into inescapable debt, not only its people but governments too. As we want more, debt for most people is the only way to get it now.

When we think about what we are doing, we see that we have to work long hours to earn more money for things we do not need.

A reduction and eventual elimination in buying “trophy” material items can have profound effects. You will be happy with what you already have, you will begin to save money which you can invest for future growth, you may be able to work less and most importantly, your stress levels will come down which means your health will improve.

Having more money only works to a certain level, as your standard of living in reality does not change as much as people believe.

Having too much also has its problems for some, as they become fearful of losing it and believing that the money they do have is not enough.

True freedom comes from not relying on the external world – material items, career, status, travel or even a partner; freedom has nothing to do with what is on the outside, but everything to do with what is on the inside.

How we view everything that happens to us on a daily basis is vital to true freedom, especially negative events. Everyone goes through education, career, marriage, parenthood, illness and death; how we view the positive and negative aspects of the journey is a choice, not a given.

As I researched this question, I came across this sentence from someone communicating with a prisoner through letters: “I learned that true freedom is in the mind”.

True freedom is freedom of thought, no matter what is going on outside, no matter where you are, nobody can take that away from you. If you allow your mind to get infected, you have no one to blame but yourself, it’s your mind, take responsibility.

True freedom exists today in whatever circumstances you find yourself in and not in the past or future, it’s within you today.

Expectations are the handcuffs of freedom, rid yourself from these shackles and live freely today.

Ugo Domizioli

A43 Whether we like it or not, work takes up a major part of our lives. When meeting new people, we define ourselves by our job titles – for many, if not most, work is the primary aspect of their lives.

The vast majority work because there is no choice; working to pay for their home, food and heat – the bills simply eat up salaries. Some bring their work home, working late into the night, while others use weekends to catch up or get ahead.

A greater number of people are constantly connected, logging in to corporate networks, making calls or checking emails.

As technology has advanced, the lives of people are merging, with their personal and work time becoming one. We may believe life has become efficient, but who really benefits from this disruption to our personal and family time...your family or your employer?

Our work-life balance have become out of whack, as too much of our time and thoughts are devoted to our jobs. Those fortunate to only work a 40-hour work week do not often allocate much time to get really immersed into creative projects.

To find time to be creative, can be a challenge, but in reality, it's just a change of mindset. Just as we find the time to watch television, listen to music, exercise or clean the house, we can find the time for our artistic and creative endeavours.

To use our imagination to create something, be it a drawing, painting, photograph, sculpture, poem or writing a book, is inherently a huge part of what makes us human. Whatever you create is not important, it doesn’t have to follow anyone else’s rules or constraints, all you need is an idea that needs to be fed enthusiasm.

You will often find that your original idea will start to make connections between unrelated things or other ideas you have had in the past and take you in new, unexpected directions.

To grow artistically or to continue to exist are polar opposites. Surviving is the reality for most, but it’s not why we are here...creating and thriving is the key, for it gives life purpose.

The beauty is that anyone can be an artist simply by letting go of expectations and not worrying what others think of your art.

Remember, all creativity in and of itself is vital to staying well and healthy. We are all capable of creative expression...begin.

The creative person will always find the time to enhance themselves and humanity.

Ugo Domizioli
A44 Many, if not most popular music songs (pop), are about the emotions around love, relationships, break-ups and loving someone else. Romantic films and religious texts are also along the same lines, holding someone else or a deity in higher regard and esteem to oneself.

Research, studies, newspapers, the media and the internet in general, all release articles telling us that relationships are necessary to leading a happy life.

The theme is very clear, we need someone else to make us happy and to not take responsibility for our own happiness. It’s no wonder that we tend to base our happiness on others, as this narrative is everywhere.

One could argue that this is a coincidence or just companies profiteering by tapping in to our emotions during venerable times.

There is no doubt of the comfort we derive from music during tough emotional times, especially when dealing with an unknown future – music helps to remind us, that we are not alone on the roller coaster of love.

The narrative is very clear, happiness and love happen to us, rather than because of us, or more importantly within us.

True happiness does, in fact, come from within. To be truly happy, we must first love ourselves, honestly, authentically, accepting all our flaws in a non-narcissistic fashion.

Happiness and love have to come from within first, as only you can find your own happiness.

When we place the burden of our happiness on others, we are embarking on a journey with no destination, for when they are unhappy, so are we.

We then blame the other person, rather than taking responsibility ourselves. Expecting someone else to take away our problems by providing eternal fulfilment is a fallacy, for our original feelings of dissatisfaction will still linger.

We should never place a huge amount of energy onto somebody else; we should, instead, save that energy for ourselves.

Seek your own happiness; we do not need anyone else, if or when someone comes along, treat that as the universe providing you with additional options along your journey and not a requirement for happiness.

Future relationships become stronger when we stop looking for someone else to meet our needs, with our partners no longer feeling responsible for our happiness.

When I rely on another for happiness, I wave the white flag of surrender to true inner contentment.

Ugo Domizioli
A45 Since childhood we are taught that competition is good for us, to help us develop and grow. School sports are our first introduction, where winning a place on the podium and receiving a medal makes us feel special. Competing keeps everyone healthy and is usually fun, but ultimately, it is a “zero-sum” game. For me to win, someone else must lose, usually there is only one winner, everyone else failed.

Society is skewed to compare ourselves to others via advertising and peer pressure...the grass is always greener, with others seemingly having better lives than our own. This is making us feel others are “better” than us while automatically making us feel like “failures”. Looking more deeply, we find that the underlying cause is fear. Fear of not winning the gold medal, getting the top exam grades, a place at the top university and ultimately the top job.

Once we have it, employers are clever to perpetuate competition among employees, keeping everyone on their toes – competing for promotions, a salary increase or the fear of losing their job. This fiercely competitive environment teaches employees to only think about themselves and their career advancement within the company. The education system is designed to create employees, with fear used in a subtle way as its main mode of compliance.

Science is used to prove that we are not connected, however, new science tells us the opposite, that we are all one and connected. When you realise this truth, you inherently wouldn’t harm another, instead you would help. Helping others, ultimately helps ourselves.

Modern, progressive corporations are adopting a more teams based approach in the workplace. Shared values, collaboration and teamwork are encouraged with new systems. Companies have learned that competition eventually turns toxic and cannot last and will damage the workplace for without trust between one another everything falls apart.

Competition in sport is commendable, in life, less so.

Ugo Domizioli
A46 Happiness comes from being successful, success leads to owning a bigger house, bigger car and taking bigger holidays – or so the story goes and is what we have been led to believe and aim for. These are the messages we are exposed to and programmed to take in by the media and peer pressure – the accumulation of more.

The dopamine hit we receive from buying material goods in particular is temporary, as we get used to owning and using the items with the passing of time.

This is called hedonic adaptation, as the novelty of something new eventually wears off, no matter what it is.

To a lesser extent, holidays and long-term travel, eventually, also fade, as that amazing beach, island, waterfall, temple or mountain become the norm.

As we continue, we eventually come to realise, that collecting experiences and memories is more fulfilling than accumulating gadgets, as external items can never bring lasting happiness, however experiences also eventually fail to fulfil us.

More, in reality, eventually equals unhappiness, the constant chase for more, means never arriving, as whatever form of entertainment undertaken, eventually ends. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t live with beautiful things and enjoy them.

It means we shouldn’t place too much attachment and happiness onto them and not live to keep accumulating the next “hit”, we need to be more satisfied with what we have today.

To keep our minds distracted and our feelings silenced, there is seldom a shortage of items we can consume and buy. Stop trying to keep up with the “Joneses”, instead go inside and listen to your heart and intuition.

Research has surprisingly shown that whether you are a market trader or a millionaire, your real happiness levels are not worlds apart.

Only 10% of our happiness is determined by our occupation and salary. 40% comes from our attitude towards life which we can control with the remainder of happiness coming from the family we are born into, which again is out of our control. Upon waking every day, remind yourself how fortunate you are with your lot, whatever your lot may be. Like any skill, it takes repetition before it becomes part of your almost subconscious daily routine.

Remind yourself how others do not even have their day-to-day needs met, of food, water and shelter, this places into perspective that “more” is not really that important. The key is to get out of the habit and mindset of “I will be happy when I have ???”

Think of all the moments that brought you true joy and happiness – being with family & friends, reading a book, listening to music, etc., you never tried to be happy, it just happened, it wasn’t planned, true happiness is not aimed for, never a destination, it is simply organic.

During our final years, it will be the emotions we attach to our memories of connecting and helping others that will really matter, unhappy people will always be searching for happiness.

Happiness in the wrong areas is but a masquerade to truly living.

Ugo Domizioli
A47 As a child having fun, being creative with whatever we had to hand was our only aim. We seem to have lost this habit of making things as adults; we make excuses with time often mentioned.

We are so, so busy working and surviving that there is simply no time left. I would suggest that we have the time to create by removing less productive activities from our lives, such as watching television or social media – the time exists, we have the time, the problem is how we allocate it.

How some were raised will also affect their propensity to create. If your parents encouraged being playful with experimentation, you will more likely be the same in adulthood. On the other hand, parents that discouraged the asking of questions or doing things differently, will likely result in a closed attitude. In this case, the effort to create will be greater in order to overcome these blockages.

These barriers in our minds, when we think we cannot do anything, lead us exactly there. Everything will be seen as a huge hurdle and too big a problem to overcome.

Change your mind, change your reality; we all know that breaking down a big problem or hurdle is best accomplished by taking small steps.

Another excuse will be the lack of skills in your craft of choice. Certain activities such as learning to play the piano, violin or carpentry will indeed take years to perfect – if your passion is genuine, as with many things in life, you will make the necessary sacrifices.

We are fortunate to be living in an era of online learning platforms with unprecedented access to free or low cost training by professionals never before available, allocate your time in pursuit of your craft, and you will be rewarded.

Probably, the biggest barrier will be fear, usually a multitude of fears. Fear of looking stupid in front of family & friends, fear of rejection, fear of failure or the fear of even getting started.

To foster creativity, you should begin firstly by forgetting about the end result. Worrying about how your creation will be received by others is destructive – create for you and you alone, this simple change in your mindset will set you free. This does not mean that you shouldn’t learn and improve your craft to the best of your abilities and benchmark against the leaders in the field, just detach yourself from judgement.

Being pragmatic, you will most likely create so, so art to begin with, this doesn’t matter when you don’t care, just as when you cook a new recipe, it often takes time to perfect. Think of your early moments of creativity as experiments and training, rather than looking upon them as failures.

When you start, you will find the hours passing by so quickly as you will be in the zone and have a flow to your creativity, a sense of losing yourself with the written word, oils on a canvas or notes to a melody.

Whichever avenue chosen, the result will be a piece of you, unique. Ultimately, to create, we must get past any and all excuses by holding ourselves responsible for the future with unwavering passion, dedication and hard work.

We encourage our children to try, experiment and learn, then pick themselves up and try again when they fall. Why not start by using that same encouragement upon yourself.

You and only you, are stopping creation.

Ugo Domizioli
A48 Parents have a huge responsibility towards their children across multiple facets – however, their primary goal, is to keep them safe from harm. Protection from physical harm is a given, but also to shelter them from information they either do not need or are too young to receive.

Parents would naturally want their children to live in a world of truth, however there are dark areas of life which are deemed best ignored. For the vast majority of parents, the choice has already been made – lies are preferred as the lesser evil.

Firstly, small “white” lies are used, such as the existence of Santa. Later the lies get bigger, as they are easier and quicker to use instead of long complicated explanations – lying becomes the norm and acceptable under many circumstances.

While we might like to think we are honest, statistically speaking we are all liars. Research has shown that on average, we lie at least one to two times every day.

Do you recall the last fake compliment given, telling others you are busy or telling children to finish all their food as it doesn’t grow on trees. These words, roll off the tongue, far too easily and are now commonplace as they have become a habit. Once the lying habit is formed, it’s hard to go back.

As the years pass, the path to using lies to manipulate people on purpose, may not be too far away. We rationalise their use with various narratives to not look too deeply into why this has become automatic.

The consequence is that as we lie, so do our children. These small lies on the surface seem harmless in order to deal with difficult moments today, however, longer term detrimental effects are real.

As children grow up, they become aware of the manipulative lies parents tell them while at the same time being proponents of “honesty being the best policy”. Children are a reflection of ourselves, so our attitude towards all aspects of life, become theirs. How we treat others, how we parent, our attitudes towards work and money will be theirs too, until they are old enough to question.

To raise well-adjusted children, it is necessary to demonstrate honest behaviour, even during difficult moments. The truth is not an easy path, on occasion truth will in the short term destroy rather than inspire.

It will however set the parent free, as less energy is used to tell the truth than manufacture a lie. Firstly, it’s necessary to look inward and be honest with ourselves as without this first crucial step, we cannot be honest with others.

If your children see you seeking the truth and asking the difficult questions, whatever the truth may be, they are more likely to question themselves, which is a most valuable life lesson.

Conversely, if you turn a blind eye, choose not to know the truth or uncomfortable information, choose not to ask the difficult question because you may be afraid of the answer – this is also a life lesson that will have its own consequences in how they will behave as adults.

When we lie, we are in fact saying to ourselves, convincing ourselves, that we are sparing the other person’s feelings – the reality is that lying is always self-serving.

Instead of telling your children small lies, how about liberating yourself and your children by telling the truth, it will not be easy, but worthwhile in the long-term.

Walking down the path of truth, is not the easy one, but the right one.

Ugo Domizioli
A49 It dawned on me, how much stuff I had prior to my current long-term travels. I went through every room in my home four times, to sift through all of my belongings, deciding what to keep, and what would go. I would be paying storage charges on everything that remained – most items I had to admit were not worth keeping.

Furthermore, I realised, I was somewhat of a hoarder; it wasn’t easy, disposing of my life. Strangely, just a few days later I felt liberated.

My life, since I started backpacking around the world, has been a minimalist one with just one 8kg/17.6lb backpack. I occasionally wonder through shops, simply due to habit, however I never buy anything that I do not need to replace as I simply don’t have the space. In fact, my only purchase in the past year has been a pair of rechargeable hair clippers, so I can do my own haircuts which have already paid for themselves!

To determine our path towards consumerism and materialism, we need to see how capitalism works. Capitalism can only exist and function because of more. The constant, never ending process of buying products and spending money on things we do not necessarily need in the first place.

Our societies would actually collapse without our spending; this is also the reason why products do not last as long as they used to, as they are designed with a limited shelf life with built-in obsolescence to keep corporate profits rolling in.

We aspire to more, everything around us is geared towards buying – shopping malls, advertisements, magazines, television, radio, internet – everywhere we look the message is to buy more. Importantly, we want more, despite usually having more than enough, but why?

Manufacturers and retailers have perfected their marketing campaigns to convince us that our lives will be better when we buy what they are selling. Adverts directly or subliminally tell us we have become “dissatisfied” with what we have and need to “upgrade”.

They understand how our brains work with the dopamine high we get just by thinking about buying something new, let alone actually buying the item. The happiness we get through a purchase is, however, a temporary one, as we form the habit of buying more and get stuck inside the loop of continued materialism. Without knowing it, it seeps into our subconscious and becomes the norm.

Whenever we feel down, lonely or unhappy, we are triggered to buy stuff to solve or hide our problems. The problems are never solved as they never got addressed, just masked over by our temporary high.

This is why buying stuff doesn’t make us happy, as the products we buy become ordinary a little while after purchase, however our problems remain. Ask yourself, if buying more really makes you happy, why do you have to keep buying more to be happy? Research shows that we are not happier despite our increasing wealth and ability to buy more. We are in fact less happy, more selfish, with greater levels of depression.

Constant materialism has to be paid for by working longer hours, meaning an increase in stress levels. This then becomes the transition between buying what we need compared to what we want, and where the things we buy, begin to own us.

Our possessions own us as they become extensions of ourselves and are “needed” to show others and ourselves our importance and elevated status in society.

A perfect illustration of more are children on their birthdays or Christmas Day. They rip open one present, swiftly moving onto the next one, with just a quick glance given to each one.

This is the beginning of teaching children the dopamine hit of more and never feeling they ever have enough. We all know why we do this, usually because our own childhood was poorer, and we don’t wish that for our kids.

It’s only when we can honestly live without certain items that we then become an owner, rather than being owned by our possessions. We no longer have to worry that we may lose everything one day because we have learned to detach our true selves from objects.

To break the buying cycle, we need to identify why – “why do I want this item” and what – “what is making me want this item”.

You will see that most of the time, your purchases will not be because the item is needed, but because you want it because of some insecurities. Look inside to see what’s missing, happiness is an inner state and cannot be bought. The more simple one’s life, the more you can own it.

By handing over my happiness to an object, when it breaks, so do I.

Ugo Domizioli
A50 Nobody intends to get addicted to anything, no matter what it is, the vast majority live life with some semblance of balance.

However, even those not addicted to the big three (tobacco, alcohol and drugs) are drawn heavily towards other additive tendencies.

We are all pretty much overeating as supply is copious and relatively cheap – not only do we eat three meals per day, it’s now the new normal to eat snacks between meals.

The coffee you have to pick up from that trendy independent coffee shop on your way to work...these are also addictions.

Those fortunate to have an excess supply of money after paying monthly bills, go shopping for items they do not need, but must have. So the loop continues, day after day.

Those somewhat aware of their excesses, will discuss change with friends and even make promises, nothing ever really changes, but now they are stressed, as they know they need to change, but cannot manage to do so. Our addictions cover a much larger spectrum of activities than we want to honestly look at.

The topic is huge, and to try to cover all reasons across all addictions is beyond the scope of the question. So why are we addicted, is it to do with our genes or our environment?

Research shows it’s our environment. Go back in time to the black & white film era; glamorous actors smoked all the time in different scenes throughout a film – the adverts while watching the film were for cigarettes, again depicting glamour, heck there were even doctors promoting cigarettes.

Smoking was promoted as the normal thing to do – today the cigarettes are gone, having been replaced with drinking alcohol. Every film, television sitcom, late-night chat show and so on has normalised alcohol.

Wine used to be a treat while at a restaurant, now it’s normal during many week day meals at home. The after-work drink culture has been huge for decades to de-stress, but also as a way to get to know fellow work colleagues and become part of the crowd.

In many office situations, the company itself promotes and often pays for various events encouraging team building. When something is free, it’s all too easy to over do it, this is the beginning of addiction, for many. It may not lead to dependency addiction, but it will lead to greater consumption.

Our body tries to balance our overconsumption, but over time we need more to get the same effects as we build tolerance. We are all addicted to overconsumption, availability and price have all been crafted to make it as easy as possible.

Those ridiculously cheap doughnuts predominately displayed at your supermarket as you walk by, the chocolates around the check-out area, the 2-for-1 offers, the points’ accumulation systems, air-miles, happy-hours, buffet restaurants, discount vouchers – these and many more are all designed to make you form a habit which leads directly to feeling good, and we all want to feel good.

Dopamine is partly to blame as our bodies create it when it experiences pleasure such as passing exams, getting into university, winning in sport, pursuing a partner and falling in love.

It’s less well known that dopamine plays a role in our memories and how we learn, this is how addiction occurs as habits begin to create connections in our brains, hardwiring our need for either the experience (shopping) or substance (alcohol). These habits are shown to form much more easily in the 18–30 age group, where the wanting and searching are strongest as rewards are received for looking, which completes the loop.

Dopamine doesn’t just flood our bodies when we receive pleasure, we get a high on the journey to finding it, this means that wanting an item becomes more important than having the item.

Ever wondered why the sound or sight of that notification of an email or message on your smartphone is exciting, this is why, the high we receive from the notification becomes more important than the message.

Wonder why you endlessly scroll your social media stream, internet page or porn site...because the anticipation of what may come has greater pull than what you are currently viewing. This is addiction and why our dopamine levels rise when we are uncertain of an outcome compared to knowing it.

An example is playing noughts and crosses, once you know a few of the basic moves to always win or guarantee a stalemate, we become bored as the excitement of winning fades, so we stop playing.

Everywhere we look, society is geared towards buying, spending and the pursuit of more with social comparison at the highest it has ever been due to social media. The problem is, we never arrive – whatever we have, is never enough.

One solution is to firstly at least recognise we have an addiction to lesser recognised/acknowledged experiences such as over-exercising, coffee or shopping (or whatever it may be) and begin to reduce and dial-down our usage.

Such a simple solution is however difficult to implement, as problems are never so straight forward. In the UK during the 1980s, there was a “just say no” to drugs campaign, it worked for most but not the most venerable.

Saying “yes” to other, equally stimulating experiences but less addictive in nature, is one avenue, a new passion/hobby, participating in sports or on a deeper level, helping those less fortunate than yourself could help in finding a purpose.

Taking ourselves out of, and avoiding venerable situations is another method – stop meeting friends in a bar, stop stocking your kitchen cabinets with temptations, stop going out to buy snacks at work. By reducing our exposure to scenarios that trigger an automatic response, we may begin to heal.

A rehabilitation process for those needing a more structured approach seems to work for more serious addictions. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are a long-standing organisation with seemingly positive results.

Some say that swapping alcohol addiction for a possible addiction to its twelve-step program, religion and community is a better situation. Its detractors would say that abstinence is fear based, and living in fear can never be a positive situation, as it’s always lurking in the background.

While taking responsibility for our actions, is an important aspect of life, after reading various reports of people within AA, I was frankly shocked by their methodology. Its 12-step programme, is designed to attach all blame on the alcoholic person, including being raped and molested.

Those going to AA are seeking a place of compassion, not an institution where asking questions about the programme are discouraged or even punished by humiliation, exclusion and instilling fear from leaving.

Those choosing to leave, mention that the addiction to alcohol was simply replaced by a new addiction to AA, fortunately there are groups supporting those choosing to leave.

Some would describe this type of institution as a cult, as it meets a few of the criteria...look out for these cult like behaviours: If you think you are too smart to ever get involved in a cult, think again. There is a very well known cult that has 33 levels of hierarchy. At the beginning it comes across as a networking club where businesspeople and others get together to enhance their standing in society, opportunities open up, success ensues...who wouldn't want to be a part of this group.

Whistleblowers, spending decades within it, describe that new information/knowledge and privileges open up only near the top of the pyramid. After you have devoted decades to a club where a large part of your social circle and standing is ingrained in whom you have become, it becomes extremely difficult to leave.

Part of the price you pay is to show your devotion by undertaking pledges or tasks to test you and your resolve. Near the top, these tasks are against your true sense of what is right and wrong. This is the trap, everything is amazing for years, decades even, but then the true nature of what the institution is really about become clear.

I personally temporarily succumbed to one myself. A friend of a friend suggested I attend an open meeting one Saturday in London.

The room was full of around 150-200 people from all walks of life. I took a seat and the lady in charge started bringing on members that told amazing stories of travelling and helping those less fortunate.

It was very inspiring, after a pause the top lady came over to all those that were new, to spend a little time answering questions. I remember it all being a little overwhelming, it was great, but something didn’t feel right.

I clearly remember asking the lady if this was a cult, I cannot remember her answer, but it was enough to put my mind to rest.

The meeting continued, then the lady asked newcomers to come up to the front if they had something to say. I was the first to put my hand up, I couldn't believe it, I was about to talk to 200 strangers with not a clear thought of what I was about to say.

I just spoke what was on my mind, saying I was inspired by the stories but also had reservations that this was a cult. I remember the look on the face of the lady that was standing next to me at the front.

I quickly went on to say that my fear was put to rest, I could see the relief of everyone, especially the friend that invited me.

After the meeting ended, I handed over my debit card to sign up to a £180 course, it happened almost automatically without much thought.

I got home and something didn’t feel right, so I looked up the organisation on the internet. I found a few videos of two large meetings, one was in France.

The meetings were the same format, but something happened. The person in charge, on the large stage, began to viciously put down one person in the crowd that asked a question.

Clearly an organisation that does this has no space in my life, I called my bank to cancel my card to stop the transaction. This is how easily I succumbed, and I regard myself as street careful out there.

Looking into why we get addicted, a study of heroin users showed they were not using because they were hooked, but because they lacked a sense of being, social inclusion and connection with others.

It also showed that using heroin for pleasure was not the main motivator, for when addiction is extreme like heroin abuse, there is a lot more pain than pleasure.

Internet usage is another form of addiction, a heavy user can easily burn through 15 hours per day, a medium user 5–15 hours with low usage standing around the 3-hour mark.

Clearly not all internet surfing is equal, researching for exams compared to online gaming are at opposite ends of the spectrum – checking messages and social media compulsively is somewhat in the middle.

Being aware of the hours we spend on junk activities is the key. The word “spend” demonstrating we are paying a price by ignoring other important life activities such as healthy eating, sleeping and relationships – there is always a price to pay when we are out of balance.

When we repeat actions over and over again, something deeper is the culprit, blaming our body’s dopamine reaction is the cheap way out. Stopping the addictive behaviour doesn’t automatically fix the cause of our addiction; the cravings can still linger, causing other problems.

To truly solve the addiction, we have to go back in time, usually to our childhood years. There is a reason we are eating too much or drinking too much, with the issue sometimes being some sort of childhood trauma.

Neglect, physical abuse, malnutrition, poverty...there are a multitude of reasons a person carries mental scars into adulthood – addiction is a tool to temporarily mask the pain.

For whatever reasons, an addict does not feel comfortable with themselves and seeks a non-judgemental piece of time and space, trying to fill a void from the past that is present in their lives today.

The void is usually connected with self-esteem issues, which is why some seek to fill the void by dating or marrying above themselves. Bagging a successful, attractive or confident partner raises their self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.

The problem is that all these qualities can never truly come from the outside; they can only come from within, for when the outside disappears, so do they.

Clearly some addictions are more harmful than others, newer schools of thought, look to owning our addictions rather than getting rid of them as they are a part of who we are.

This sounds crazy, but we know living in fear by not ever letting alcohol touch our lips is surely not a real solution. A glass of red wine with a steak should not cause terror, instead joy in simply having one glass.

A change in attitude from fear towards controlled usage may be the key to gaining strength and moving away from the weakness of fear.

Any negative attitude towards anything, simply feeds it energy to live and grow, hindering our ability to function freely as we are meant to do.

Abstinence, avoiding and depriving ourselves of any behaviour usually ends in feeding the beast as we crave it more – the addiction becomes stronger, not weaker.

Dealing with addiction with a non-judgmental attitude is the key, give yourself a break, some bad things happened a long time ago that were not your fault, why are you still decades later paying the price for someone else’s actions?

Begin to love all of you, flaws and all, real or imagined, for they make up the unique you. We should get to know our addictions, invite them around for a chat, get to know them as you would a new friend, this positive, pro-active attitude changes your relationship to them which ultimately takes away their control over you.

By looking to living with them in a less destructive manner and controlling them, rather than letting addictions control us, may be the way forward.

Addiction isn’t necessarily a bad thing, without it, many important creations, such as songs, books, paintings, sculptures, buildings and breakthroughs would never have advanced humanity, control has always been the key.

Ugo Domizioli

A51 Beliefs became part of us primarily by the influence of our parents, as they were the closest to us during our formative childhood years. As a child’s circle expands – neighbours, teachers and school friends start to feed and influence who we are and what we believe. Next, society steers children with expectations on their behaviour with the erection of its invisible social boundaries.

However much we believe that the beliefs we hold are our own, in reality they are anything but. Science tells us that during the first seven years of our lives, children are simply sponges as their minds absorb information and behaviours from those around them.

This is why some adults can have some pretty wild beliefs, it’s simply a matter of their programming from an early age.

Beliefs are rarely questioned, for they are fundamental to how we identify ourselves, how we look at others and the world. To question our beliefs means questioning ourselves on a deep level by analysing who we have become and why.

If we were to delve deeply and ask ourselves when and where did we pick up certain beliefs, and did we do so without questioning their premise, we would probably find it quite hard to come up with those answers.

Beliefs unconsciously affect almost every aspect of our lives, many keep us safe, but many hold us back, as much of what we regard as fact, invariably turns out to be fiction.

We tend to only allow in new information that is in alignment to existing beliefs, and go as far as ignoring confirmed evidence that proves one or many of our beliefs to be untrue or false.

The reason for this is firstly self-preservation, as our ego is too frail to be wrong among our peers. Secondly, our ego wants to be right all the time as this gives us the power of control.

This can also present itself negatively – believing we are not capable of certain achievements, for example public speaking, making us look for reasons and excuses as to why we can’t do it. In reality, two people faced with this scenario, can have opposite views – one as a shrinking violet, the other as an empowered orator.

Our subconscious mind saves all information it receives without filtering it, whether useful or not. In order for aspects of our lives to become automatic and easy, repetition is required, for example, when we first learned to swim, it was hard but eventually became easy. At that point, the subconscious mind has stored the data required to swim permanently – this is no different to any other information stored.

This “belief tape” that is playing in our subconscious minds, can, however, be overwritten, with a new story. Habits, whether positive or negative are hard to break, the first step is to notice them as they are automatic and go under our radar.

When you catch yourself during one of your automated responses to any given situation, such as a “road rage” incident, you can change the outcome as you became conscious of it by firstly identifying it.

In time, with new authentic beliefs, we can change our future lives because we are not born with preset beliefs, they are all learned and a choice.

By changing our thoughts, we can change our beliefs, which leads to a change in our behaviours. Being open rather than rigid with our beliefs sets us free from the past to become teachable again with unlimited possibilities rather than boundaries.

By looking closely at our beliefs, in time, we can identify those which have held us back and begin to question everything.

Instead of waiting for the world outside us to change, we create the change within ourselves and liberate decades of programming and often self-limiting beliefs that have been holding us back.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

A belief that many hold, is that this quote was from Gandhi, it was not. Someone created it from a more complex paragraph of his words...belief shattered, clearly this was an easy one but shows what can be achieved.

For some, changing beliefs can be instant, for others it takes time. You can start today by deciding to take back control of your belief system to see the truth, instead of what is convenient and discover how many of your beliefs are, in fact, make-believe.

Change what’s recorded on your belief tape, change your future.

Ugo Domizioli
A52 Fear is without doubt a hugely powerful emotion, for it keeps us safe. We are naturally wired to protect ourselves from harm, whether real or imagined.

Fear is our body’s natural survival mechanism, it could be argued to be more powerful than love, as we can technically live without love, but not running away from a tiger will likely be fatal.

When in a conversation with others, we may experience criticism, this is our ego being threatened. Most will react from a place of fear and attack back, again the basic instinct of self-preservation. Emotionally, fear of rejection is a big one for most...our personal fear list is almost infinite.

During the 2019–21 Plannedemic, fear reached unparalleled levels due to the actions of governments worldwide. This in the eyes of most was an imagined fear and not a statistically real one, as the latest data has since proven.

As the truth eventually reveals itself, it will become known as the first truly global mass hysteria event ever fabricated and one of the biggest crimes against humanity ever committed.

This fear Plannedemic was an illusion created by those in power and presented to us in a way that we have been programmed to respond to.

On a more day-to-day level, all advertisements are fundamentally based on fear, selling us almost every product and service.

Fear can also be a motivator to get things done, but ultimately fear is not a sustainable motivator for when we focus on fear, our life tends to mirror our inner reality and turn out negatively, inhibiting creativity and progression.

To live our lives with our guard constantly raised, in a self-defence stance, we end up looking for the next fight, in every interaction we have with others. How would your outlook on life be if you somehow removed all your fears?

When we really look closely, fear and love are the only two emotions that exist, all others are branches from the same tree. Both, depending on the context, can result in positive or negative actions and outcomes.

From a scientific perspective, neither is more powerful than the other as our world and reality are in balance: dark vs. light, positive vs. negative, male vs. female and yin vs. yang, etc.

From a spiritual, non-religious perspective, nothing is more powerful than love, for it stems from our heart energy field.

We begin our journey into life conceived by love; we are born from love, with love; this is what we start with. Love comes naturally from our hearts, while fear from our minds with our thoughts giving fear its power, in reality, fear does not exist for fear is what we learn from others.

Love not only transcends death, conquers vast distances, overcomes hate, stops violence...again, the list, just like fear, is endless. The difference is its positive attitude to life, rather than a negative one.

Nearly every moment in our lives offers us the choice to choose to frame it around fear or love. You have the power to choose the happier route. Stop trying to win every discussion or argument, this is your ego wanting to be “right” all the time.

Take responsibility for when you are wrong and stop blaming others – otherwise you are admitting you have zero power and control over your life.

In relationships, forget the fear of being hurt, focus instead simply on loving your partner. The more you begin to live your life with love, rather than an imagined fear, fear dies.

Fear cannot live in the presence of love, for that which is loved cannot be feared. Start with you, choose to love yourself, know who you are, choose who you are or want to be and then become it. Show yourself kindness, self-care, gentleness and speak truth to your mind. With self-love, we are content and calm, with fear there can only be anxiety and fatigue.

Fear can only take you so far, love will carry you all the way and beyond.

Ugo Domizioli
A53 Success in society has long been measured by what we achieve materially and socially, with our standing within our community an important part of our lives. Research shows that all mammals are heavily influenced by their social environment. This is directly wired inside our brains and triggers the same highs as alcohol or gambling.

Social media has evolved to skew our reality, showing us the best parts of the lives of others, but less so the mundane. We receive the same highs when family and friends give us likes, thumbs up and comments to our posts, further enhancing our social approval and standing.

Social media takes us away from our true selves by distracting us just like a magician – while our attention is placed towards one event, we ignore that we are slowly disconnecting from ourselves.

It’s difficult to stop, as the more we use it, the more we depend upon it, as neural connections in our brains develop and become permanent, just like drugs.

As we compare our lives to our peers, we cannot help ourselves by examining the lives of the rich and famous too, this takes us even further away from reality. When we are by ourselves, the need to fill a void with social media is too easy and too tempting as we want and need our next dopamine hit.

Looking towards our inner-self is the key – first we need to identify, then acknowledge, that we may be less connected to ourselves than we may believe. We can see this by the recurring emptiness we feel, this is our true self, nudging us to understand that we have disconnected from ourselves.

Putting less emphasis on the external, such as our appearance, job, social status, material assets and so on is the key. The level of importance we place on these facets, tends to be far too great, leading us to forget who we truly are.

Parents are also often unknowingly guilty of using their children to provide fulfilment to their own lives. Their seemingly selfless devotion to new experiences for their children, making them the centre of attention, is however often hiding a lack of attention to themselves. A better approach might be for children to see their parents as fulfilled in their own right.

Life doesn’t have to resemble a ground-hog day, where we go to sleep and get up the next day and start all over again. Scheduling alone time and being comfortable in quietness, stillness without the television, internet or your smartphone taking up any of your thoughts is a beginning.

Looking at starting solo activities such as walking in nature, gardening, reading, listening to music, woodworking, cycling, jogging and so on. Anything that helps bring calm into our lives is the key, as connecting to ourselves will lead to a more meaningful life.

We so often get wrapped up in our own bubble failing to look others in the eye or connect in any way, however, as inner peace through connecting with ourselves grows, this is reflected externally in our connections with others.

You will comfortably make time to slow down your interactions with those crossing your life. The staff at the train station while going to work, the barista when buying your coffee, the security guard at your office building. Reaching out in a small way, by smiling or saying good morning, may eventually lead to a future chat or conversation.

Internal happiness brings confidence, which leads to trust and the strength to make decisions without regret, as our instincts take centre stage – the answers we seek to any big question are always within us.

We were coerced to feed our outer world, leaving little left for the inner.

Ugo Domizioli
A54 Happiness is not a destination, not something to pursue or aim for in the future – it doesn’t happen to us once we achieve certain goals or milestones.

We are obviously happy, when we pass exams, buy certain things or start a new job – but often, it’s fleeting happiness and short-lived. Happiness is with you every single day, in how you choose to view your life as it unfolds.

There will be positive and negative times; everyone has them, however the happiest people look at “bad” events as learning experiences. On occasion, others are clearly to blame for something unfortunate that has happened to you.

However, using the blame game, even in this scenario, can become a dangerous habit as you are handing over responsibility for your life to others. This robs you of the impetus to improve things, as it’s “not your fault” – it’s easier to blame someone else or come up with an excuse as to why something occurred.

You are now a victim – waiting for someone to solve your problem. Being a victim will only help in making you feel justified and “right”, it will never help you to grow.

It’s much healthier to take 100% responsibility in any given situation, as this is the only way to control your future direction and make a change. Only you are responsible for how you choose to look at events and your attitude towards them – once you take this step, you begin to grow.

Long-term happiness can be found in relationships, however, if you are placing your happiness into someone else’s hands, this huge responsibility and burden upon them will likely fall apart at some point.

Tying your self-worth to how much another person loves you is never a good idea, for when they go through their dark periods, so will you.

Looking back in time also doesn’t help, as it can be addictive, living your life around memories only gives them control over your present – let them go, create new ones.

Here are a few pointers to obtaining happiness: Long-term happiness pointers:

When I stop letting the outside deliver happiness, my internal happiness mechanism takes over.

Ugo Domizioli
A55 Remember the little boy or girl that we once were, when we simply went out to play without worrying about others, this is our true self. In our teenage years we began to worry what others thought of us and so began the never-ending path to conform to what society nudged us to be.

Our thoughts and, ultimately, our actions began to focus on “what is wrong with me” and how to fix our perceived flaws. We shifted from a primarily internal, positive and happy outlook from our childhood years, to a negative external one, searching outside for solutions and validation. This began by looking towards friends to make us feel good, then seeking that same validation from a partner. This feeling of “not being worthy or enough” was amplified by advertisements from manufacturers feeding our fears.

Our heightened fears lead us to buy products and services to “fix” our imaginary problems. The purchases are, often times, temporary fake “fixes” giving us a dopamine high of being proactive in addressing our “issues”.

However, nothing is ever fixed, just dulled down with whatever feeling was purchased, buying a feeling does not fix any underlying problem.

We have forgotten as the Psychologist, Marisa Peer states, that “we are enough”. No outside validation from anything or anyone is required – we are worthy and do not need anyone else’s approval, attention or love.

When we add up the years spent searching to find our true love, the one, our soul mate, we realise through our “real eyes”, that the one we were really searching for, was with us the whole time, inside ourselves.

Every essence that really matters is inside, not outside our bodies. Unconditional love for ourselves means being truthful and giving gratitude for all that we have today, not tomorrow, and to stop expelling huge amounts of time and energy on others.

By embracing our true self, we develop a deep understanding of whom we truly are and return to a place of inner friendship, security and compassion – this then radiates outwards to the people around us.

Giving away the power we have within ourselves, is letting someone else control who we are; true power and growth come from connecting within, never outside.

My best friend and partner has been inside the whole time...hello.

Ugo Domizioli
A56 The author, Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839 is attributed with the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword”, both are indeed powerful – does the sword or the pen win?

As with any object, a sword can be used for good or evil – protection, self-defence or attack. To keep things simple we will go with attack as this is probably the intension inferred. It was the spear that came first for hunting during Jurassic times – moving forwards, the sword became the weapon of choice, able to inflict serious damage and death.

Swords have killed thousands, but the sword is metaphorical, applying to all weapons which have killed millions, hundreds of millions.

The first atom bomb over Japan demonstrated to the world the might of a single sword with power and authority at its core. Nuclear missiles of today would wipe out entire megacities killing tens of millions.

An argument could be made that the sword or war was used to unify a country such as China, indeed progress, and eventually, huge strides were made. The sword is indeed mighty, however, on the whole, it can only ever be a weapon of mass extinction.

The sword, has indeed the power to kill millions, but the process begins with a discussion of options (intellect) and the signing of a document with a pen.

On a governmental level, the sword cannot be swung without the say so from the pen, keystroke or spoken command in the modern era. The words written in a document to begin the two World Wars, the Iraq War and countless others, is where the ultimate power lies.

This is why it is believed by most, that a tiny pen is indeed mightier as it has the power to destroy, but also to create.

The pen is again metaphorical in that it represents knowledge, ideas, communication, debate and reason. Education, books and now the internet, have the power to solve problems and progress humanity and therefore influence billions of people, in fact the whole planet.

As the saying goes, If we live by the sword, we die by the sword; we can survive a cut from a sword, however, it’s the pen and words created that advances humanity.

The sword expires, the pen inspires.

Ugo Domizioli
A57 Why do many feel something is missing, despite leading a “successful” life, this is the question more people are asking? Those that reach inside will discover that no amount of external positives, whether it be a huge house, multiple cars, career, experience or another person can ever fill an internal void.

Discovering that what we have, is often not enough, occurs to people of all ages, including those in their 50s, 60s and beyond, as they struggle to find their true purpose – age nor wealth is a barrier to this nagging feeling.

We are so busy working just to survive, there is little time left to think about the meaning of life and why we are here. One powerful question to ask, “if you had all the money you would ever need, would you be doing what you are currently doing” – the answer may lead you towards the direction of how you want to live your life going forwards.

Finding our true purpose is the key, without it, we feel lost and unhappy due to not having a clear sense of direction. When we wake up in the morning enthusiastic about the day ahead, we are likely to be living a life with purpose.

However, there is a danger; we may have a very noble cause such as helping the poor or creating a new invention to help humanity. But, if our life becomes consumed by a particular passion and gets too far out of balance, where the price we pay is foregoing the love of family and friends or taking holidays and so on, then maybe this wasn’t really our true purpose.

When someone has a purpose, they radiate enthusiasm, not pessimism, there are no obstacles, as everything is a journey paved with learning experiences – life flows easier for those on purpose.

Those not having discovered their purpose, go through life with a victim mentality, blaming others and life in general for all their problems – they are not in alignment with their life purpose and therefore their lives are an uphill struggle with everything being difficult.

Finding/discovering our life purpose is not a matter of searching the world for what it might be, it’s not necessary to visit a library, university or scour the internet. It’s much closer to home; it’s within us all.

Start by not listening to your logical mind, for your mind is the one overwhelming reason you are where you are today, instead, listen to your intuition, your heart instead.

Why is this the key?, because your subconscious is what will guide you, not logic and overthinking by your analytical mind. You will find your subconscious will give you the same thoughts over and over again, nudging you in a certain direction, making you feel something new, a change.

A method to supercharge the process would involve asking yourself a few simple questions. What do I love to do? What’s really important to me? What makes me smile? How can I help others? What inspires me?

All of these are very likely to elicit change in how you view yourself, others and life, it will likely make you feel uncomfortable...this is the beginning of change, for this is your first hurdle.

Change is never easy, but necessary for our growth. We know that the only constant in life is change, don’t fight it, embrace it.

To find our purpose is part of our life journey, we are all unique and therefore bring something new to everything we touch, it will likely not have anything to do with your job or career. On finding your purpose, your enthusiasm and energy will take you through the tough parts.

We need to learn firstly to listen to our gut feelings, our inner-self, trusting our intuition. This will reveal your purpose, however the more you stress on its discovery, the less likely it will appear, as our life purpose has its own time frame.

When it eventually reveals itself, you will feel an excitement like never before, random ideas will connect to each other forming a clearer direction for your future.

Your heart will align with the mind; things will become easier, with coincidences happening to you that somehow magically align with your purpose. Planning will likely destroy your journey, as this is your mind trying to control the future. Instead, trust that things will work out, probably not how you initially imagine or perfectly to your imagined time frame.

Bringing it all together, the answer to why we are here boils down to one true create. For most this means a family, for many a life, for some a legacy and for a few, greatness by helping the many...that’s it; simple isn’t it.

While some creation is easy, the bigger aim of helping the many is more challenging. We can however start small, by helping the few, and move on from there.

Many will believe there is no purpose or meaning to life, it just is, and will live their lives accordingly. Others will live the life expected of them without pushing any boundaries. The few, the pioneers, will embrace life, believing there is something more going on, something bigger.

This may be a belief in a deity from the major religions of Christianity (God), Islam (Allah), Hinduism (Shiva) or Buddhism (Buddha). Or as others believe, a Universal Field or Source Consciousness which pervades everything, everywhere. We may use different names or ways to describe whatever it is, what cannot be denied is that it’s a source of comfort for billions.

Everything we create and experience, not only benefits ourselves through learning and growth, but also the Universal Field/Source Consciousness through its continual growth and evolution as we are directly connected to it.

We have established that creation is our main purpose, eventually we come to the subject of death, and what happens to us once we die?

When our physical bodies can no longer function, our essence or our soul goes back to source or the Universal Field.

The soul never dies in the way we think of death, as it never lived in the first place, only the body dies. We are not our bodies, we have always been so much more. We never die.

We were given life to create, begin.

Ugo Domizioli
A58 Ancient cultures the world over, believed that everything in existence, rocks, trees, animals, humans, etc., are made up of energy – nothing is solid even though our five senses believe so.

We know we can only hear certain sounds, while animals have a larger frequency range. Our eyes are the same, there is far more that we cannot see, than what we can see as only 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum is observable by us. Is it so hard to believe, that there is more to this universe than we can perceive.

The Chinese refer to this invisible energy field as “Qi” with it being a part of and running throughout everything.

New science, known as quantum physics, is only now beginning to understand and quantify this energy field and what it means. Many peer reviewed experiments, but in particular the quantum double slit experiment, have demonstrated how our thoughts change reality.

Consciousness (our thoughts) and the Universal Energy Field (everything in existence) are connected, it therefore stands to reason, that we can affect change.

When we think about it, everything we do, apart from many automatic processes such as walking, breathing, etc., begin with a thought. Without a thought, nothing gets started or put in motion.

A thought is an electrical impulse just like the Universal Energy Field, we are the same, energy. The atoms making up our bodies, in fact everything, when looked at closely, are not solid at all, but spinning fields of energy.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world” – Gautama Buddha

Old science tells us everything is solid and is the way that it is. New science shows us that we create our own reality, beginning with our thoughts. This change in how we create rather than passively view reality has profound implications.

Another ancient Buddha puts it this way: what you think, you become, what you feel, you attract, what you imagine, you create.

If we then create our reality, is it any wonder that when we are angry, bitter, depressed, fearful or even violent? – we attract those same negative emotions back, as though they are a mirror image of us. That is exactly what they are, a mirror.

The Universal Field works by helping you achieve what you concentrate upon, negative thoughts, equal negative results. Fortunately, the opposite is also true, putting out positive thoughts which create actions, tend to attract the same back.

Does this mean we can simply wish to be rich and famous? Not quite. While it’s not known how the process works, we should start with the premise to help others without expectation of reward, this positive energy is the fabric of life itself.

On a more practical level, most people have very erratic thoughts and wants, wondering all over the place, the universe works more precisely. Professional athletes are razor sharp with what they want, because of this they tend to get the results they seek.

To create a different life, we have to be the same. We need to be very precise and clear with our desires by living our present life as though the change we want has already occurred.

It’s not enough to wish, you need to visualise, but more importantly feel the full spectrum of emotions linked to your desires – what it’s actually like to be experiencing every aspect of what you want. A further vital part is to truly believe it, if you don’t, then your desires will not manifest.

You will not simply receive your desires on a plate, instead the universe will present you with opportunities that will either directly aid or steer you towards your desire. However, if your mind is closed to receiving these nudges, then you will never feel inclined to take action.

Stop defining what you can achieve by your past...remember what Confucius said: “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right”.

We are all much more powerful than we have been led to believe, our direct connection with the Field, gives us an unbelievable sense of comfort that we have everything we need inside ourselves to pursue our passions.

Our lives have always been under our control, but no one ever told us.

Ugo Domizioli
A59 I was careful to use the words “nearly everything” as not “everything” can be a lie, as we would then have a paradox.

My journey to creating the “” website began a long time ago, like a slow cooking dish, it took time to fully come together as did the idea to turn the website into a book which came from fellow backpackers.

It all started with being made redundant from my job in finance in 2011, with my severance money I decided to take six months off, I figured after eighteen years in the industry it was time for a break.

My days were mainly spent chilling out at home browsing the internet, looking for my future direction, little did I know my life would change forever.

While surfing the internet with no particular direction, which was the point, I came across a website link indicating that the story surrounding 9/11 was false. I have covered my journey down this rabbit hole in a previous answer about truth.

The eventual outcome, was that my views on the subjects of economics, politics, science and religion completely changed; I was 46 years old at the time of starting this journey.

Sifting through countless websites was an interesting and often amusing journey, as there is a lot of garbage out there. As time passed the realisation that much/most of what I believed, my opinions, my beliefs, had been shaped by others in positions of trust: the government, scientists, medical system, education system, media and religious leaders...“experts”.

Over time, certain truths began to take hold, a pattern began to form, showing connections between often disparate pieces of information. When we look very closely into any subject in order to master it, we lose sight from above of the bigger picture, in the financial and economic world this is known as a macro view – a high-level viewpoint seeing everything to see trends but more importantly connections.

Growing up, we have learned of the many lies in our society – the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny.

These are white lies, as a parent joins their children into the world of make-believe, but a lie, nevertheless. What message does this teach our children, on a simple level, that white lies are OK?

On a deeper level, it gets children used to lying, while a very real sadness descends on them with the truth that Santa was fake. They are then introduced to Barbie & Ken, Princesses & Princes, Castles & Palaces creating subliminal expectations which stay into adulthood forming their wants and needs.

What happens when we understand that: That we have as a society consented to forever wars, and more recently, that since March 2019 half of planet earth, four billion people, have been under the biggest spell ever cast, the biggest lie ever told, the biggest crime against humanity – The Plannedemic and subsequent Scamdemic.

It would be devastating to find out a partner was unfaithful, or a friend caught in a serious lie, but what happens when nearly everything you believe in, turns out to be a lie. Your life changes forever.

When told a lie from a source I trust, do I believe this is the first time they have lied to me, or do I wonder if it has happened before.

We know instinctively that one lie is often the tip of an iceberg. You cannot go back to living the lie or in my case, the lies; there is no way back, you have become “red pilled” a phrase from the film “The Matrix” where the reality and truth of life becomes exposed.

Beliefs are central to our lives; we trust them, are guided by them and defend them with all our strength, as our beliefs, are us.

Hearing information contrary to them, we panic, it blows our minds and more often than not, we cast the new information aside. As a society, we value facts more than fiction – what are the reasons most people prefer not knowing the truth?

As time passes the next generation casts it aside to, before you know it, the cycle of questioning disappears and whatever illusion was put in place remains for your children and grandchildren to inherit.

The only way to have true freedom today and for future generations is to pay the price today, earn respect by standing for the truth, for at some point you will not be able to afford it.

How one might deal with this situation will vary between people; my personal journey was pretty undramatic, yes I was shocked, in disbelief and in denial, but eventually realised, without being flippant “it is what it is”, there is both good and bad in the world, fortunately good people outnumber the bad.

I didn’t have any solution as to how I was going to fix everything or how to navigate this new world of truth, there wasn’t a book to read, I just absorbed the information.

It would be over six years later, that the idea for my questions’ website took hold as my small way of possibly helping others.

Change gives us the chance to grow or shrink...your choice.

Ugo Domizioli
A60 Most of us use the same words over and over again without realising it, around 2,000 words out of a potential 400,000. For many, their day-to-day use will hover around the 200–300 range.

When we understand the true value of words, in that the ones we use have the power to transform our lives, maybe it’s time to look more closely at the ones we use. When you think about it, the choice of words we use in any given situation, pretty much determines how we reference what happened and importantly, how we feel about it.

Our immediate thoughts around any given event that require us to speak, create our words, which directly create our emotions.

If you were to tell your child it’s “disgusting” they lick their knife while eating, compared to it’s better not to do so – you can see, this is a better use of words with a more positive outcome for all.

One word that I constantly hear while travelling has been “amazing”. When you spend a few days with someone that uses it to describe everything they have done such as the food at a certain place, a certain beach, a monument, etc. – either everything truly was amazing or you begin to feel it’s just a word they use to impress others.

On a more serious note, during a conversation with a friend or family member, if you believed they were telling you a lie, but called it fiction instead, it’s clear to see the softer impact of the second choice.

When we encounter “problems” on our life journey, which we all do, swapping the word to “goal” completely changes how we go about dealing with it. A problem is something serious and difficult to fix, often with large obstacles; a goal, however, changes the mindset to one of solutions with smaller steps needed to solve it. Climbing a mountain, after all, is achieved one step at a time, writing my website and book, one word at a time.

Consider the words a new university graduate may use to describe their situation of being “unemployed” for six months compared to “looking” for a job. Being unemployed carries so many loaded negative connotations such as hopelessness, guilt, poverty, apprehension, blame and jealousy among others.

Looking for a job is, however, proactive, energetic and hopeful – the changing of the thoughts changes the words, which change the attitude, which changes the actions, more than likely changing the results. Going from being a victim to a controller of a situation is clearly preferred and more empowering.

Our emotions are biochemical responses to events, whether outside ourselves like the examples above, or internally with our thoughts and the constant internal dialogue we have with ourselves. The words we use have a huge impact on our lives, but the vast majority of people are simply not aware.

By eliminating certain words from our vocabulary and swapping them with more empowering ones, we unleash tremendous power, as words create both positive and negative energy. We can choose to either lift our spirits or trample them, create or break and move forwards rather than backwards, the choice is yours. Becoming more mindful of the words circulating inside our heads is the start.

I came across a video of Marisa Peer who is a famous British psychologist and hypnotherapist a while back, something she said struck me.

When people go to a psychologist, the method they use to “fix” your issue is to essentially to get you to talk about it. In Hollywood, it’s well known for patients to brag about how many years they have been in therapy – often the longer, the better, with some achieving ten years and beyond!

Marisa explained that when a pipe bursts in your home, you call a plumber to fix the leak immediately, not talk about it.

This caught my attention, after some research I concluded that the field of psychiatry while offering some benefits is simply a money making machine making patients come back for more sessions.

Her latest therapeutic remedy is to fix the issues people have within just one or sometimes two sessions at most. Over her thirty plus years of experience in helping celebrities and heads of state, Marisa came to the conclusion that many if not most people suffer from feeling they are not good enough.

She launched her “I am enough” campaign using these words to empower those with low self-esteem – she clearly believes in the power of words to change legacy thinking, to change the future.

Think about how tough a time we give ourselves over past events which may or may not have been under our control. Did anything change, probably not? Instead, why not try casting those thoughts aside or even turning them around into a positive...what have you got to lose, kicking yourself in the nuts, hasn’t worked!

Another person whose research I have looked into is a guy named Joe Dispenza – he used his mind to heal himself of a broken vertebra. He says that “conscious thoughts repeated often enough, become unconscious thinking” and “where you place your attention, is where you place your energy”. His research shows that our minds have more power than we have been led to believe and can change our reality.

Another scientist working in this field is Bruce Lipton whose work on the power of the mind is simple to understand and put into effect.

Instead of thinking and saying “I will try to lose weight” why not swap it to “I will lose weight”. Try swapping “I don’t know how to cook” with “I will learn how to cook”.

By swapping, “try” with “will” or “can’t” with “can”, you will gain back control and not be a victim. It’s never too late to change our words, no matter what age we may be, change your words = change your reality = change your future.

We know the power of words; it’s just that we have forgotten: “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” or “I have a dream”

Words are so much more powerful than we can ever imagine, use responsibly to create, not destroy.

Ugo Domizioli
A61 As children, we were carefree, we played all the time without much in the way of control in our lives. During my own childhood, playing in the streets and wondering around the neighbourhood from the tender age of seven were just what everyone did.

As cities have become more violent, children these days have a much shorter leash. As we grow up, we realise that our parents, family and teachers were always very much in control. Being used to this control, it naturally transfers into our adulthood as we seek to continue control in all aspects of our lives.

Some choose to bring people into their lives, in particular a partner, that is a “parent-like” figure to provide the control or authority that they believe will bring stability to their lives. When we look at our daily activities, we see that everything happens with order, control and this gives us a sense of reassurance as nothing out of our routine is likely to occur.

This all goes back to our built-in sense of fear and using it to remain safe. Being able to control ourselves and our environment means that today and the future are predictable. However, this predictability of our future, limits possibilities – those things that happen to us by surprise like finding your calling in life or falling in love.

Some take things too far and become control freaks – these are often those that had difficult childhoods and seek the stability they lacked. By controlling their environment as adults, they get to the place they should have been as a child, as other children experienced in stable households.

This want to control, will show up as someone that is a heavy planner with lists and schedules for everything. They will be a perfectionist, leading to them often doing everything themselves as they cannot trust others to achieve their standards. This will often lead to an arrogant attitude that only they know what’s best. These high standards lead to high expectations, leading to anxiety and stress as they aim to control everything that touches them.

Clearly this is out of balance; we cannot control everything, believing we can only lead to upsetting those in your life, as nobody wants to be controlled. A study among national lottery participants showed they believed that choosing the numbers themselves gave them more control and probability of winning than if the numbers were automatically chosen for them, in fact this is total nonsense.

Letting go of expectations, means letting go of control, this leads to real freedom because wanting to control things means we are coming from the place of fear, this is an exhausting way to lead one’s life.

The only thing we can control is ourselves – how we view events unfolding before us is more important than the event itself. We all go through the hardships of life – failures, break-ups, violence, illness and the death of others. The feelings and emotions we attach to a difficult event are natural, the hoarding and re-living of the emotions continuously, are not – that is your choice.

Seeking control of things external to yourself actually results in whatever you are trying to control, controlling you, as those things decide how you feel. The power of expectation is the invisible leash that only leads to a limited fake form of freedom, when you reach its maximum length, you reach your maximum capabilities.

Controlling the external means, we are internally frail, we are not happy usually with things that have happened to us in the past and therefore hope to either fix or hide those thoughts and feelings by having order in the world outside ourselves. By finding the root cause of the need to control, which is always an inward looking path; inner peace will be achieved, which translates to reducing or losing the need to control the external.

Control is but the temporary direction we steer our ship, our destination, known by the universe.

Ugo Domizioli

A62 The way in which the whole climate discussion has been named fascinated me as I watched it change over the years. After some research, it became very clear that the whole green agenda had been hijacked by the political class.

For most in the green movement, this is a great step forward in that worldwide governments are finally taking the subject seriously and starting to implement policies to reduce our carbon footprint and save the world. End of discussion, our pollution problems are being solved by the biggest brains on the planet, let’s move on.

However, this subject is more complicated than people care to honestly look into. What started as the “global warming” narrative, proved years later to be a problem for its promoters as the planet has been proven to be cooling for over 17 years, we are in fact in the first stages of a mini ice-age.

This is why our winters have become harsher and longer, with snow appearing at times of the year when it normally would not, and in countries that have not seen snow for decades.

The narrative then changed to “climate change”, this version made me laugh, are these world renowned scientists really putting their names next to this, it turns out they were.

This second rebrand has also been a disaster, as the climate has been changing for over four billion years. During the Eocene period, 50 million years ago, CO2 levels were up to four times higher than present time.

Approximately 7,500 years ago the Sahara desert had swathes of lakes and an abundance of trees as temperatures on earth were 5°C warmer than today, this translated to sea levels that were several meters higher. The whole premise of the climate change hysteria is to reduce earth’s temperature by 0.5°C...we can see how fake this narrative is.

We are now on the third rebrand to...“climate emergency”, all the “A” Listers have come onboard to sell us this latest version while they fly around in their private jets while we pay a “carbon tax” for every flight ticket purchased.

The political narrative that CO2 emissions by humans are the cause, has one big problem; CO2 levels have been higher before humans existed on earth.

That industry, trains, airplanes and our cars are causing this is a lie. When you conduct research for yourself rather than listening to their fake science, you will discover it’s all a scam.

The charts and graphs they use to prove their narratives are carefully crafted to only show certain date periods, with every chart used having different date ranges. When you find the original versions, you will see the charts stretch back much further in time.

Upon analysis, you will discover that across all metrics: CO2 levels, sea levels, temperature levels, the amount of the ice at the north and south poles or at the top of mountains, there is always “climate change”, our planet has always been going through warm and cool periods.

This is normal as our planet goes through different planetary cycles, it always has been. We never get to hear that in 2018 alone, there were over 500 scientific papers disputing that human CO2 emissions have any effect on the climate.

Or the American Geophysical Union (AGU) report claiming that human CO2 emissions could match those of the “Paleocene Thermal Maximum” period 56 million years ago...but isn’t that a little before humans existed...oh dear the whole human CO2 narrative falls apart yet again.

This all started in 2006 with Al Gore's presentation, “An Inconvenient Truth/Lie” and a new billion-dollar industry was born trading carbon credits.

His net worth has shot up over 50 times with investments in these new “green” companies. Pollution has continued, that’s right, nothing has actually changed, but the price of products and services have risen for everyone.

Companies instead of reducing their emissions are simply paying to buy these carbon credits, giving them instant green credentials for their marketing campaigns and website. Profit is the real reason behind the climate agenda, with a new global trillion dollar industry in the making, owned by the very same people promoting the climate narrative, while guilt is used as one narrative to convince and tax citizens.

While the green movement is noble in cause, it suffers from basic problems in mathematics. Global energy demand is rising fast as billions of people need to charge their smartphones and yet green solutions cannot meet demand, the numbers are not even close.

Fuel efficiency has always been the goal, this means more energy from less fuel, meaning higher densities. Fossil fuels have the highest densities: natural gas 53.1MJ/kg, petrol 45.8MJ/kg, coal 30.2MJ/kg.

Electric cars with their Lithium batteries stand at 0.504MJ/kg...91 times less...think about that for a moment.

Fossil and nuclear power are the only two current technologies available to meet the world’s constantly growing consumption levels. The fact that older generations used far less resources compared to current generations often goes conveniently unreported – we walked to school, didn’t have air conditioning, electrical gadgets, cars etc.

A recent independent report, looking into a biomass power plant in the UK, was shown to be emitting more CO2 than coal plants. This “carbon neutral & green” power plant puts out more carbon than the dirtiest coal plants in all of Europe.

Yes, as humans we have devastated the planet on many levels, but our CO2 emissions are negligible. In fact, CO2 has been proven to cool, never warm anything and is even used in some vehicle air conditioning units.

Current elevated CO2 levels have recently been shown via satellites to have re-forested a huge swathe of the planet, with some estimates putting the area as the size of France.

One of the biggest facts never mentioned is that CO2 makes up only 0.035 of one percent of the earth's you honestly still believe that this tiny fraction has any effect?

So why are we spending trillions?

The reason as always, is that money is going to businesses owned by the ultra-wealthy that will make an astronomical profit...another scam and fraud against ordinary people by those in charge.

Ponder this last fact: in 1991, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted, and more greenhouse gases went into the atmosphere than all our years on earth as humans.

The sun ultimately decides if I live or die, my flatulence has nothing to do with it.

Ugo Domizioli
A63 Science is built around a consensus model to agree a thesis around a subject. ‌Independent testing, verification and peer review eventually lead to it being called “settled science”.

However, this does not mean something is a fact or even scientific truth. Institutionalised science is often attached to corporate and political interests, from where it receives research grants or billionaire “donations” – therefore losing any claim to objectivity.

This is how science has been hijacked. Political and economic corruption is rife in academia and research. It’s common for papers to be buried, misrepresented and censored.

Advisory committees are often loaded with scientists aligned with an ideology and not scientific truth. The Covid-19 Plannedemic is a proven manipulation of science for political, economic and financial gain. From the skewing and cherry-picking of data to the outright fake scientific regulations on masks, distancing and isolation, all done to support a pre-planned agenda.

Science says...close the schools, churches, beaches, restaurants, bars and avoid groups and yet violent demonstrations are allowed. At the same time, the virus is so clever that it stops infecting people before 10pm. Illogical rules that do not pass the test of common sense, let alone scientific scrutiny, is the reason people are questioning official narratives.

The news that countries like Sweden or Japan that went down a different path is either withheld or reported in a dismissive manner. Of course, it’s a coincidence that five leaders of different countries that decided not to go down the poisoned jab route, all ended up murdered.

A global mandatory vaccine (jab) was always the aim, with huge profits from a multiple-visit vaccination programme. Let's forget that for the past 20 years, a coronavirus vaccine has eluded creation.

Vaccines for a long time have been political as the pharmaceutical industry has lobbied governments which in return gave them zero legal liability from vaccine damage or death.

Currently, close to US$4.3 billion have been paid out to victims by governments, not the pharmaceutical companies.

Official government figures show that currently over 16,000 in the US alone, have died from taking the vaccine (jab)...let that sink in for a moment.

Human-caused climate change has been a political weapon since the 1960s, when laws and regulations begun. When we apply common sense to this subject, we clearly see that the cost of US$100 trillion to reduce the earth's temperature by 0.5 degrees centigrade has no logical basis; unless of course you own the corporations assigned the contracts.

Critics of climate change are often retired professors that are no longer seeking grants and can freely speak their minds. The truth is that the earth's changing weather is caused by the Sun going through different cycles.

This means we have periods of hotter and cooler weather often lasting hundreds of years, all of which have been perfectly normal for millions of years.

Real science is about challenging all facets of knowledge in an unbiased manner, free from corporate and political interference, interests and ideologies.

Alas, much of science is about a revolving door policy, where government officials making favourable decisions towards a particular industry or corporation are rewarded with high-level corporate positions on leaving government.

How can science be settled, its whole foundation is to constantly question.

Ugo Domizioli
A64 In schools, colleges and universities, Newtonian Physics is taught, which essentially means, all objects are made of atoms and solid. When you place your cup of tea on to a table, it stays there. Atoms are the fundamental building block of everything.

What many, if not most don’t know, atoms are around 99.999999999999% empty space. What we perceive and believe to be a solid, physical world, is not solid at all.

Everything, including ourselves, are made up of a spinning energy field and empty space, not solid matter.

A rock, tree, elephant, water, air, table and chair are all made of energy. It was the physicist Max Planck, in 1911, that discovered that the gaps between atoms were composed of nothing but energy. So if everything is only 0.000000000001% solid, what does it mean, well the implications are pretty huge.

The whole universe, in fact everything in existence, is not made up of solid parts at all as taught by science and the education system. Everything is connected to everything else through an energy field, and everything emanated from the same place or source.

This energy of life is everywhere and what other cultures have always known, is that energy is inside all matter, everything is one, everything in the universe is connected to this field or web of energy, the Chinese have a name for it, they call it “Qi” or “Chi”.

This is backed up by modern science. A group of monkeys on an island started washing certain food, eventually others copied. The fascinating part was that monkeys on a totally different island followed suit.

Once we realise everything is connected and that everything we do has an influence on everything else, we are on the path of true evolvement. Positive thoughts create a good energy field, negative ones are reflected back to you.

Indeed, our thoughts, feelings and emotions cause an effect and influence on everything on earth and beyond, as many scientists have concluded – this is not pseudo or new age science, but modern science.

The area of quantum physics goes on to prove, through the double slit experiment, how our consciousness can shape our physical reality. This means we create our lives and therefore have to be careful of our thoughts, for they become ideas, then actions.

There is more to the universe than the ‘solid’ table I am writing this book on.

Ugo Domizioli
A65 In 1953, a worldwide standard was reached to tune all musical instruments to 440 Hz so that a violin in Moscow would sound the same as one in Vienna. This is clearly logical and makes sense, but why was 440 Hz chosen instead of nature’s frequency of 432 Hz?

It turns out that the 440 Hz frequency makes people feel a certain way. This frequency causes people to be more distressed, aggressive and agitated.

This can all be traced back to World War II, where having music tuned to 440 Hz was turned into a military weapon.

When we hear disturbing sounds like a car/house alarm, a police/ambulance siren or a dentists drill, we begin to understand the negative effects of certain sounds. Music tuned to a less harmonious frequency affects us biologically in a subtle but detrimental way.

Natural sounds, trees swaying, ocean waves or birds singing, these comforting sounds are tuned to our bodies which are why they are harmonious. Nature and music tuned to 432 Hz has a natural, energetic and healing feel to it. It makes you feel good by lifting your mood. Science has shown it helps with blood pressure, digestion and anxiety.

New science tells us that our bodies are made up of energy fields as the most basic element. Is it any wonder that all sorts of radio frequencies that pass through our bodies, such as microwaves, Wi-Fi and smartphones are showing adverse effects towards us.

The universe, in fact, everything in existence, has vibration at its core. Something other cultures understood, as ancient instruments unearthed from Egyptian and Greek sites were tuned to 432 Hz. The Stradivarius violins, from the early 18th century, were tuned to 432 Hz and renowned for their sound and now command a fortune to purchase.

There are many sacred sites around the world that have the number of 432 at their core geometry. Music is a big part of our lives, especially during venerable times, when tuned to 432 Hz, it helps with the spiritual development of the listener.

Music is available tuned to 432 Hz, it’s also possible to change existing songs to nature’s frequency.

To be in tune with the universe brings harmony to life.

Ugo Domizioli
A66 Many ancient civilisations all over the world had known for thousands of years about vibration, sound and frequency and their power. In Australia, the ‘didgeridoo’ a musical instrument was used over 40,000 years ago to heal broken bones.

Pythagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher with his experiments, concluded that music was medicine.

Tesla invented his own healing device – an oscillating machine, treating infections and cardiovascular diseases among others. He was one of the first scientists to turn this hidden and forgotten knowledge into scalable machines for a new century.

It was Tesla and not Marconi that invented the radio, Tesla again, that we have to thank for the way in which our electricity is generated and delivered to our homes today. On his death, all his papers and experiments were confiscated.

Everything we see, touch, smell and things beyond our comprehension, on this planet and beyond into the universe, are made up of atoms which are vibrating at different frequencies. Atoms are always moving, in some instances they take the form of a ray of light, a sound, or a liquid, other times a gas or a solid object like a table.

Everything has a unique frequency, the chair you are sitting on, the glass you are drinking from, the clouds in the sky and your body too. Quantum physicist Bruce Tainio, discovered that our bodies, when we are healthy, resonate at between 62–70 MHz; when we are sick our frequency drops below 58Hz.

When we go for a walk on a beach or hike in the mountains, we connect with nature and feel energised, healthy and motivated as our frequency rises. Similarly, it drops when we are in an urban, non-natural environment with pollution, it’s no wonder stress often ensues.

Our negative thoughts, feelings and actions generate low frequencies and go out into society, the universe, and are reflected back. Is it any wonder that many end up in an endless loop of bad luck?

Anger, jealousy or lack of compassion, etc., act like a magnet attracting low frequency responses and of greater importance, diseases. Conversely, putting out joy, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and love bring about the same as we vibrate at higher frequencies. When around others emitting these higher frequencies, we feel at ease, relaxed and empathetic.

This intangible, intuitive gut feeling is your energy field, interacting with their own, exchanging information and often realising you are similar souls. We are all connected to one another, not separate, with energy flowing between us all and everything in existence into what professor John Hagelin calls “The Unified Field”.

We receive information just like a television set from this unified field. Those random hunches, goose bumps or gut feeling reactions we receive on occasion, these are signs when things are in alignment.

Knowing you have found your new home as soon as you set foot through its doors, or finding a soul mate – these are all signs of alignment. However, when we live our lives in and with fear, our capacity to be open to receiving these hunches is greatly diminished.

If you have ever wondered why our governments and the media constantly churn out negative news, it’s to keep us imprisoned in a state of fear by using the lower frequencies of bad news...want to feel better?...stop consuming it, switch that television off.

The genius of Nikola Tesla will one day find its truth.

Ugo Domizioli
A67 Despite there being hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars, it is estimated that around 95% of space is empty. Looking up into the night sky, we see the vast empty gaps in space with an occasional star or planet being visible, but what if space, is not empty at all?

It would be kind of arrogant to believe that we are the only civilisation throughout the known and unknown universe, with the billions of stars and galaxies that have been identified. Interestingly, in 2021 the US Government finally released official video footage from its military fighter aircraft, following unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The release of three separate videos, together with official statements declaring that they do not know what these objects are, is a significant departure from the narrative of the last eighty years of “no comment”.

The way in which these objects manoeuvred, their speed and in some cases disappearing into the ocean suggest technologies far advanced from what we currently possess.

Looking solely at earth, there is much evidence that other civilisations predate humans. Upon examination, small ancient artefacts together with larger, often huge structures, show very advanced technologies that predate human beings by thousands and millions of years.

Either these civilisations evolved on earth, or they came here by some type of spacecraft or time travel. A further question which arises – is it scarier to think that other civilisations exist or that we are alone in the vast universe?

Our popular understanding of time travel via blockbuster movies seems to be incorrect. The paradox of going back in time and stopping our parents from meeting would mean we were never born – if we were never born, how then could we go back in time?

Current theories postulate that there are infinite parallel timelines, so if time travel were possible, we would only go back to one for thought indeed!

We have established with the answer to a previous question that atoms which make up the fabric of the universe including ourselves, are on the whole, empty space and not solid at all, therefore space is exactly the same?, well not quite.

Scientists see our brains akin to a miniature universe. Just as our brains consist of a network of neurons, think of them as thin wires connecting all parts of the brain to all other parts – scientists have seen similar patterns in the fabric of the universe.

Everything in space, the universe, is connected – space looks like it has its own wires connecting everything to everything. There seems to be an electrical circuit, looking very similar to the human brain which unifies everything in existence, an electrical universe.

Everything being connected is in fact at the core of many spiritual traditions, strange that science is only now catching up? Or has science avoided this conversation on purpose? In fairness, science with its Big Bang Theory has always held the position that everything, including ourselves, emanated from a single point and thus every atom in our bodies is a part of the universe.

Quantum mechanics/physics, is the field of science with the theory that we are surrounded by an invisible energy field that is constantly appearing and disappearing out of existence. Empty space, gaps or voids which compose the universe, are in fact not empty at all, but full of energy fields, this is the real universe.

An experiment at the University of Geneva, showed that two protons that were once together, then split in different directions, miles apart from each other and then forced to make random choices – always made the same choice.

Classical science cannot explain how the two inanimate protons, miles apart, were somehow able to communicate with each other. In scientific terms, the two protons became entangled, connected to each other. In real life we are no different – a parent’s love for their children, a partner’s love, the intuition of twins or close brothers and sisters is magical, unexplainable, but very real. When looked at more closely, this feeling of one another is represented by the atoms in our bodies connecting, merging and affecting each other.

Many scientists now believe all things are energy fields and a part of an all-encompassing everything energy field, one consciousness. One of Max Planck’s theories was that the universe is nothing more than “a conscious and intelligent mind”.

Traditional science tells us that consciousness comes from our brains, which to some extent is true. New science, on the other hand, says that a higher consciousness exists out in the universe and that our minds act like an antenna on a television set, radio, satellite dish or computer at the end of an Ethernet cable, receiving information, all a part of a giant Universal Field/Mind.

We are all connected to everything, to one another, we are all the same, equal. There should never be division among us, for when we harm another, we are in fact harming ourselves.

The realisation that we are connected to everything, brings me great peace and joy.

Ugo Domizioli
A68 The first answer given by scientists is to explain them all away by saying they are a natural phenomenon – how a scientist can use this argument is truly mind-boggling.

We all know nature is amazing, but creating an advanced stone, clay or metal object! The second answer being that these artefacts have been incorrectly dated, despite using peer reviewed accepted dating techniques used to date all archaeological artefacts!

Mainstream science, i.e. that taught by all educational establishments the world over, teach us the narrative, that humans have been around for some 200,000 years in an evolving form, with our current human form for around 6,000 years, with an industrial society for around the last 300 years.

However, the truth is clear to see by the artefacts dug up in various regions around the world, the evidence cannot be refuted. There are no other possible explanations for the hundreds, thousands of objects discovered.

Many artefacts get into the hands of academia and institutions that continue the narrative by hiding these discoveries and locking them up behind closed doors.

Fortunately, not all artefacts have been commandeered: Forbidden archaeology is the name given to these evidence based artefacts. Science supported and directed by governments have been hiding for over one hundred years evidence pointing to some advanced civilisation predating humans.

Hard evidence in a court of law is irrefutable, less so in science.

Ugo Domizioli
A69 The passing of the 20-year anniversary of the attacks on the US, on the 11th of September 2001 is an important milestone.

I raise this question, in remembrance to all the innocent people (one million plus) that have died around the world as a result of the fake “War on Terror”.

The US government lied to the world about what really happened, leaving the real investigation to the public to unravel the truth – the truth is ugly, but backed by meticulous research conducted by independent experts.

Twenty years later, we still do not have the official truth, however, experts in the areas of science, physics, architecture, engineering and aviation among others, have pieced together various theories that more closely resemble the evidence.

When evidence shows that just one major part surrounding the official 9/11 narrative falls apart. The remaining house of cards collapses in free fall, exactly how the three towers came down.

Various groups, websites and books were born after 9/11 to question the official narrative and seek the truth – the experts include: 3,000+ architects and engineers, 250+ pilots and aviation professionals, 400+ professors, together with survivors and family members that clearly have a vested interest in discovering the truth. These brave people have sacrificed their careers, relationships and health to uncover one of the biggest crimes against humanity.

The families of those that perished, had to fight to get the US Government to start an investigation. Think about that for a moment – the biggest attack ever on US soil and zero curiosity, zero investigation or examination of evidence needed? The long-awaited, official 9/11 Commission Report, is seen by all those independent of it, as one of the most obvious pieces of fiction ever produced.

There are thousands of questions surrounding 9/11 that have never been answered, my question looks into just one. Not a single steel skyscraper has ever collapsed due to fire, however on 9/11, three came down within a few hours of each other, in a single day.

Grenfell Tower in London was engulfed in fire from top to bottom, burning for more than 24 hours, yet remained standing. The three towers in New York were only partially ablaze and all came down. The vast majority are not even aware, that three buildings came down on that day, the twin towers both hit by an aircraft each, and a third 47-floor building not hit by an aircraft, known as WTC7 or Building 7 also collapsed.

There is historical evidence of many steel buildings completely engulfed in fire from top to bottom, burning for hours, often overnight, that have never collapsed. The twin towers were never fully on fire, only sections of the 110 floors immediately above and below where the aircraft collided, these fires were nearer the top of these huge buildings, this is an important point.

When each tower collapsed, we can see from videos that there were no huge external signs of fire, which is odd as officially, it was the jet fuel that caused both buildings to collapse.

Fires should have been burning inside and out, to melt the steel girders which would have spread to the outer edges of the walls and windows where much of the structural steel was located, but this was not seen. Other documented skyscraper fires have engulfed entire buildings, this was not the case here.

There are other problems with the jet fuel narrative – jet fuel burns at 1,890°F, but in order to melt steel, temperatures 600°F hotter at 2,500°F are required.

To achieve this critical temperature to melt the steel supports within an hour was simply not possible.

In addition, there is evidence of molten steel at the base of the towers, this remained red-hot for six weeks, jet fuel cannot cause this effect, only a few known chemical reactions can do so.

Both towers were among some of the strongest buildings ever built with thick steel girders running along their outside edges, which raises another important question.

Aircraft are built of aluminium, just like a tin can, if you have ever stamped down on one with your foot on a floor, you know how they concertina inside themselves very easily.

Yet on 9/11, both aircraft sliced through the outer steel girders, through internal steel and concrete columns and came out the other side of the towers.

The nose cone on all aircraft, is the most fragile part, there are numerous examples of birds colliding and denting the thin aluminium. How is it possible, for the nose of the aircraft to come out on the other side of the building, having passed through steel and concrete?

Yes, the aircraft were flying at over 500mph, but you cannot change the materials in question, the engines alone should have fallen to the ground as they smashed into the outer steel girders. There is an online video showing a commercial aircraft crashing into the sea, it disintegrated on impact, the wings and engines ripped off, it did not slice into the water...this crashing into water, not steel and concrete.

All three buildings collapsed either in free-fall or near free-fall – this means there was zero resistance as each floor collapsed upon the one beneath it.

Think about that deeply, as it is vital to understand the truth that this evidence shows. Every floor pretty much disappeared before the one above made contact – every thick steel column, every solid concrete steel reinforced floor gone, all by a fire, a fire which scientifically cannot melt steel but also somehow managed to make all the concrete disappear.

Going back to the Grenfell Tower in London, it burned for 24 hours, all the concrete remained intact and did not turn to dust and the building did not collapse. We all remember the vivid images as the twin-towers came down with the huge dust clouds that smothered the surrounding areas and much of Lower Manhattan.

That dust was 2–3 inches thick for miles, this was the concrete that turned to dust, it was pulverised, fire cannot do this, this is not a theory, but science and physics.

Days later, looking closely at the debris from the two 110-floor skyscrapers, there really wasn’t much to see, where did everything go?

When a building is demolished, all the materials used in its construction end up in a pile, the walls, the floors, the windows, the elevators, etc. There were 24 interior steel columns and 58 around the perimeter – to collapse a skyscraper a few melting columns isn’t going to do it, melting a large number on high-level floors also isn’t going to do it.

The only way to achieve catastrophic failure is for 8–10 floors at the base of a building to simultaneously fail within a small fraction of a second.

Most skyscrapers get their strength from their central elevator shafts (the core), the twin towers were however unusual in that their outer shells was also immensely strong as a huge amount of extra thick and strong steel was used.

After the collapse, the remaining steel girders were immediately put on ships and sent across the world and sold as scrap. Of an estimated 2,650,000 tonnes of steel, around 1,000,000 tonnes remained, raising the question of where did the steel evaporate to?

Any crime scene requires collecting evidence for analysis to determine what may have occurred, you would think looking into the steel was vital as they were the prime structural component in these buildings...not in this case.

Looking closely at the evidence, not a single steel-framed building has ever collapsed but on 9/11 three fell in one day and collapsed in a free-fall concertina fashion in under 10 seconds – this can only lead to one conclusion, a controlled demolition. Most will dismiss this theory but, the elephant in the room is WTC7 or Building 7.

It sustained minor fires, was not hit by an aircraft and yet collapsed in under seven seconds, I challenge anyone to watch a video of WTC7 and not come to the conclusion that it was brought down in a controlled demolition. Experts have analysed all aspects of WTC7 and concluded the same.

We can see from video evidence, that just before WTC7 collapsed, small puffs of smoke and flashes of light blew out windows, accompanied by sounds of explosives. These explosives were used to sever the steel beams for a controlled demolition, this is how experts bring a building down into its own footprint to minimise damage to other buildings nearby.

A controlled demolition takes weeks but usually months to plan, obtaining official permits, analysing the correct spots for the placement of explosives and calculating the impact on the surrounding area. As it takes this amount of time, we can see that the lies regarding WTC7 clearly show everything was pre-planned, which breaks apart the whole 9/11 narrative.

Analysis by a chemistry professor of the dust from the twin-towers, found nano-thermite, an explosive both in used and unused format. This material can create temperatures of up to 4,000°F which is enough to melt steel. This theory has its merits and been around for a long time, but it cannot explain a few oddities.

There were more than 1,400 vehicles in streets far away from ground zero that simply melted to molten steel and aluminium – door handles disappeared, entire engines melted and tyres had just their inner steel frames remaining. If jet-fuel or planted explosives had brought down the twin-towers, how were these vehicles melted so far away?

The use of a small tactical nuclear weapon placed at the base of each, or one of the twin-towers is a highly probable explanation.

This theory explains, the molten steel weeks after the collapse, the disappearing steel and concrete, the way in which the buildings collapsed, the melted vehicles, the witness statements of hearing explosions at the base of the buildings, the audio recordings of explosions and sadly the radiation poisoning and cancer deaths of New Yorkers.

The number of deaths of first responders and workers of all types since 9/11 show their cancers had elements of radiation, which can only be attributed to direct exposure to ionising radiation from a nuclear weapon. The radiation fallout was mainly contained/trapped in the cement dust created by the blast and breathed in.

The 70,000 victims in New York are one of the biggest single clusters of cancer in history, comparable to the US nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan near the end of World War II.

A steel building has never collapsed due to a fire, never, not a single one, but let’s say that one does collapse every 100 years as a mathematics example. This means the odds are 365 days times 100 years = 36,500 to 1. The odds of 3 collapsing in 1 day are 36,500 cubed = 4.8 trillion to 1.

While mathematically possible, we have to ask the question, if what happened, the way we were told, is in fact probable...clearly the answer is no.

The official fictional narrative is laid bare when tied to events following 9/11, a suspect was named within hours and a war on terror was initiated with a new Pearl Harbour.

There are thousands of unanswered questions, here are some to ponder:

We have yet again another crime against humanity where the perpetrators have not been held to account, we are partly to blame as we turn our eyes sideways...nothing to see here.

I hope that one day, all those accountable will face justice, time will tell. I created the quote below on this subject, because until we are truthful to ourselves, there will never be the official version of the truth.

When I suspend reality and truth to sleep better at night, my children pay the price for my indifference.

Ugo Domizioli

A70 History books are fundamental to knowing the past, they have incredible power over all of us but especially children, as they shape and establish historical facts in their growing minds.

These books once placed into the school curriculum become the accepted norm and over time are no longer questioned as they are regarded as “settled history”.

Who chooses these books? Who decides what information goes into them and what gets left out?

How do they become part of human history? Where do the history teachers get their information from? Who decides what books are used for a school’s curriculum?

These questions seem stupid, as we trust historians to tell the truth by simply documenting the facts to create the historical record.

However, those in power cannot help themselves, as they need to control all narratives they deem important to achieving their long-term agendas, this includes writing their version of history, not simply recording the facts.

Thus, we see that the historical story is vital to continue and advance future goals. There is always a foreign enemy that is a threat and therefore requires a huge army and weapons budget to defend against.

The reality is that these fake wars always take place on foreign soil and were never a threat at all. Then the pre-planned fake news narratives are plastered across all mainstream media outlets to garner public opinion that there is an enemy and that they need taking out.

The country must go to war for the safety of its citizens but also, importantly, to spread democracy! – when was the last time foreign troops physically landed with guns a blazing in any Western country?

The majority of written history has been dominated and controlled by old white men in power – it is history in name only, upon further examination we see that it was only ever “his story”.

Revisionist researchers, writers and truth historians have scoured through official records, national archives, newspapers, libraries, autobiographies, manuscripts and past major worldwide events, to piece together an alternative view of history and what many believe, to be a truer version.

The saying that the victor gets to write their version of history is proven over and over again. Starting with the “story” of Christopher Columbus and his “discovery” of America in 1492.

This is simply a fabrication, a lie, he never even got to see America let alone set foot upon its land, the closest he got was Puerto Rico.

Evidence shows that other cultures navigated to its shores and truly landed on the mainland of North America. These include, Ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Portuguese, Irish, Welsh, and medieval Europeans...but not according to the history books.

Columbus Day is celebrated in October with grand parades, despite his genocide of local indigenous peoples. Some estimates indicate a reduction from eight million people to just two hundred, this in just one civilisation. These crimes against humanity were just the beginning, as he began the transatlantic slave trade.

An estimated 100 million Indians from the Caribbean and the Americas died horrible deaths at the hands of the European pilgrims, much of it carried out in the name of the Roman Catholic Church.

“Columbus Day” needs to be renamed “Indigenous People’s Day” to remember the 100 million that were butchered and not this evil man, it’s time to stop and wake up to the truth with just this one piece of true history.

The European colonisation around the world led to the genocide of not only Native American civilisations but also Australian, African and Asian indigenous peoples. The hundreds of millions that died is not a subject taught in Western schools.

The truth surrounding World War I is similarly hidden. In the well researched book “Hidden History, The Secret Origins of the First World War”. We discover that it was a pre-planned war to destroy Germany, while making it appear that it was Germany that started the war.

Key persons, with ties to large industrial companies, were placed into positions of power inside the British Government. Their political influence developed into a pro-war sentiment among the political classes, with the public swayed via control of the mainstream media.

In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt provoked the attack on Pearl Harbour by the Japanese in order to steer the American people to reluctantly approve the US entering World War II.

This is an alarming statement, however, true. The McCollum Memo, that was declassified in 1994, holds the key to Pearl Harbor – the memo had an eight-step plan to provoke Japan into attacking the US. During 1941, all steps were successfully executed leading to the attack.

This while the President, told the American people it was a complete surprise and a failure of the intelligence gathering machine...50 years later, we now know to be a lie.

Japan imported 80% of its oil from the US, this together with a steel embargo brought Japan to its knees. An interesting quote by him: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”.

Unclassified official documents reveal that The Gulf of Tonkin attack by Vietnamese gun boats against an American warship never occurred, thus the pretence of the American war in Vietnam was another fake war...millions died.

The American war in Iraq, based on the pretence of weapons of mass destruction, yet again another fake war, killing millions of innocent people.

In the current modern political era, wars have their narratives shaped by governments via their direct news feeds to the global media conglomerates and via social media manipulation.

The production of war-themed blockbuster movies is used to glamourise and create a new spin on history, all while attracting young men and women to fight and die in the name of “democracy”. Much of our history is in fact a story, written to make you think a certain way, leading to our indifference.

“Re-writing history would not even be a subject of controversy in the future” – George Orwell

Stories are the fabric of life, as we peel back the layers of lies, much of history is but a story.

Ugo Domizioli
A71 After World War I, The Treaty of Versailles was imposed upon Germany to pay monetary reparations despite not starting the war.

This eventually led to its complete economic destruction via hyperinflation, as it printed an unlimited quantity of money – this was carried out by the privately owned Reich bank and not the German government.

The National Socialists and Hitler were voted into power to try and fix Germany. He issued government sovereign money sidestepping the Reich bank – within four years Germany became the strongest economy in Europe.

Germany prior to World War II did not have access to many natural resources or technologies required in preparation for war. Raw materials, patents, knowledge and funds were made available by bankers, industrialists and US corporations via their subsidiaries based in Germany.

These foreign owned factories were never bombed during the numerous allied bombing campaigns, which only targeted 100% owned German factories. This is clearly a red flag; bomber crews have pre-planned bombing routes, which are decided at the highest levels of command.

Avoiding factories belonging to a certain group of industrialists means government was in collusion with private enterprise. This has been explained to have been accidental prior to the breakout of war – evidence and books, however, show it was systemic and ongoing throughout the war.

Documents reveal that industrialists as early as 1933 were preparing for WWII by buying up any factory or business that would benefit from the production of war supplies such as clothing, footwear and pretty much everything required for the upcoming war.

British and American interests provided financial and economic resources to Germany, and it was thus able to rebuild its industrial base. Without these loans and resources, the Second World War would not have been possible...let that truly sink in.

The war would never have started, but vitally could not have been sustained for six years without these privately owned resources feeding the German war machine.

In fact, a report by the US Senate Judiciary Committee, found that Ford and GM/Opel, built 70-90% of the armoured trucks used to invade neighbouring countries while also producing fighter jet propulsion systems for the Luftwaffe. Without these trucks, countries could not have been invaded, and ultimately the war would not have been possible.

The main aim of banks and other interested parties is, of course, profit. This is why they are known as “Banker wars” and “Banksters”.

The narrative that war is always a last resort and never sought after, together with defending and fighting for a noble cause, are historically fake narratives. Wars are nothing more than rackets – an illegal, inhuman activity used for profit by the few.

In schools, books and movies, we have been taught that the US and UK won World War II. It was in fact the Soviet Union with its forgotten huge Red Army that lost the highest number of soldiers which ultimately destroyed the Nazi war machine.

The Soviet Union was the real reason that the Allies defeated Hitler. It was the Red Army that stormed into Berlin, receiving its unconditional surrender on 9th of May (Russian time). Victory Day/Den Pobedy is thus celebrated on the 9th in Russia.

The true cost of World War II was an estimated 70–85 million deaths, 50–55 million were civilian with 21–25 million military. The Soviet Union lost 11,000,000 soldiers, the US 408,000 and the UK 384,000 among other countries.

The ugly truth shows that certain elements within the British and American Empires, orchestrated and facilitated World War II with a select group of bankers and industrialists profiteering.

All wars are always about money, our silence is our vote of approval.

Ugo Domizioli
A72 In a non-televised interview, on September 28, 2001 – Osama bin Laden denied his involvement in organising the attacks of 9/11.

To paraphrase, “I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people”.

I thought this was odd. In the UK and other European countries, terrorist organisations queue up to claim responsibility for attacks; yet the biggest attack of them all, was not being claimed?

Another oddity, within a few hours after the attack, the news networks announced Osama was responsible. Usually, investigations take a long time as evidence is gathered and analysed. How would the televised news have known before anyone else?

In a later interview, Osama claims he was responsible. Whether we believe either statement and whether he was a terrorist that misused Islam, we will probably never know.

Some experts examining the video concluded it wasn’t him. In fact, several news outlets, reported that he died in mid-December, 2001. If he did indeed die in 2001, this would undermine any rationale for remaining in Afghanistan with the war immediately coming to an end.

Reports state that he was terminally ill with lung and kidney disease, but somehow managed to survive and evade capture for another 10 years before a 30 strong US Navy SEAL team eventually caught and killed him. The entire team mysteriously died in a helicopter crash shortly after.

Further oddities from documents, obtained through Freedom of Information requests, detail six flights between 14–24 September 2001 that evacuated Saudi nationals and bin Laden family members from the US.

The US government has not presented any evidence or filed any charges against Osama bin Laden in connection with 9/11.

We may never know the truth, Osama bin Laden may have been able to organise hijackers onto the four airplanes, but he could not have organised the collapse of building-7, the removal of evidence, the initial refusal to conduct an investigation, the change of ownership of the twin towers months prior or the irregular options trading of airline stocks.

To this day, there are thousands of questions surrounding the events of 9/11 that remain unanswered.

9/11-the ego of a “terrorist” is clearly smaller than that of a politician.

Ugo Domizioli
A73 Millions of lives have been saved by penicillin, anaesthetics, antibiotics, anti-malaria and insulin to name but a few. These and other drugs usually need billions in research funds to see the light of day and is the reasoning behind high drug prices in some countries. The pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma), relies on patented drugs to recoup its investment.

In most countries since the 1930s, the only options to health issues have been drugs or surgery. Herbs and other natural, non-patentable healing methods, were not only eliminated from medical education but also classified as “quack medicine” and “regulated” to protect the people, the reality however, was to protect the interests of Big Pharma.

Your local doctor, however well intentioned, received less than one day of training on nutritional health. Their only weapon against diseases are prescription drugs. GPs are little more than legal drug pushers or more accurately, sales reps for the drug companies. An industry needs customers to flourish, what better profit model exists than managing symptoms instead of treating the underlying cause of diseases.

Repeat business is the only game in town for Big Pharma. Looking closely at drug fact sheets, the side effects are often worse than the actual problem, often needing further additional drugs to “fix” the new problem...and so the cycle repeats. An astonishing 85% of Americans over the age of 60 are on at least one drug. The snake oil salesmen standing on raised platforms explaining their latest concoction, have been replaced by slick television advertisement campaigns by Big Pharma representing an astonishing 70% of all advertising in the US.

Over 90% of deaths from most diseases stopped affecting populations before the introduction of mass vaccination programs around the world. It turns out that the general improvement in hygiene among populations is responsible for the reduction in why the vaccines?

Two hundred years of data from the UK, US and Australian official death statistics show conclusively and scientifically that medicine does little to substantially improve life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies.

Children in the US receive 2–3 times more vaccinations than those from other countries and yet are some of the sickest in the world, with more dying prematurely.

The main purpose of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is to coerce countries into purchasing Western medical products. It's never really been about the health or safety of people, rather the huge profits of Big Pharma.

It's a well-known fact that there is a revolving door policy between government drug approval agencies and its bureaucrats who on leaving, end up working in Big Pharma in high paying roles.

One last thought, I came across a story about a young girl in perfect health receiving six vaccinations that died the next day. The pathologist refused to conduct any tests stating “It’s not medically necessary, there is no medical reasoning, and it's not medically approved”.

How clever of the pharmaceutical industry to hide in plain sight their true calling.

Ugo Domizioli
A74 A narrative is essentially a short story, a sentence and summary wrapped up in a tag line. For example, “The War on Drugs” as used to describe the bigger picture around the subject.

Narratives are used by companies, the media and our governments with the aim of shaping information in a certain way, more often than not, to influence others.

However, the casualty is that the narrative usually doesn't reflect the truth. Short stories are extremely powerful in the modern world, as we tend to make decisions quickly, especially with the prevalence of social media and our short attention spans.

A tag line or headline is how to catch our attention quickly. Advertisers gain the most from pushing a particular narrative, as they create stories around a product or service to establish a brand.

The story has to be simple and brief with a catchy slogan in order for it to be memorable and generate sales. The less innocent users of narratives are politicians, governments and the mainstream media creating them to shape and control political messaging.

George Orwell wrote that political corruption and the misuse of language were clearly bedfellows. The objective of political narratives is firstly to get us thinking in a particular direction by controlling what we hear, read, and therefore believe to be true. When done well, this leads to a passive population, giving the government carte blanche to slowly impose draconian laws.

The reason there is so much personal angst in the present time, is because so much of our day-to-day lives are immersed and surrounded by a continual bombardment of narratives.

When we understand that the vast majority of narratives are negative towards our minds and therefore our well-being, we can see why we don’t feel good.

Slowly is an important word, for if they did things quickly, we would notice – just like the frog in simmering water parable.

A way to make sense of it all, is by noticing the same words or sentences used over and over again across all media platforms; this is a sure sign that the narrative was shaped, planned, coordinated and has a certain agenda.

Look out for people that go against the official narrative and see how quickly and viciously they are torn down by the media. They are personally destroyed without addressing the issues raised, much in the same way politicians rarely answer an awkward question.

Experts that do not toe the official line firstly have to put up with peer pressure from fellow professionals for succumbing to independent thinking. If they do not comply, they are discredited and then their careers are ended.

In recent times, people are censored, deleted and banned from supposedly open, free-speech platforms as their opinions don't fit its ideology. If there is an “open” debate, it is dumbed-down to avoid addressing the main opposing points and issues, distracting the audience with irrelevant information.

We also create our own narratives to try to make sense of our world. We piece together bits and pieces of information, to make the world we live in more palatable. These include believing that we ‌live in a democracy, that our ‌governments are not corrupt, that foreign countries mean us harm and that national elections are fair despite evidence to the contrary.

The following list of narratives is designed to make it easier to spot them and to enable you to raise your own questions.

Covid-19 Narratives

‌Covid-19 = the WHO, named the coronavirus “Covid-19” in February 2020; since 2017, there have been exports around the world of virus testing kits named “Covid-19 Kits” with the name patented in 2015

Covid-19 vaccine = with a survival rate of over 99%, why does anyone need a vaccine, and how were some patented years before the outbreak?

Vaccine effectiveness = a 95% claim from a vaccine under nine months in development when most vaccines are around 50%

Covid-19 deaths = every year a certain number of people die, the total number of deaths before and after the “pandemic” has stayed the same. Therefore, there are zero extra deaths due to Covid and those that normally die every year, have been reclassified as Covid deaths

Lockdown = a seemingly harmless word for what people around the world have endured for months on end and still used...the true meaning is that everyone has been under house arrest

New normal = there is nothing normal with getting used to current policies. Note the word “New” is used to shape your thinking into believing this is the replacement for what we had before

Protect the NHS = this was one of the original narratives used and yet hospitals have remained largely empty as exposed by a few brave doctors and nurses

Stick together to see it through = designed to make the population think the same way and highlight when some deviate, so others call them out. Note that the people in power still have their freedoms

Staying apart keeps us together = is the nonsensical narrative used in Melbourne, Australia, as fascism takes hold

Social distancing = there's nothing social about being distant from another human being, for we are social creatures by nature

The “Swedish Model” = Sweden did not shut down but instead decided to go down the herd immunity route. Every mainstream media outlet and government have created articles to destroy their success and independent thinking

Flatten the curve = it has been flat for months with the claim being this would stop the NHS being overrun...what has been the excuse since?

Second/third wave = to keep people in constant fear of another outbreak around October and November when the usual annual flu season normally begins

Stupid-19 = flu cases have mysteriously dropped 95% compared to previous years

Beaches & churches closed = however, demonstrations are allowed

Hydro-chloroquine untested = despite a 40-year plus proven safety record to hide the fact that a HCQ~Azithromycin~Zinc cure protocol has been used by many countries with success

News Narratives

Fake news = is used by mainstream media to shut down the voice of alternative media when in fact they are the peddlers of fake news

Fact-checker = destroying alternative information seemingly with correct information thus supporting their own agenda

Conspiracy theorists = a way to discredit someone without addressing any of the issues raised

Russia-gate = Three years of proven fake news by the mainstream media

Antifa = an anti-fascist movement whose logo is almost identical to a logo from a fascist movement from the Nazi era

BLM = a peaceful movement hijacked to fulfil a very different political agenda

Cancel culture = ensuring that any person going against the thinking of a movement can very easily lose their job or career

Collateral damage = the murder of innocent women, children and men during illegal war campaigns

Novichok nonsense = one of the most poisonous substances on earth that failed to kill any of its alleged victims...if a government wanted someone dead, they would be, and why would any government use a poison directly connected to themselves?

Social credit score = a government system used to control its citizens by reward or punishment of certain behaviours

Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) = weapons that never existed to justify an illegal war

Freedom of speech = the belief that we have any bearing on major government policies. One million people marched in London against the Iraq war, and yet the illegal war went ahead. The recent trend that only a certain segment of society is allowed free speech and everyone else is labelled as a racist, sexist or fascist, etc.

War on drugs = a system to fill up privatised prisons that have a quota to be 95% full, with low-level possession “crimes”

War on terror = a way to disguise the continued changing of foreign governments that are more favourable to another government which profiteers the arms companies

Democracy = the fight for a western style democracy is used whenever one country wants to change another country into a “democratic” one. The reality being the new leader giving huge deals to the enabler country under the guise of freedom and democracy

Regime change = firstly note the loaded word “regime” which is directly connected to the word dictatorship. The word change is to get you used to the fact that a change is likely and imminent. Finally, the reality of regime change is simply to insert another puppet into power

Spanish flu pandemic = killed 50–100 million people between 1918–19 which began at the US Fort Riley military base with an experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine and not the flu as we have been told...and it had nothing to do with Spain (fake history)

Political refugees = are not families from war torn countries, instead, 90% are young single males seeking economic migration

‘Hate crime’ laws = ‌have a purely subjective definition of ‘hate’ which changes with political winds to entrap anyone they choose

Global warming/climate change/climate emergency = the ever-changing name for probably one of the most fake narratives ever created, that humans are the cause of global warming by their CO2 emissions

NATO = created to stop a Russian invasion of Europe which is clearly a dated concept

Left vs right paradigm = a way to divide people, so they fight against each other while the real enemy is hidden from view

Social justice = a way to label people a certain way, who are then shamed into silence and compliance

Fun runs = cancer charity walks/runs to find the ever elusive cure, which by its very nature, would put an end to the existence of the charities themselves

Economic Narratives

Debt ceiling = implies a stop to a country's rising debt, but it never does

Austerity = for the poor & middle classes, but plenty of money for nuclear weapons and wars

Quantitative easing = money printing which means devaluing the money you have as there is more in circulation

Helicopter money = giving money to the people freely without consequences, also known as universal basic income

Tolerate inflation = government policy to continue yearly price increases by design

Too big to fail = banks and insurance companies deemed too important to be allowed to go bankrupt despite being private institutions

Bailouts = money given to the “too big to fail” banks

Stock & housing market bubbles = artificially created stock & home price increases by the flood of money put into the system by central banks

The 1% = often-times used to describe the ultra rich, they should be referred to, as the 0.001% or elite

The lobby system = a “legal” way for corporations to sway government policies in their favour – in other countries this is known as bribery and corruption

The great reset = the upcoming transfer of wealth from the middle-classes to the elite by the restructuring of the global monetary system. The word “reset” is used to make you believe we will be going back to a system that worked before

Build Back Better = a global pre-planned assault on individual freedoms, liberty and humanity which includes abolishing car & home-ownership and a health passport/digital ID tied to mandatory vaccinations

Counter Narratives

Fortunately, there are some narratives to counter the official ones: Plannedemic = the pre-planned Covid-19 crime against humanity

Scamdemic = the fake data used by governments worldwide to justify their draconian policies during Covid-19

Missing virus = The CDC published that Covid-19 hasn’t been isolated – in other words, its existence has not been found

Fakecine = as Covid-19 hasn't been isolated, how can a vaccine be created

Fake test = the PCR test does not detect or identify any virus, let alone Covid-19, it can also be tweaked to produce more false positives than true positives

Mask debate = an October 2020 report from the CDC itself, indicates in a controlled study, that masks don't stop the spread of Covid-19 and wearing one makes you more likely to contract it

Convid-19 = the UK announced the combination of the flu and Covid numbers

Corona communism = the Draconian laws & policies put into place by governments around the world during the Covid-19 Plannedemic

Faucism = the dumbest senior public health official spreading fake science around the world

Grandma killer = New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as he is now known for the policies he created towards care homes and the disastrous loss of lives

Parasite class = people in power that leech off the rest of society

Global elite = the people that control the world behind the scenes

Climate-gate = the scam that human made CO2 is the cause of changing weather patterns when in fact it's the Sun's cycles

Continuous wars = the never ending overthrowing of foreign countries to suit the needs of another

All wars are bankers' wars = the historical funding for major wars by the banks

Deep state = the people that run governments worldwide from behind the scenes

Drain the swamp = Donald Trump's term for clearing out the dirty & corrupt civil servants and politicians also known as the deep state

Obama-gate = spying on the Trump campaign before and after the 2016 US elections

Banksters = the people in control of the central & investment banks that are corrupt to the core

The powers that be (TPTB) = another term for people that control the planet from behind the scenes

False flag event = people in power arranging real terrorist style attacks in order to further a particular agenda

Problem, reaction, solution = how people in power create a “problem” usually via a false flag event, which creates a “reaction” from the population to fix the problem and magically a “solution” is provided that the people in power wanted all along and furthers their agenda

CPI myth = independent analysts have proven that prices are rising 10% per year, not the 2% inflation rate we are told

Red pill = a reference to the film “The Matrix” where taking the “red pill” reveals the truth, whereas taking the “blue pill” means continuing living life in ignorance

Cui buono = whenever a major event occurs, one of the first questions we should ask is “who benefits”

Dark to light = exposing information that has been hidden

Truth bombs = hard hitting pieces of factual information

Fake election polls = national polls making people think that a certain voting outcome is likely thus influencing how they may vote

The rich get richer = US billionaires gained 845 billion dollars during the Plannedemic

Shadow government = an alliance between corrupt businesses and corrupt politicians which is part of the definition of fascism

The media monopoly = 90% of all forms of media are controlled by just six mega-corporations

Thought police = the current direction of policing independent thinking and discourse

Propaganda = governments spreading lies to further particular agendas

The great awakening = people becoming aware and informed of previously hidden truths

The Streisand Effect = named after Barbara Streisand failed to suppress photos of her home. The news went viral as people worldwide were curious which resulted in over 500,000 views compared to only six before

Looking behind the curtain = a reference from The Wizard of Oz film, where the curtain hiding the wizard was pulled aside to reveal the truth

Propaganda puppet = when someone calls you a conspiracy theorist, which is a derogatory & offensive term; you can call them out, for being a propaganda puppet

There is only one reason to censor and discredit alternative points of views – the realisation that the masses have raised their awareness and discovered that official narratives have no merit.

A dystopian society is slowly created by the quiet consent of people standing by when it becomes obvious they are being told lies and begin repeating the lies themselves and not questioning narratives...we simply have to look back to World War II, discover your own truth.

Our short attention spans are the creators of narratives...enjoy.

Ugo Domizioli
A75 There is zero fossil evidence showing the various transitions between apes, Neanderthals to humans, none at all, the teaching of the ape to human evolution of humans has been a fake narrative for over 100 years.

This did not occur by accident, it was, instead, a funded and planned set of events to create the narrative with falsified artefacts and evidence.

During the creation of Darwin’s theory of evolution in the early 1900s, there was much scepticism around his theory as there was zero evidence to support it.

Out of nowhere, the Natural History Museum in London, in collaboration with the US Geological Society revealed a skull named Piltdown Man as the glue bringing the evolution theory together and proving Darwin’s theory.

The news spread around the world, but the museum would not let the skull out of its possession to allow other scientists to conduct their own research and confirm its providence. For over forty years, no one was even allowed to look at the skull, even from far away.

Then in 1949 the “man coming out of Africa theory” took hold, essentially stating that humans evolved from apes from Africa and then migrated to other parts of the world. However, this theory contradicted the skull at the museum and its fake narrative that humans evolved from the UK or Europe.

The skull was at last investigated, it became obvious from far away, let alone under close inspection, that it was fake. The Natural History Museum of London had lied for four decades with a forgery and in the process damaged its reputation – this a clear example of how science has been sabotaged and politicised for over 100 years.

Darwin’s theory has never been scientifically proven, and claims that apes and humans are 98% identical are deceptive. Chromosomes are very different, with the human Y chromosome having two times as many genes as the chimpanzee Y chromosome – in fact, the chromosomes are so far apart that it’s like comparing humans to cats or dogs.

A further problem is that there does not exist a way for genes to change. When professors of palaeontology are questioned to prove just one example of a change of species, where one specie of life morphed into another, they are stumped and cannot show this has ever occurred.

Furthermore, DNA tests have proven, humans are genetically very different to apes, with it being impossible for a single cell to change, as stated by the evolution theory. In fairness, Darwin himself stated that no fossils had been found to support his theory.

Fossils only show the sudden creation of various new complex life forms, not the different shapes of bones and anatomy evolving from one shape to another, or one animal to another as the theory of evolution claims and still referred to in books and taught at schools.

The scientific community fails to report new evidence disproving the evolution theory, instead continues to teach that a simple tiny cell evolved into the complex humans of today.

Cats and dogs have not changed into different species and look pretty much the same, alligators have not changed for the past 65 million years – yet science teaches us that humans did change species, from one type of animal to another, despite the lack of any physical evidence.

We therefore come to the main reason as to why Darwin’s evolution theory was promoted and still exists as a narrative today.

In Darwin’s book, “The Descent of Man”, he describes natural and sexual selection (survival of the fittest) as being most important and justification for one race of humans to take over another, as in nature as is man – in essence describing and supporting colonialism. Those in academia rarely choose to question the theory as it would be career ending – this was the start of politicising science to support and push forward a political ideology.

What we do know, is that humans first appeared around 200,000 years ago, and we haven’t changed physically at all, keeping our overall body size and shape.

DNA from a 30,000-year-old fossilised girl proved, beyond any doubt, that humans did not descend from Neanderthals.

This is further backed up by over 1,000 scientists stating in one short statement: “We are sceptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life”.

This means humans are not a variation or different type of animal; we are a unique species with our own unique set of senses, family tree and lineage. Love, hate, empathy and high-level intelligence has created the many wonders of the world and our modern advanced lives.

Humans are the most advanced species on earth, with the arrangement of our DNA seemingly tuned for creation and our advancement, this may have been a random coincidence, but maybe not...this leads to more, bigger questions!

The evolution of man, is the first colonial narrative.

Ugo Domizioli
A76 The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was built with an estimated 2.3 million stone blocks, each weighing between 2–15 tonnes, some inside the King’s Chamber are between 25–80 tonnes.

It was constructed over a period of 20 years, this would equate to carefully placing one huge block every five minutes, 24 hours per day, over that 20-year period. While possible, as we have no way of knowing, is it probable? To truly fathom the scale of this one pyramid, let’s compare it to the Empire State Building in New York – the pyramid is two times the volume and thirty times its mass.

Scientists, architects, engineers, mathematicians, in fact anyone that has deeply looked into how the pyramids were constructed, cannot explain or even come to a consensus on how they were built.

There are various theories that archaeologists have some evidence to support, but no hard facts. The first theory involves the building of huge ramps made of compacted earth used to pull the stones all the way to the upper levels of the pyramid.

The use of levers and pulley systems to lift the blocks into place. The use of thousands of labourers and horses to move the blocks. The building of water canals to float the blocks into position. The use of drills, hammers and chisels to shape the blocks.

Others believe that the raw materials – huge stones/blocks, were transported by waterways from the Nile River directly to the pyramids.

While these theories all seem possible, are they probable? The ramps seem to have existed, but were quite steep and would have required immense pulling power. Some of the largest stones could not have been manoeuvred into place due to the narrow width of some corridors.

During the Egyptian period, iron tools, pulleys and wheels didn’t exist. Sledges and logs to roll the limestone and granite blocks seem the most likely explanation, however, many of these raw materials look to have come from Aswan, a town up to 500 miles away.

We cannot get away from a few hard facts. Even with a huge labour force and various possible ways to explain how these huge blocks were cut out in a quarry, transported hundreds of miles, shaped into perfectly accurate cubes, lifted or pulled up slopes and then manoeuvred into tight positions. How was it possible for a stone block weighing between 2–15 tonnes, to go through this whole process without the labourers getting into each other’s way in order to position one single block every five minutes, day and night, for 20 years.

When we look at how modern-day cranes work, we see that they are deliberately very slow and careful with their movements. A huge fleet of cranes could not lay a block every five minutes with precision today, so how was it accomplished during Egyptian times.

This mammoth project was truly staggering in scope and accuracy, a project that even today in the 21st century, with current laser levelling technology, cranes and other heavy machinery, is almost impossible to construct. If we put aside the complexities already covered, we arrive at a few more mind-boggling issues.

The logistics of having tens/hundreds of thousands of labourers needed to build the pyramid within the 20-year timeline, is the single reason it wasn’t built in 20 years. The access and space required by the labourers to accomplish such a feat were simply not available.

A few other anomalies exist. According to Chris Dunn, there is evidence in artefacts showing that machining methods were used to cut, saw, drill and lathe.

Somehow, Egyptians were cutting granite with technology better than in 1983 when he conducted his examination. Holes were created by drilling with a force greater than one tonne.

Polished limestone had their edges so precisely cut that a razor blade or sheet of paper could not pass between the gaps.

The granite coffer in the King’s Chamber could, today, only be carved out using diamond-tipped drill bits under enormous pressure. There were also, thousands of engraved bowls and vases, which even today with tungsten-carbide tools, would be hard to recreate with the same precision of workmanship.

A few coincidences also exist for the Great Pyramid: its geographic co-ordinates are 29.9792458°N...identical numbers to the speed of light: 299,792,458. It aligns with Earth's true north more accurately than the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. The ratio of its height to its base perimeter is exactly Pi (3.14).

There are hundreds of pyramids, the world over, all different cultures, separated by thousands of miles, mountain ranges and oceans. These cultures and pyramids are clearly interrelated – they all built huge structures, triangular in shape, using similar building techniques, technologies, mathematics and astrology.

The massive stones of Peru, these 400-tonne megaliths were somehow transported from a quarry 200 miles away and up 15,000 feet to their final destination.

Bosnia has a collection of the biggest pyramids in the world, its Pyramid of the Sun; is estimated to have a mass 39 times greater than that of the Great Pyramid of Giza – yet the scientific community the world over, refuses to analyse, excavate and carry out any studies.

A local scientist with limited resources has discovered a magnetic force emanating through the pyramid out into the sky. A similar discovery was made by Russian scientists at the Pyramids at Giza, resulting in a theory that the pyramids are similar to a power plant such as Nikola Tesla’s coil, gathering and transferring electricity through the air.

What does this all mean? Egyptians have noted that they inherited their advanced civilisation, that it came from elsewhere – the Sphinx and the pyramids were discovered by ancient Egyptians, with just their tops sticking out above the desert sand.

Research by geologists show that these structures have succumbed to severe water damage due to rain. Looking at historical weather records, the last time this region experienced sustained precipitation was around 10,000 years ago, far before the official dates given to their construction of 5,000 years ago.

What seems more probable than the official narrative, is that there was a common culture throughout the world, all linked together using the same advanced technologies linking these pyramids to astrological mathematics. A once highly capable civilisation existed, spanning the globe, leaving behind buildings and artefacts which we have trouble recreating today. Somehow, these civilisations disappeared.

On the discovery that history is a lie, should we not turn our attention to science, politics and religion...I’m ready for the truth.

Ugo Domizioli
A77 This question came to mind as the website and book touches upon many subjects that many do not think of questioning – taking this thinking further, the majority of people prefer not to question, as deep down they do not want to confront or know the answer.

We may say we want to hear the truth, but the reality is, we would not. The “you can't handle the truth” line comes from the film, ‘A Few Good Men’, in which Jack Nicholson answers a question in a military court. The point he made was that citizens do not want to know the ugly truth behind how the freedom they enjoy is achieved.

When we think about our lives, not living with the truth or actively avoiding it, doesn’t help in the long-term.

There may be some short term benefit by avoiding pain, but ultimately we lose. We lose because, however ugly the truth may be, we can use it as base reality and not only learn lessons from it and grow, but importantly avoid any ugly truths going forward to benefit everyone, everywhere.

The truth is that over the past few decades in particular, propaganda by governments, search engines, social and mainstream media has been at the highest levels. We are all, what I have come to identify, Propaganda Puppets.

The vast majority are unaware we have been programmed to think a certain way and inherently believe that the information and belief's we have accumulated are our own, they are not. Just as a drug or alcohol addict doesn't want to hear the truth with denial at their core, Propaganda Puppets will refute anything outside their core belief's.

Truth is difficult, as most will see things through their own “truth lens” – our past lives govern how we interpret new information, in that we tend to allow in only information that reinforces what we believe. We do this by placing a label upon it, as good or bad.

To let information in that does not align, causes us to become uncomfortable, so we tend to avoid it. This begs the question, do we really care about the truth or only our truth, regardless of the facts.

When confronted by truth, we go through a mental process known as cognitive dissonance. One truth collides head on with another, the two contradictory truths causing us psychological stress. Most people will defuse the situation by dismissing the new information, therefore easing their pain and taking them back to their safety and comfort zone.

It’s faster to believe a lie than the truth; those in power know this – modern-day mainstream journalists are merely paid actors following a script rather than following their code of ethics – to “seek truth and report it”.

Virtually everything of any importance in the news are lies or propaganda to sway your thoughts, actions, and therefore your life. Those in power also know that the vast majority of people prefer to live an easy life, void of individual responsibility, but also happy for others to control things.

They achieve this by avoiding the truth; this is the necessary component in the hope that their lives will miraculously improve somehow in the future, when in fact they are selling out their children’s future. By living with indifference or lies, when the truth comes along, it’s going to smack you in the face and those of your children.

My own personal journey along the path to genuine history, truth and knowledge was not by design, I did not purposely go out looking for information or truth – in fact, when I was married, my ex-wife would often ask why I didn’t question things more.

My response was that I didn’t see the point of questioning, especially things from the past, as what difference would it make as I’m living in the present.

How wrong I was. I stumbled upon information back in 2011 while browsing the internet which caused me to stop and think – I cannot remember the link, but it questioned my knowledge surrounding the events of 9/11.

I clicked the link and was gobsmacked by what I read. My first thoughts of “this is utter nonsense” remained with me for a few days, however as it’s said, I went further “down the rabbit hole”, a few days later looking at other sources. These sources were not traditional news outlets but privately owned, badly designed websites. It quickly dawned on me that they were known as “conspiracy” websites, with other stories about aliens, flat earth, JFK, MLK and so on. I decided to stop reading and searching for 9/11 information.

A while later, probably due to my search history, a few other websites were recommended, their titles more “official” looking, on visiting them, they were again clearly private sites, this time professionally designed with one sole theme, 9/11.

These sites were not one-man band websites, but groups with thousands of professionals discussing and examining the evidence. Their evidence based arguments, calculations and expertise from their respective fields was compelling to say the least.

Thus began my journey looking into other subjects. 10 years later after dismissing much garbage, I came to create my own website and book with my current understanding across a varied list of questions.

Has my journey been hard? Yes and no. My views across the main subjects of economics, politics, science and religion among others, have completely changed, pretty unnerving for a 46 year-old when I began.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a lot of really dark material out there, which is hard to digest. Fortunately, I’m not the type to suffer from depression and so was not dragged down by the truly ugly stuff.

Later on I would discover spirituality, not the religious type, that led me to understand that the universe is made up of good vs. bad, black vs. white, negative vs. positive, yin vs. yang, etc. – one cannot exist without the other.

The evil people that exist are far outnumbered by the good, this is where hope lives, which can never be defeated.

Truth for me, however ugly, helps me understand the real world, which means I can better navigate it, with the light of truth rather than remaining in the dark through apathy or ignorance.

To get on the right side of truth, it’s very likely that many of your beliefs will prove to be, in fact, make believe. The way you think of yourself, others, and the way you have lived your whole life has on some levels at least been a lie.

Taking in new uncomfortable information is indeed difficult on many levels, as it often becomes an emotional rather than intellectual process.

Our lack of wanting to ask the right questions are the problem, but with truth comes freedom, and no one can put down or enslave an independent thinker.

In answer to the question – yes, I believe we can handle the truth, as we instinctively know that bad stuff exists, but humanity will prevail as the vast majority are good people.

Truth is indeed often ugly, but its foundation allows us to grow.

Ugo Domizioli
A78 The whole premise for this website, was my belief, that if we never ask a question, we can never receive an answer – the question is, more often than not, more important than the answer. If a question never gets asked, the mind and thought processes to formulate an answer never begin.

When we conduct an internet search, we find that the question we put into the search box is very important, “garbage in gets garbage out” – put in the wrong or incorrect words, and you'll get back the wrong information, resulting in having to re-phrase the question.

Questions frame, seek and in time present answers – when we put a question out to many people, we receive a spectrum of answers helping us to come to our own conclusions.

When we identify something we don’t know, without a question, nothing changes. Questions have been a huge element in our growth as humans and societies. Scientists, doctors, professors, philosophers and inventors among others, by asking questions, have searched to better all aspects of life. Without exploration and curiosity we would have become extinct a long time ago.

Questions are part of our everyday lives – should I go out tonight or not? Should I take the train or bus? What do I want for lunch today? – however, these are low level questions. We have lost our propensity to ask high level questions as we are so busy and have become lazy.

Universities, the last bastion of high-level learning have begun censoring and limiting what students can listen to and say. Free speech is vanishing, debates around sensitive subjects are no longer deemed allowable, disagree with the masses and the bullying begins, ultimately leading to being cancelled from society.

It’s kind of ironic that most universities tend to be left-leaning promoting a liberal education, and yet ban free thinking. Dan Rothstein of The Right Question Institute (RQI), believes that asking good questions is a really important life skill, on a par with reading, writing, and mathematics – he goes on to point out that this skill is not officially taught by the education system...I wonder why?

The answer possibly lies when we look into the word ‘education’ – it’s derived from Latin and means ‘to draw out’...instead schooling is designed to put information in!

The sad fact is that the whole education system has become a business, designed with one purpose, to create employees. Creativity, imagination, innovation and critical thinking are not part of the curriculum.

Rather than learning to question the world, we are taught to frame any questions within the framework of the subject, never beyond it.

We quickly learn that there is, in fact, only one correct answer to an exam question in order to receive a pass grade. We are even given, example model answers to use, in the real world we know that a correct answer is not necessarily the truth.

Education is but a memorising institution creating robots – entrepreneurs, those that truly question and free thinkers are never robots. As robots and artificial intelligence take hold and advance in the workplace, we have to ask the question, what happens to the human robots created by the education system?

I believe the answer is very clear; they will no longer be needed as robotic thinking becomes devalued and taken over by actual robots.

Some “premium/top-tier” universities have incomes and cash reserves bigger than many countries, this is why the cost of education has far outstripped inflation levels and students leave with huge debt levels.

The true meaning of learning, to question, was taken away a long time ago by those controlling the education system.

When we think we already know the answer to a question, we refrain from asking it. When we spot an attractive person in a bar, if we believe our approach will be turned down, it stops us from even trying.

As alternative ideas, thoughts and free speech are suppressed and banned in learning institutions, the next port of call will be your workplace, then home – we will all be subject to censorship by our “democratic” governments.

There are those that believe answers to be more important than the question. While it is hard to disagree, it’s important to look at the quality of answer as to the quality of the question.

Answers, at their best, are temporary responses whose accuracy may change and shift over a period of time, needing to be re-evaluated and reformed as the world changes with new information coming to light.

Answers, just like questions, are biased depending on their source. In the (2019–21) realm, mainstream/social media across all formats have clearly been the bearer of fake news, and yet the majority of viewers believe what they are being told under the guise of news.

This website and book are about asking questions, but are there any questions that cannot be asked? The answer is a definite yes.

When challenging the “global warming/climate change/climate emergency” narrative, posts and accounts are deleted. Al Gore, the poster-grandad for the movement has called for Nuremberg-style public trials for anyone questioning the narrative. The same has happened around Covid-19 and vaccines.

Questioning any part of the Holocaust lands you in prison in 26 countries – there is a woman in her 90s, that is currently serving time in a German prison.

The narrative of settled science is another where certain aspects have consensus and therefore cannot be questioned – is not the fundamental function of science to ask questions? As adults, we tend not to ask questions on certain subjects we believe are settled as we are confident of our standing.

It’s only when we begin to get back to our childhood curiosity of asking all questions, that we may start pondering life’s bigger questions such as – “what is my purpose in life” and “why am I here”...the majority do not fear the question; they fear the answer, but those which focus on asking the right questions rather than the “correct” answers are the ones that will succeed and grow.

So how do we go about asking better questions? Firstly, we need to pay attention to what is around us which goes against our instincts, listen to your gut feelings across all areas.

Next, we simply need to begin to question everything. We learn to ask questions, by asking questions, bad ones at first as it’s a skill which takes time to get to the stage of asking better questions. When you begin to question, you will hit the brick wall of family & friends and the pressure to conform to societal norms, triggering intense reactions as you dare to go against the herd.

This is not an easy path, you will be mocked, you may lose friends and social standing...the choice, as always, is yours.

The following quote/proverb, with slight variations, seems to be attributed to various people including Confucius, Mark Twain and as a Chinese nevertheless seems appropriate: “He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever”

Without the question there can never be enlightenment.

Ugo Domizioli
A79 Two sides of a given position may have its origins from the positive and negative aspects of magnetism.

Nature and the universe is in harmony, in balance with all aspects of itself, despite elements opposite to one another. Left vs. right, man vs. woman, black vs. white, yin vs. yang and science vs. religion, are all however man-made, social constructs used to control people by the divide and rule concept which is derived from the ancient war strategy of divide and conquer.

The British, before leaving and handing back control of India, ensured a united India would never happen after years of implementing a divide and rule Hindu-Muslim policy. The only way for the small number of British to control the estimated 300 million population was by getting them to fight against themselves and thus forget the elephant in the room, their colonial masters.

An estimated one million people died, with 17 million losing their homes, as people struggled to get on the “correct” side of the line drawn up by the British to divide India on their exit.

The only way for the few (leaders), to control the masses (citizens), is by instilling fear between groups of people – the groups identify themselves on opposite sides of a given subject – politics, religion, class, economics and so on.

This tactic has been used for thousands of years, but we are too blind to see the manipulation. While we fight among ourselves, the people in power, in industry, in politics laugh at us and continue to get richer while we stay poor, they continue to live their lives in freedom, while we are chained to each other fighting for the ball, ignorant of the elephant in the room.

By creating havoc and division among and between groups, the groups will never be able to form larger groups to confront the masters.

Differences between groups are indeed real whether it’s race or religion, however suppression and control are by the same entity.

The only way to overcome them successfully is to put differences aside and look at the bigger picture. The two golden rules of not discussing politics and religion around the dinner table exists informally for a reason – these two topics, alone, divide family and friends like no other.

Think about it, we allow an external group, narrative or ideology to create division between our own flesh and blood which ultimately always have your best interests at their core.

Have you ever stopped to think as to why we are encouraged to identify with certain groups such as left, central or right leaning political parties? It’s so we clash with each other over small policy differences, while the really big policies never change no matter which party is in power.

Spending on weapons rather than healthcare, infrastructure projects and taxation policies benefiting the rich rather than working classes. Ever-increasing taxation burdens across all products and services, austerity for the poor while the rich prosper...the big stuff never changes.

We are directly or subconsciously steered to identify with a tribe, labelling ourselves and our opinions, so we can be categorised. With clear labels, division occurs naturally, this is often fuelled with “colour” revolutions to switch foreign countries too. The vast majority of these “revolutions” are in fact manufactured for geopolitical reasons, usually involving oil or gas, but ultimately money.

Division among groups are fuelled by foreign Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), with money flowing into them by billionaires looking to further their agendas, to either overthrow an elected government or stop it being challenged. If you ever wondered how those huge ships with migrants swarming the southern shores of Europe were purchased, run and financed, it’s the NGOs.

It’s time to go back to basics, we are all human not wishing to harm one another, race is one narrative to divide people as is man-made religion.

These narratives are not who we are, they are a piece of clothing a shop assistant flattered us into buying, we can swap out one piece of clothing for another which resonates with us rather than divide.

Yin and yang, the ancient Chinese philosophy, is the idea of dualism, “positive-negative” and how opposite forces are in fact connected and complementary living in harmony in the natural world. As humans, we are part of nature, we too must put aside differences to live in harmony.

When I belong to only one tribe, I am distanced from others, not only losing touch with humanity, but with who I am.

Ugo Domizioli
A80 There was no way I could avoid a question regarding religion. As an Italian, I was raised as a Roman Catholic, my parents were a part of the Italian community in North London centred around St. Peter's Italian Church in Clerkenwell.

My family was never ultra religious, but I was required to attend private religious studies and coaching sessions with a priest in preparation for my communion, in addition to attending church on Sundays.

To say I was confused would be an understatement, as everything was in Italian, the only reason I continued attending church was to appease my parents.

I remember being approached by a priest to become an altar boy, I declined as my gut feeling was negative for some reason. I stopped going around the age of 16 when I mentioned to my parents they were only attending once per month, so why should I?

I can honestly say there were never any negative aspects, on the contrary the church organised many community events which were fun such as a yearly barbecue out in the countryside, it was always nice to meet up with the huge Italian community.

In later years, college, universality and work life took over, and attending church and religion in general became a very minor part of life, with just the usual big events of Christmas, Easter, christenings and funerals.

Much later in life, I began to read a wider gamut of material with alternative points of view. The whole science versus faith questions around religion was an interesting perspective which in truth were difficult to ignore.

When we look back to how religion comes into our lives, it’s our parents steering us towards their beliefs. We never question the logic behind the belief; it just is, with parents usually unable to answer questions themselves as they also followed the same process.

Science itself is a highly flawed politicised system with its own narratives that cannot be questioned as it’s “settled science” one sense science itself is its own religion with parts simply having to be believed. My conclusions were that no matter which side of the argument we place our own beliefs, there are flaws and lies perpetuated by both.

Scientists have zero methods to explain in their language certain aspects of life, creation and the universe; many are just theories or politicised narratives.

This answer to the question of religion, will concentrate on looking toward the bigger picture around the subject of religion.

All religions rely on books written by a real person some time in the past, many of which have been rewritten through the generations, making them hard to distinguish between real events or mere stories. In fairness, most religions have love, compassion and peace at their core in one form or another and bring great comfort to billions around the world.

My current stance around whether there is a god or deity under different names across the various religions of the world is, I do not know. I have no way of knowing if Jehovah, Allah or Brahma among over 200 religions really exists.

Life, creation and everything on this planet and beyond however were created for reasons we cannot comprehend by something. This something, I refer to as “The Universal Conscious Field” it God...maybe, I just don’t know, and it’s OK not to know.

Looking more closely into Roman Catholicism, it’s the largest branch of Christianity, following the teachings of Jesus Christ through the Pope and church.

The biggest aspect I cannot ignore, is the systemic abuse of children by priests, bishops and cardinals the world over; this dark area is occasionally addressed with speeches, but nothing has changed over hundreds of years.

Those committing these crimes against innocent children, are never removed from the church, they are in fact simply moved to another location, they never personally pay for their crimes – the church sweeps their conduct under the carpet and everything continues as before.

Only in recent years, due to the internet, have we become aware of the child abuse at the hands of priests. In the US alone, over US$4 billion has been paid as compensation by the Catholic Church.

There have been over 40,000 legal cases involving over 10,000 priests. When we look at the estimated 17,000 churches that exist in the US, we can see that mathematically, virtually every single church could be implicated due to the 40,000 legal cases. In France, a 2,500 page report by an independent commission, found at least 330,000 children were abused between 1950-2020 within the Catholic Church.

All victims of these evil men had to sign non-disclosure agreements as a condition of receiving compensation. Many in the clergy were known to be paedophiles yet never expelled, their crimes went on without responsibility and continue in the present day.

The word child abuse while sounding negative cannot in any way describe the physical and mental torture these children have gone through. For this one reason alone, I avoid stepping into any church or engage with religion in general, for if I do, I am condoning the behaviour. Catholicism is quick to hand out edicts and judge others, but not itself.

The business side of the Catholic Church brings in billions every year without paying taxes – religion is arguably one of the richest business in existence. It has been around for thousands of years, taking in donations from the poor to create the biggest edifices to their beliefs in the form of cathedrals and hoarding riches to the tune of trillions. The riches of the Roman Church over the past 2,000 years have allowed it to be at the centre of Europe and control it from its own sovereign nation state, The Vatican.

Having come across the work of Jordan Peterson, he states that religion is the greatest story ever told, as nothing is new but instead simply re-packaged from previous religions. His research makes for compelling reading, as the influence of religion over billions of people for over two thousand years is undeniable.

The basic premise is that worshipping Jesus, the “son” of god, is in fact based on ancient civilisations that worshipped the “sun” and its cycles on earth. These sun worshipping religions predate Christ by up to 7,000 years and were based on astrotheology.

Before Christianity there were fifteen major religions that preached virtually the same story – a messiah coming to earth, born in a manger, with twelve apostles, dying on a cross with a crown of thorns and resurrection.

The Egyptian God, Horus, 3,000 years before Christ, was – the “son” of god and was baptised at the same age of 30, linked with the cross and depicted as the lamb.

The predating of these numerous shared aspects with the story of Jesus Christ, give us lots to think about. Christianity seems to have its birth among ancient cultures, looking up to the sky, worshipping the sun as a way to explain what couldn't be explained – it was then used by the Romans to bring together and control its empire, which to this day is still the case.

Nietzsche argued that religion was man made for the sole purpose of controlling the masses, as every scripture, book and church created, was by the hand of man.

A thought I have long held, is why do religions that preach love, have fear at their core. The message across all religions has always been one of fear, using it to control its flock, rather than one of love.

We are instructed what to believe and how to behave, and threatened with punishment for disobedience. The message of “burning in hell for eternity” is pretty clear as is the reward of “eternal heaven” this, not the definition of manipulation?

The fact that more people have died because of religion than any other reason, is a greatly troubling one. Millions upon millions of people have died in the name of various religions?

Religion seems to unite people within a certain geographic area, as they mostly all believe their religion is the true one, but religion, at least in my eye, divides people across the world.

Religion brings comfort, but has this not always been inside ourselves the whole time and not in a person, book, statue or building.

Ugo Domizioli

I had to address the "elephant in the room" known as Covid-19, with this final, bonus question.

A81 The world is divided, between the vaccinated and those choosing not to be. Those open to the truth, can continue reading to confirm many of your inner feelings – those part of the Covidian Cult, I hope one day, your eyes will be opened.

There have been many crimes against humanity, as noted by historical fact. The death of innocent people during wars, genocide or religious persecution, among others, are probably the biggest in the sheer number of those that died. The numbers are truly horrific, estimates just for the 20th Century (1901 to 2000) show that 231 million people perished.

This encompasses both World Wars, Civil Wars, Revolutions and Genocide in all parts of the world. Going further back in history, we come to a similar approximate figure of 225 million, so a ballpark number, including all “minor” war deaths, would increase the number to around half a billion or 500 million people.

In comparison to these numbers, the Covid-19 pandemic, will probably pale into insignificance. However, when looked upon from the aspect of scope, approximately one half of the world’s population, in the region of 3-4 billion people, have been affected.

As at 1 October 2021, the total number of one-dose Covid-19 vaccines administered throughout the world’s population stands at 46% or 3.58 billion people, fully vaccinated stands at 34.1% or 2.66 billion. By those numbers alone, which are climbing every day, we can see the significance of Covid-19.

There are so many facets to Covid-19, that entire books and scientific papers are being written. The evidence, not theories, are mounting on a weekly basis, as scientists, doctors, solicitors and others conduct scientific research behind the pandemic.

Society, communities, friends and families have been divided on whether they are vaccinated or not, I have experienced this personally myself. Those on each side of the fence, are 100% convinced they are on the correct side of history. I believe that genuine history, which I am an advocate for, will show that Covid-19 will probably be noted as the biggest crime humanity has ever seen.

I understand, why over half the world has trust in their government, those in power, and doctors in particular. I was that person too. During the initial stages of the run-up to the Iraq War, I fully supported Tony Blair and George Bush with their weapons of mass destruction narrative.

History and facts, have proven the lies these war criminals perpetuated, over one million people died, with over 90%, being innocent men, women and children. Low and behold, Tony Blair among others, is pushing vaccines for all, including children...fool me once!

Of course, we trust our doctors, the friendly faces, that we have been visiting for decades, taking care of us and our children. I have no issue with the medical profession helping me with broken bones or simple operations. When it comes to taking drugs, I avoid them at all costs, this is a personal decision, one which we all have enshrined in natural law.

Being forced to take a vaccine, or my right to go food shopping, visit the cinema, and of late, being able to go to work is tyrannical. Turning one’s head and ignoring this fact, believing it is for the greater good of the whole community, is forgetting one important point.

After World War II, the words “never again” were used to remind people of what was allowed to occur by the masses going along with the tyranny they could see. Be under no illusion, we have the same situation today.

The Covidian Cult of mass conformity continues as the masses (interesting that many things in life conform to the 80/20 rule) continue to believe that evil does not exist, it does, and it has shown its ugly face.

Families are being torn apart with members on opposite sides of the argument, we each believe what we believe and need to remember that family is blood and government is not. I am proud to belong firmly in the 20% camp – many know something is wrong, a gut feeling, this is your intuition trying to guide you.

Speaking or writing about the global narratives, people are succumbing to, continues to fall on death ears, even among family and friends. I have once again become the unpopular kid at school – the difference is that I am an adult now and able to handle the fallout...fool me once.

If anyone had described beforehand, the tyranny by the government’s of Australia, New Zealand and Canada, among others, I would not have believed them. And yet, here we are, an experiment with an injection, to see what citizens will endure before continued conformity or a tearing down the fake narratives.

We are living with crazy narratives where 2+2=5, up = down and fake = real. I brought together a collection of narratives in this book and website, with the question “What are narratives and how are they used to sway our thinking” so readers can begin to understand what is going on.

The fake science used to create unconstitutional mandates, which are illegal, are coming apart at the seams, as we begin to see the truth. Class action lawsuits against the Plannedemic & Scamdemic are beginning to reveal the truth. It would be more accurate calling the Covid-19 vaccine a jab, for it is not a vaccine in the medical sense and it does not meet the legal definition either.

The whole Covid-19 pandemic, was in fact pre-planned hence the word “Plannedemic” and sustained for the past 18 months and counting, with fake data used by governments worldwide to justify their draconian policies, hence the word “Scamdemic”.

When something is pre-planned and co-ordinated on a global scale, this is referred to as a conspiracy. This intention to deprive people of their rights, commit fraud and hurt them, will likely end with Nuremberg-style trials. All those responsible, especially the seemingly innocent, police officers, doctors and nurses “following orders”, will be held in violation of The Nuremberg Code – the consequences are dire, to say the least.

Instead of going into immense detail into every facet of Covid-19, here is a list of the main topics which are undisputable facts and fully researched by experts in their respective fields...strange how you will not hear about these in the mainstream media: When a government forces citizens to close their businesses, kill jobs, kill freedoms, decide who is non-essential, mandate what goes into our bodies and where we can and cannot go…. this, then, is 1938.

Alternative forms of media have been the only avenue to true investigative journalism, trying to undercover the truth. It was precisely because, of my exposure to alternative media and my gut feeling that something was very wrong, that led me to completely distrust every single narrative surrounding Covid-19.

This eventually led me to stop travelling and not taking any tests or injecting my body with poison.

As of mid-October 2021, official death figures just from those in the US and Europe from those taking any of the Covid-19 variant vaccines/jabs is approaching 50,000.

Truth vs. tyranny, society vs. sociopaths, people vs. psychopaths, everyone vs. evil.

Ugo Domizioli


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